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In the main briefing room on Atlantis Rodney explained that maniakals had asked for their help. Teyla told the group how the General had used Weir and Sheppard to fight in their war.

Ronon had been sat there quietly but he couldn’t stand it much longer. “So your telling me not only do they drug them and use them, now they want our help...”
“Pretty much yeah” Lorne chirped in.
“Why?” Ronon finished.

It was Rodney’s turn to take the floor again this time
“think of it this way, we have a better chance of finding them if we are there.”
Lorne stood forward and highlighted his plan. “Ok questions anyone?” Lorne asked.
Everyone seemed to agree on what they had to do even McKay didn’t complain
“Ok gear up meet in the jumper bay in one hour.” Lorne told them as he headed for the door.

Just as everyone was leaving the briefing room Carson came running in and apologised to everyone and explained to everyone that he couldn’t get away from the infirmary.

"Carson come here I think you might want to see this” Rodney called over from the table.
Carson walked over to Rodney’s position he started to tell Carson that he got this information about the devices planted in Elizabeth and Sheppard; the information showed both Sheppard and Weirs vitals whilst there was an active stargate.

Carson stood there and studied the data his face dropped when he was reading through the information he didn’t look up whilst he was talking to Rodney.
“We need to find them as soon as possible, these readings first showed they were unconscious. Now this shows Elizabeth's got a low blood pressure I'm assuming from a trauma of some kind. The colonels is not much better his vitals show his heart rate is way up I don’t know what shape their gonna be in when we get to them.”

Back on the planet Elizabeth was following the stream up towards a bridge her head started to swim she had to stop and lean against some rocks. She realized if she was going to rest she couldn’t do it in the open, she moved on up to the bridge, and sat down underneath it she opened her vest to check her wound it was still bleeding heavily and she was starting to see black dots in front her eyes.
She changed the dressing and tried to put more pressure on it. She lent back against the rock and rested for a few minutes.
Well for what she thought were a few minutes.

The rescue team flew through the maniakals stargate. The HUD popped up major Lorne followed the coordinates the maniakals the transmitted to them. A few minutes later they landed in an open field the team were met by the General and a small contingent of troops.
“Dr McKay, that you for agreeing to help us” the general greeted the team and offered McKay a hand shake.
“Forgive me for not shaking your hand but...” he didn’t get chance to finish what he was going to say before Ronon butted in.
“How can you expect us to trust or help you we are here to get our people back nothing more.”
The General handed Carson a data pad showing both Elizabeth and John’s vitals.
“Bloody hell its worse than before, we need to get to them ASAP.” Carson told them with a hint of panic in his voice.

Elizabeth woke up to the sounds of foot steps and angry voices. She hid behind the rocks from what she could see there were 4 enemy soldiers were approaching her position she couldn’t tell if they had seen her.

Then it was confirmed they had.
“MANIAKAL TROOPER WE KNOW WHERE YOU ARE IT IS FOOLISH TRYING TO HIDE FROM US COME OUT AND YOU WILL NOT BE HARMED!!” Elizabeth didn’t move she knew at best she could take 1 maybe 2 of the soldiers out. she was disturbed from her trail of thought by the same voice calling out the same message to her again.
“Ok, ok I'm coming out!!” she called as she came from her hiding place as soon as she stood up she was hit by another dizzy wave. She gripped her left side as she walked toward the soldiers.
“So you are the one who took these 2 men down” the officer laughed as he talked to her.She had to lean against some rocks as the nausea set in again. She heard the familiar sound of P-90 fire and bodies hitting the ground. She looked up and saw John come out from behind some bushes.He walked over to her and put a hand on her shoulder and looked down on her.
“Hey” she replied.John had his back to the soldiers he had just shot, but Elizabeth saw 1 of them go for his side arm. She didn’t think she just reacted she jumped up and pushed John out of the way a single gun shot went off as they both hit the ground.
John fired his 9mil at the attacking soldier hitting him point blank in the chest. He didn’t realise Elizabeth wasn’t moving he went and kicked the weapons away from the other downed soldiers. He turned back to Elizabeth now he could see the blood coming from her back beneath her right shoulder he rushed over to her side.
“Elizabeth, Elizabeth!” he was just about to shake her when her eyes opened
“What happened?” she was conscious but dazed.
He lent over her. “Well you just took a bullet for me... litterally.”

Ronon lead part of the rescue team along with Beckett, Teyla a as a show of good faith the Maniakals had dropped them off as close as they possibly could to John and Elizabeth's position they assured them that they could have troop back up when they needed it.

The rest of the team led by Lorne flew ahead in the cloaked jumper not only to cover the rest of the team but to keep an eye on Weir and Sheppard’s position.
“Oh crap!” Beckett shouted when the data pad flashed and started to beep at him.
Teyla caught up with him her face full of concern. “What is it Dr Beckett?”
Carson took in the readings. “Elizabeth's heart rate and blood pressure just went way up.”
Ronon didn’t stop walking “Come on we gotta move on” he called behind him.

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