This section contains quotes between John and Elizabeth, quotes about one another, or quotes that demonstrate something about their relationship. Up to 1x10 "The Storm."

1x01 and 1x02 "Rising"
Sheppard: Let me guess. You're not going to let me rescue my people.
Weir: Major, you don't even know if they're alive.
Sheppard: You don't leave people in the hands of the enemy. And the fact that we are having this conversation in private lets me know that you know damn well that it's wrong. And it will totally undermine your leadership. So as ranking military officer, I-
Weir: All right, just shut up and listen to me for a moment, all right? Come on, what do we know about the Wraith? One of the few things we do know is that they're the enemy that defeated the Ancients. When we first began to use the Stargate we found on Earth, we got ourselves into serious trouble. Why?
Sheppard: I don't need a history lesson-
Weir: Because the people in charge didn't consider the ramifications before they reacted.
Sheppard: They took our people. How am I supposed to react?
Weir: And we're defenseless. You said so yourself. How do you know going off on some half-assed rescue mission isn't going to bring them all right back here to our doorstep?
Sheppard: Maybe it will. But it's the right thing to do. Why? Because it is.
Weir: John...
Sheppard: If we're not going to do this, and I mean right now, let's just turn tail and pack up. Because they're coming.
Weir: You don't know that.
Sheppard: Our people are in the hands of the enemy, Doctor, do you know what that means? It is just a matter of time before the Wraith figure out that this is the base of our operations-
Weir: I just need more information. I mean, who knows, maybe we could negotiate a peaceful-
Sheppard: Peaceful? Are you kidding? We weren't there for more than a few hours before they showed up-
Weir: Is it possible they came because of you? And that one of these people you brought back here with you tipped them off?
Sheppard: It's possible.
Weir: See, that is exactly the kind of snap decision I am referring to-
Sheppard: They're not all bad people. And you know, if we're going to stick around here, we need friends.
Weir: Okay. I see your point. Now you see mine. I will not authorize a rescue mission unless I am sure there is at least a remote chance of success. I'm not sending more good people, including you, to their deaths.
Sheppard: Okay.

Sheppard: You said you want a tactical advantage.
Weir: All right, so you can fly that thing. It doesn't mean you can pull off a rescue.
Sheppard: Doctor. This is why you brought me here.

Weir: You did good, John.

Weir: One more thing, Major. It's something I'd like you to sleep on. I have a few thoughts on it myself-
Sheppard: Thoughts about what?
Weir: Who the members of your team might be.
Sheppard: My team?
Weir: Well, you are the ranking military officer now. Or do you need to be reminded of that? We need to get back out there. Do what we came to do.
Sheppard: You realize that could get us in into all sorts of... trouble... Right?

1x03 "Hide and Seek"
Weir: Hey, what are you guys doing?
Sheppard: I'm teaching Teyla how football is the cornerstone of Western civilization.
Weir: And you didn't invite me?
Sheppard: Oh, you like football?
Weir: No, not really.
Sheppard: Oh, come on, it's real, it's unpredictable, it's full of passion... and beer... hot dogs.
McKay: Cheerleaders.
Weir: I just can't understand you're allowed one personal item, and you chose this.
Sheppard: It's a metaphor. Don't you see? This entire expedition is the biggest Hail Mary in human history.

1x04 "Thirty-Eight Minutes"
Weir: How is Major Sheppard?
Sheppard: I'm still here.
Weir: Hang in there, Major. We're working on the problem.
Sheppard: I know you are. Listen... I'd like to say something while I still can.
Weir: Don't! You're going to get through this.
Sheppard: If I was... he wouldn't have let me go.
Weir: Who wouldn't have let you go?
Sheppard: The Wraith.
Sheppard: I guess he just saw me as good as dead 'cause he just walked away. So, what I wanted to say was...
Weir: Save your strength, John. And tell me in person.
Sheppard: This is important.
Weir: I'm listening.

Weir: John, are you sure you want to do this?
Sheppard: I want this damn thing off me!

Weir: By the way, what were you going to say?
Sheppard: When?
Weir: Before, when you thought... you know.
Sheppard: Oh. That.
Weir: I didn't want you to say at the time. But now I'm curious.
Sheppard: I was going to say, uh... (long pause) Take care of each other.
Weir: That's nice.
McKay: And, indeed we did.
Sheppard: Yes, you did. Thank you. Again.
McKay: You're welcome.
Teyla: Good night.
(McKay, Teyla, and Ford leave. Weir pauses after a few steps and turns around to face Sheppard.)
Weir: You weren't really going to say that, were you?
Sheppard: I have no idea what you're talking about.
Weir: I didn't think so.

1x05 "Suspicion"
Sheppard: We're talking about Teyla.
Weir: I don't like it either, Major.
Sheppard: Good, then get her on in here.
Weir: But the safety of this base and its personnel are my main concern right now. As it should be yours.

Sheppard: Would you like us to bring back anything special?
Weir: No, thanks.
Sheppard: Groceries, new outfit, flatware?
Weir: Hmm. No. Just yourselves in one piece, please.

