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Challenges by Atri
Summary: Write a fic where the Atlantis Expedition had no contact with earth for several years. Then, suddenly, the Atlantis Expedition and the SGC, or whoever you want to represent earth, reestablish contact. The Expedition has accepted their fate and settled in Atlantis. Earth was lost to them and Atlantis was lost to Earth. Show how being stranded in another galaxy changed people and their relationships. What about those who were left behind on Earth? How will they cope now that their loved ones aren't dead? Are there children in Atlantis? Has it become some kind of colony? Will the Expedition allow Earth or the IOA to control them or are they a separate entity? It's up to you. Any rating. Pairing: Sheppard/Weir (of course) If you include SG-1 characters, then the Old SG-1 team is prefered. It would be great if it's a longer fanfic but not necessary.


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