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Firefly (Mal/Inara)
The X Files (Scully/Mulder & Doggett/Reyes)
Stargate SG-1 (Sam/Jack, Sam/Cam & Daniel/Vala)
Stargate Atlantis (John/Elizabeth)
House MD (House/Cuddy)
Bones (Brennan/Booth & Hodgins/Angela)
NCIS (Tony/Kate)
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Challenges by xfirefly9x
Summary: Write a fic where Elizabeth is unable to sleep due to either too much coffee or a drug injection (for an injury) and enlists John's help to tire her out. Any rating is fine.
Summary: Write a fic in which John &/or Elizabeth gains mind reading powers and can read each other's secrets - or a fic in which they both gain telepathic powers and can communicate with their minds.


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