1x07 "Poisoning the Well"
McKay: Hence, Major Sheppard has generously offered our help to the Hoffans.
Weir: Has he?
Sheppard: Look, the fact is, if they're onto something, maybe we can speed up the process.
Weir: Okay, Major, you have a go. But if the drug really is just a pipe-dream-
Sheppard: Ah, Dr. Beckett has already volunteered to help us find that out.
Weir: Oh, he has, huh?
Sheppard: He will.

Weir: And you support this?
Sheppard: Well, I know for certain he's going to die, so we might as well make good use of him while he's still alive.
Weir: You do understand the Geneva Convention prohibits using prisoners for scientific experiments?
Sheppard: No offense, Doc, but had the Wraith attended the Geneva Convention, they would have tried to feed on everyone.
Weir: Beckett's report indicates that we have no idea what the long-term effect of this drug on humans might be.
Sheppard: Well, we know damn well what the long-term effects of Wraith culling are, don't we?
Weir: We're talking about putting a human being in the same room as a starving Wraith. Now, once we start down that road-
Sheppard: Which road did you think we were headed down?
Weir: Not this one. At least, not this fast.
Sheppard: Having spent time with the prisoner, I don't pity him. He's going to die anyway. This drug could be useful someday.
Weir: Someday.
Sheppard: The point is, we don't get a lot of opportunities like this. Do you know how obsessed with this the Hoffans are? When they found out we had a live Wraith prisoner...? He's going to die. I tried to feed him all sorts of live stuff, but apparently, there's only one item on his menu.
Weir: What about the test subject? If the drug fails-
Sheppard: We're not just grabbing anybody off the street. The test subject is a terminally ill patient who has volunteered himself.
Weir: These are not exactly the types of decisions I was expecting to make on this expedition.
(Long pause while Weir thinks.)
Weir: Do it.

Weir: Be safe, Major.
Sheppard: That's the plan.

1x08 "Underground"
Weir: Explosives? This is a scientific expedition, Major.
Sheppard: I know that.
Weir: But you want us to become arms dealers.
Sheppard: Have you ever tried to clear a stump by hand?
Weir: Yes, it's a hobby.

Weir: I'm sorry you weren't able to find the allies you were looking for, John.
Sheppard: Well, we gathered some valuable intel. That's something.
Weir: Huh. Are you trying to convince me this is good news?
Sheppard: I'd much prefer to know what we're up against than not.
Weir: 60 ships. Or more.
Sheppard: Just hope they don't all come at once.

1x09 "Home"
Sheppard: Come in.
Weir: Hi. Do you have a moment?
Sheppard: Yeah, sure.
Weir: War and Peace? Ah, that's some heavy reading.
Sheppard: Yeah, well, back on Earth, when I was getting ready for this mission, I realized there was a good chance I might be here for a while. So, I figured, why not bring along a book that takes a while to read?
Weir: Page 17?
Sheppard: I'm right on schedule.
Weir: Hm. That's kind of what I wanted to talk to you about. Home. Going home.
Sheppard: Oh.
Weir: McKay is right. If this works, and we are able to establish a wormhole back to Earth-
Sheppard: You know, if this conversation is going where I think it's headed, you can put your mind at rest. I'm not going anywhere. I haven't read my book.
Weir: Hmm. Look, all I'm saying is that you are the person who is best qualified to brief General Hammond and the other powers that be about the Wraith threat.
Sheppard: Well, maybe so... but I think I'm needed here.
Weir: Good.
Sheppard: But if you want to go, I understand that, too.
Weir: What, are you saying I'm not needed here?
Sheppard: I said I'd understand.
Weir: Well, thank you, but I made a commitment.
Sheppard: Of course, in all fairness, life-sucking aliens weren't part of the brochure.
Weir: Regardless. I'm staying.
Sheppard: Good. Wouldn't be the same without ya.

Sheppard: I was just thinking again... About Dr. Weir... and everyone else on Atlantis.
Teyla: Of course. I am sure she is fine... as I am sure they are all fine.

Weir: Okay, wait a minute. I am not saying there shouldn't be an increased military presence, but the mission must remain the same. And I'm sure if Major Sheppard were here, he would tell you-
Hammond: We've spoken with Major Sheppard. He dialed in about an hour ago to check on your progress. We informed him of the situation, and he agrees with our assessment.
Weir: He wouldn't do that, General. I know John Sheppard.
Hammond: Apparently you don't know him as well as you thought, Doctor. Major Sheppard stated categorically it's the only way to ensure the security of the project.

Weir: Okay, the Rodney McKay I know would never accept the militarization of Atlantis without putting up a fight. And I don't think Major Sheppard would agree to it either, at least not without speaking to me about it first.

1x10 "The Storm"
Kolya: He's good.
Weir: Yes, he is. I'd do what he says.

Sheppard: I'm not finished yet!
Kolya: Neither am I. Say good-bye to Dr. Weir.
Sheppard: The city has a self-destruct button. If you hurt her, I'll activate it. Nobody'll get Atlantis.
Kolya: Even if it exists, Major, you need at least two senior personnel to activate it. And I'm about to take one of them out of the equation.
Sheppard: Kolya!

Sheppard: Kolya! I'll give you a ship! I'll fly it out of here for you myself! Kolyaaaa!


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