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Elizabeth slowly opened her sleepy eyes with a big yawn just to find herself not in her room, but John Sheppard’s.

‘Oh God. How this happened? Did we sleep together? I hope not! I don’t remember a thing from last night, except for major headache.’ She thought getting out of the bed.

The chilly air in the room gave her a goose flesh, so she took a sheet which she found on the floor and precisely wrapped it around her body. Then she realized another thing; it wasn’t her feminine body but very, very male one. Elizabeth hold her breath and biting her up lip, she looked down.

‘Yep, I’m definitely a man. Please let it be only a bad dream. Please, please…’

She quickly walked into bathroom and stopped by the sink; she splashed her face with very cold water and as she looked into mirror, her horror came back. She indeed was in a man body, and if it wasn’t enough for today, it was John Sheppard’s!

‘No, no, no. It’s not happening, not to me! Why, for crying a loud, in two galaxies it has to be me to turn into him?’ Elizabeth took a step back, as she was rethinking this whole messy situation. ‘I’m John, so he has to be me, right? I mean he, if we did it yesterday, must be here, right?’

She looked around the bathroom and when she found the clean underwear in the drawer, she put it on and then made her way back to room. Tiptoeing, she walked to the bed looking at the body, which was lying on her pillow right now, she slowly put a hand on the body and pinched it; person stirred. It wasn’t her, her body with John inside, but another woman. Elizabeth swallowed and crossed her arms on a chest watching closely as the woman wake up.

“Johnny, my darling, come back to bed.” She heard husky and sexy voice of the woman.
“No.” Elizabeth said trying not to look down at the naked woman in front of her. “It’s time for you to leave, doctor Nowacki.”
“It’s over. I don’t have time for relationships; I have to focus on my work.”
“Who says something about relationship, Johnny. It’s just a mind-blowing sex, my darling.”

Mary-Jane Nowacki gave Elizabeth seductive smile but as she saw the look on John’s face, she gave up; slowly she got out of the bed and stopped in front of her lover, naked. Dr Weir rolled her eyes and opened the door, taking all of Mary-Jane clothes from the floor; she thrown them at her and once again, she politely asked her to leave. This time John’s lover did as she was said and left Elizabeth all alone with her thoughts. As soon as the door closed, she reached for a com device from the coffee table and called John. After third time, as she was about to walked out and look for him, her com device responded.

“What did you do this time Colonel!?” she said with anger.
“Elizabeth, why are you screaming at me? Please my head…” John opened his sleepy eyes and slowly reached to his forehead and rubbed it. “What gave you the idea that I did something?”
“Well, get up of MY bed and take a look into mirror? You will see what gave me THAT idea!”
“Fine, fine…” he muttered not really thinking about what she said. John got up and walked into the bathroom. He turned on the lights and stopped in front of the mirror, he looked at it. His first reaction was screaming; he started touching his face. “I…I am you…”
“Exactly. Now tell me what did you do this time?
“I did nothing, I swear.” He said still looking with amaze on his new body. “But how cool it is, Liz… I have boobs!”
“Don’t you dare touching them, John Sheppard. You hear me, don’t you dare!”
“Yeah, sure. Bye Elizabeth.” He disconnected the com, focusing all his attention to Elizabeth, or right now his breast.

Dr. Weir took quick shower and knowing, that she will have to be John today, or a matter of facts till the moment they fix this, she put some clothes on herself and left the room heading to her office. She will have to help John, after all he will be running the whole city today, all by himself, and she knew that would be a totally disaster. She took a shortcut to control room, and then she walked into the transporter. The door was about to close, but in that moment Ronnon hold them, walking into.

“Sheppard what are you doing here so early?” he asked in surprise. Elizabeth swallowed and cleared her throat.
“Eee… I have to talk to doctor Weir.” She pushed the control room dot on the pad and the transporter disappeared, few seconds later they were in the hallway next to the control room.
“Is she still chasing you after those mission reports? I recorded her everything on this.” He said taking from his pants a small voice recorder. “You going to her anyway, can you give it to Weir?”
“Oh and remember about our little sparing at 10. I will be waiting for you and this time… be there!” he said clapping Elizabeth’s shoulder before he disappeared into next hallway.

Great. Sparing with Ronnon. He will absolutely kill me there. She whispered continuing her way out of the control room.

As she got there, Elizabeth said hello to all the personnel before she walked into her office. She sat down on the chair looking at her usual spot by the desk. Report which she was holding she put with the voice recorder from Ronnon next to her tablet on the files ‘to do’ and she waited for John. Twelve minutes later she heard the door behind her opened, as she turned her head she saw herself; well technically she only saw John in her body. Elizabeth bit her lip as John sat down on her ‘leader chair’ with a big grin on his, hers face.

“What are you smiling at?” she said. “Is it funny? Really John I swear if we only find a way out of this mess, you are done! I’m sick of this, of all your mistakes, of this attitude; everything is fun for you. Could you take this mission, Atlantis, me and everybody here seriously? No, because you are only a child in side of man body, John.” Elizabeth stood up. Before she took a step toward the door, John grabbed her arm. “At least try to behave like me until we find a solution for this. Doctor Beckett is not getting back from his mission for another day, but as soon as he steps through the stargate you and I with doctor McKay will solve this!
“Ok, I’m gonna try…”
“You are in charge of my city now. Don’t mess it up or you will find yourself back on Earth as soon as you will be you again!”

Elizabeth left John all alone in her office and she walked to his room to change. It was time for her for sparring with Ronnon. As scared as she was for her life, she knew she has to do this. And besides for one day she will be John Sheppard, so she could not give a fuck about everything. It was her time to relax, before she will be herself again; tired and workaholic Elizabeth Weir, leader of the Ancient’s city. She change her clothes and grabbed a bag before she walked out of the room and headed to the transporter.

She looked at the time; it was quarter to ten as she enter the gym and found it empty. Elizabeth put her bag on the floor and sat down next to the window. As she was waiting for Ronnon, she took some time to look at her magnificent city and think about this entire situation. She woke up as a man, as a John Sheppard! This wasn’t normal situation, not even to them, to Atlantis…

Chapter End Notes: TBC
let me know if I should continue this one :)
Thanks for all reviews, they give me inspiration :)

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