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I am currently attending California State University, Long Beach. GO BEACH! I'm an English Education Major, with creative writing as my concentration. So, for anyone who wants me to beta for them, you are warned that I will go in with my pink font and fix errors. Writing has been one of my favorite hobbies since elementary school when I wrote about monsters kidnapping teachers and the students attacking with water guns filled with Jell-o. So, I really think creativity is one of the best things in the world...even when it's not in word form.

Online Hobbies:
I also post on my fanfiction on the following archives: (various fandoms), from out of the lab (CSI & CSI Miami), and Miami Heat (CSI Miami). I also play on a law enforcement RPG called Sierra Falls Police Department.

Sam & Jack (SG1), Elizabeth & John (SGA), Teyla & Ronan (SGA), Sara & Grissom (CSI), Catherine & Warrick (CSI), Calleigh & Horatio (Miami), Natalia & Eric (Miami), Lindsey & Danny (NY)



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