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2026 ~ Atlantis

The soft light that filtered in through the blue-green ocean of Atlantica onto Atlantis. Ever since the Ancient had interfered and saved them, the city of Atlantis had been grounded back to the ocean’s floor. He had told them that they would be safe there. Safe was something that Lily wasn’t sure she believed in anymore. A technique had kept her alive for six more years, but she wasn’t sure that the technique would last longer… But that was something that no one liked to talk about. Lily had taken those six years in order to ultimately accept what may come. Death was a natural process in life. She liked Atlantis like this though, underwater…in some ways it did feel safer…and it just felt so much more beautiful to look up through the water rather just up at the sky.

“Lily, he’s looking for you. He has some test he wants to do,” Jake Emerson said walking out onto the balcony and rested up against the balcony wall staring at her. He gave her a smile, “You know this is the first place he’ll end up looking when he figures out that you’re hiding out.”

“I’m not hiding out…exactly. And which ‘he’ wants me? John? Or Grandfather?” she asked. Grandfather was what they called the Ancient who had come to save them and make them ready to save the past and then ultimately their futures. She knew that it was a toss up either way. John Beckett was already well on the path of becoming a doctor, he had been reading his father’s journals and the medical journals along with learning the ancient medical technology. John would be looking for her to see if any of her levels were off, while Grandfather would probably wan to check to see if some new treatment would cure the Wraith virus that still plagued her.

“Grandfather,” Jake verified. “He even has those wrinkly lines on his forehead,” he told her motioning to his forehead to emphasis.

“He’s had those worry lines ever since he arrived…I think we only make it worse,” Lily said turning to look at him.

“We? More like you.”

Lily smiled brightly, “Hey now… I’m not the only one that causes trouble.”

“You’re not out here with your bunny, are you?” he asked cautiously letting his smirk slip. He let out a groan when he received a soft punch to the gut. “Ow…”

“I’m not four anymore…”

A soft chuckle came from the doorway, “Could have surprised me,” Rowan taunted. He shook his head. “I don’t know how either of you can stand out here…it’s just creepy,” he commented before looking up towards the ocean.

Lily smirked at him, “Jake, is it just me or is Rowan scared?”

Eyes narrowing and his cheeks tightened at the taunt, “I’m just cautious.”

Glancing at one another before back at Rowan, they both commented at the same time, “Scared.”

“Children!” came the familiar call and tone, which brought one response from the children on the balcony, rolled eyes and groans. A minute later, the man they all referred to as Grandfather. He was an old man, in his late seventies in Earth years, with white receding hair. His eyes were brown that were dark against his light pallor. He was dressed in a simple white outfit, one which he wore at all times. It was one of the things that he held onto from his times with his people. He clapped his hands together trying to get their attentions, since that seemed to be harder and harder to do as they became older. “Only three here, is it?” he asked looking around to make sure he wasn’t missing any. “That means nine more must be located.”

“Why?” Jake asked raising his eyebrows. Usually gathering all twelve of them meant mass chaos, power outage, and possibly putting the city of Atlantis in danger of being crushed by the ocean water that was being kept at bay by the shield. It wasn’t their fault though, what did he expect with teenagers who tended to be bored?

Lily sighed and crossed her arms over her chest, “We haven’t even done anything…” she told him and then added quietly so only Jake could hear, “Yet.” It wasn’t like he needed to question them all and figure out who had been stupid enough to do something so chaotic.

“All will be explained in time. Now we must find the others…” he told them. “Come. Come.”

“Why?” Lily asked as the three teens filed out and back into Atlantis.

“All will be explained in time.”

With groans, the three followed unhappily behind him.


2026 ~ Atlantis

“It is time my children,” Grandfather spoke softly to the twelve he had finally located. They were all gathered in front of the Stargate, all lined up. “I will miss you all, but you are all truly ready for what you must do.” He looked at them all silently for a minute. “You have all been trained well in our technology and I know you all will do well in your mission.”
Lily looked down; this had been something that she had been dreading. Things in her life had changed so drastically over the several years they had been raised by Grandfather. Concepts she had about her life had been altered…and she would be out of his care. Grandfather had been the one who had managed to keep her alive for this long, what if when they started this mission she would lull back into an ill state. She didn’t really remember it, but she really didn’t want to either.

“Bundle your belongings, only those which you completely require,” Grandfather went on. “Meet me back in the ship room in one hour. There we will be saying our farewells. Prepare yourselves.” That was all Grandfather had to say, and he was not one that would stand around just staring, once he had said what he needed, he promptly exited the area.

“Freaky…” Delaney Richards mumbled and then crossed her arms immediately allowing herself to slouch. Grandfather wasn’t found of how they held themselves, so most of those who tended to slouch had trained themselves to stand up straight with arms at their sides when he was around. “I don’t even remember my mother… I just remember her quarters on the Odyssey… There was this picture, a moonlit sky…shining over these beautiful trees that looked blue and white in the moonlight and there was a river running between them. I always wondered if that was where she was from…”

Ashley shrugged, “Probably just some random picture to make it look more ‘homey’,” she offered. “I don’t remember anything about my dad’s quarters…”

Lily frowned, “I don’t remember my parents at all…” Feeling an arm wrap around her, Lily looked up to see John Beckett standing there.

