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Published: January 03, 2007 - Updated: February 14, 2008
Rated: PG
Genres: Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Introspective
Warnings: None
Challenges: A lot more than I'm supposed to
Challenges: A lot more than I'm supposed to
Challenges: A lot more than I'm supposed to
Series: None
Chapters: 9
Completed: Yes
Word count: 11626
Summary: A new section of Atlantis is opened, but what allows them to access the technology and information?

1. Innocent Conversations by shannyfish [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarhalf-star (943 words)
This is a response to the challenge called: A lot more than I'm suppose to by Stargatecrazy. Challenge Summary: An Atlantis version of Divide and Conquer. John and Elizabeth have to admit their feelings for one another. Include all the these characters: John, Elizabeth, Rodney, Teyla, Ronon, Carson and Zelenka.

This story is going to have some spoilers for episodes after “The Return”, read at your own risk.

I apologize for this chapter being so short, but I just wanted to get the start going ;) More will follow and most likely at longer page lengths!
2. Pathetic, Much? by shannyfish [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarhalf-star (679 words)
sorry for taking so long, due to recent events in life, it’s taken me awhile to rest up enough that I don’t feel sick and to feel up to writing.
3. I Told You! by shannyfish [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1655 words)
No, I have not fallen off the face of the Earth. I just went on vacation for a couple days and ended up sleeping the whole way home from Vegas…stupid allergic reactions to crap… So, now I am recovering…but it’s hard since the meds make me feel sooooooo much worse than when I have lovely red bumps all over… *mutters* And the best part is that I don’t even know what I’m allergic to.

Anyways, while I was away I managed to crank out like two chapters for CSI Miami, but couldn’t get in the mood for SGA…but now I have returned!!!! So, we’ll see how long of a chapter this one will turn out being ;) Not promising much, but we’ll see!
4. Late Night by shannyfish [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1345 words)
the SGA characters are merely whispering in my ears…so I’m slowly adding to this…so you’ll just have to bear with me until I get some evil plot idea ehehe
5. I told y-AH! by shannyfish [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (1248 words)
6. Boredom...the key to chaos! by shannyfish [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarstar (1027 words)
Look Opal! I added! Be proud! LOL!!!! I didn’t completely forget about this story or write it off ;) I just needed some time to write, sleep, and some inspiration!
7. I won't let you down by shannyfish [Reviews - 0] (1882 words)
no, I haven’t forgotten. Yes, I have been incredibly busy…

8. A Simple Question by shannyfish [Reviews - 0] (885 words)
no, I haven’t forgotten. Yes, I have been incredibly busy…

9. Conversations about Love by shannyfish [Reviews - 0] (1962 words)
Okay, so I watched “Divide & Conquer” last night and perhaps this fic isn’t QUITE the same, but I think it’s closeish!!! It’s just a slightly different plotline…yes… Atlantis was testing John and Elizabeth rather than their truth-ness being tested by some glorified lie detector.



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