“Don’t worry, Lil, I’ll be there,” he told her with a smile and a light squeeze. “C’mon let’s go get ready…”

Memories were something that Lily didn’t seem to have as much of as the others. John seemed to remember all kinds of things…and she remembered the Becketts and their courage, how they tried to save them from the Wraith. And she remembered their screams… But nothing of her parents…just that there was always Carson or Marie. Marie’s lullaby, she remembered the melody, but that was all…not the words. But she remembered something about an angel…in heaven. Marie was always talking about angels…


2026 ~ Atlantis

“We look like clones,” Caitlin Caldwell mumbled pulling at the grey fabric. They all wore the same basic outfit. “They’re like clone uniforms…” Black boots, grey pants, black belt, and grey jackets…and depending on the specialty, either white, blue, or a red shirt. Each one had a surname embroidered on the left front chest panel, a flag representing their parent’s country on their left shoulder, and their parent’s assignment patch on the right. Caitlin and Sean Caldwell were the only ones though with their first initial before their surname. A United States of America flag decorated one shoulder, while the symbol for the Daedalus. She and Sean both were in blue, they were experts, they had mastered Atlantis’ systems when they were ten and could figure out how to re-route things almost as easily as Aubrey McKay could. Unlike their father, General Steven Caldwell, neither twin wanted anything to do with command.

Of the twelve only three wore red shirts, one from each unit had been given a red shirt. Lillian Sheppard would follow in her mother’s footsteps and was the designated leader of the Atlantis unit, even though she was the youngest; she was a master at conceiving and putting into action plans of destruction and chaos. Jeff Tripp was who had been chosen for Daedalus, he was in the middle for that unit, but was one who used his natural finesse and charm to get what he needed done. As for the Odyssey, Jake Emerson was just a natural fit and would also follow in his parent’s footsteps.

Blue shirts represented the scientific and engineer oriented ones in the units. Aubrey McKay and Rowan Dex for Atlantis, Aubrey was experienced with the power regulation, while Rowan knew how to sabotage and fix systems. Sean Caldwell, Caitlin Caldwell, and Acaisha Shaw for Daedalus, Caitlin and Sean teamed up working in tandem working the systems while Acaisha was a master of codes. Sovonn Miller, Delaney Richards, and Ashley Crosse for the Odyssey, Sovonn was familiar with the Odyssey and Daedalus layouts while Delaney and Ashley were well trained in those ships’ systems and operations.

John Beckett was the only one that did any medical, between Grandfather and John, the minor injuries and Lily’s condition had been treated just fine over the past years. So, why else would they need a second or third medic?

Grandfather walked before them, his presence making everyone tense up and straighten. “You are all ready for this… You must teach them about what happened and how they need to prevent it from becoming a reality. You have the responsibility to save them and ultimately yourselves.” He nodded towards the ship, “Lily, you will be in charge of flying the ship and giving this,” he said pulling out a small flat piece of metal and handing it to her, “This will explain everything to those on Atlantis in the time you will be heading…” He wasn’t one for goodbyes, these children had merely been a mission for him and he really didn’t have much of a connection for them. He was more concerned about the fate of Atlantis and their ability to truly save the future…that included the Ancients.

They all just stood there in silence. Bags were all lined up by the jumper. Silence filled the ship room as they all just stared at Grandfather. Lillian guessed the same thing or close to it was going through everyone’s heads, that they would be leaving behind the only real home and family they all knew and remembered. Home would be vastly different as they ventured farther back in time… What would be waiting out there for them? What would they face? Would they live long enough to see the future they all wanted exist.

“Into the ship,” Grandfather instructed.

Jeff and Jake started off immediately with their groups, but Lily just watched them. The hatch of the puddle jumper opening and welcoming them aboard. But she wasn’t ready to leave, what did the future hold for her? It seemed that everything she knew for sure was all here in this time and now she was being asked to trust in parents who didn’t even know they existed or love them in a past that she was unsure of where they’d even end up. When she felt a hand on her arm and then slowly go down to her hand and squeeze it lightly, she looked up to see John standing there smiling at her. She hated that smile, John Beckett had this confident smile, and confidence in life was something that he always seemed to have. Unlike her.

“It’s time to go,” he told her and started to herd her towards the jumper with Aubrey and Rowan along side them.

Lily tried to calm down, but leaving her comfort zone wasn’t something she had been too found of. She saw that Jake was waiting at the bottom of the jumper ramp. Rowan had already loaded the Atlantis groups’ bags into the jumper and all that was needed was for them all to get inside. Lily looked back at Grandfather, but he just turned her back to them and left.

“C’mon,” Jake told her pulling her inside and pressing a kiss to her forehead. “It’ll all be okay.”

Jake was one of the others with the confidence boost. Lily just nodded a bit as she headed for the pilot’s seat. She knew as soon as they got into the air that everything would be okay. She would level and her mind would be on the mission. Taking the jumper up and out she headed out of the atmosphere and towards the stars.

The jumper was modified, specially brought to them. The Ancients had designed it for time travel, but it was basically overall the same as the rest of the jumpers, though the kids had adjusted a few things on it and named it Jumper One NE. The NE stood for New Edition.

“Everyone let’s get into place,” Jake said making sure everyone was where they were supposed to be and everything was stowed. He knew Lily was nervous and he wanted to make it as easy as possible for her.

Lily moved the jumper into position before initialing the time travel systems. Grandfather had imputing all the information for the time they would be going to. They were simply to jump backwards, and then take the jumper home and go from there.



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