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It had been over twenty years since Elizabeth Weir had broken any bones in her body.

She forgot how much it hurt.

She wasn’t sure how she had managed to trip and fall on the stairs that she traversed daily, and yet Carson Beckett assured her that she had broken it at just the right angle to cause her to fracture her pinky in two places. When Carson showed her the x-ray, she tilted her head and looked down at her hand that she carefully cradled in her opposite hand before it got splinted. It was purple and swollen on the palm-side, but there was absolutely no outward indication that the proximal phalange had broken in a V shape.

Nice job, Elizabeth, she silently reprimanded herself.

“So what’s the treatment?”

The Scottish doctor pointed at the x-ray. “You notice how it appears that your finger is slanted above the fracture?” When she nodded, Carson continued. “Well, with it being broken at this angle, your ligaments are pulling it and, if left unattended, will set that way. I need to insert two pins to help it heal in the right direction.”


“Well, sooner rather than later, lass. You should probably ask Colonel Sheppard to take your place for a few days. At least.”

“Carson, I—“

“Elizabeth, this isn’t a request. We need to do this. But you will be in pain and sore for a number of days, so working is not an option for you. In fact, because the pins will be extruding through your skin, I would prefer that you stay in your quarters to avoid infection.”

Elizabeth opened her mouth to try and rebut Carson’s orders, but clamped it shut, knowing that there wasn’t much chance of him changing his mind.

She sighed, then touched her earpiece. “Weir to Sheppard.”

“Go ahead.”

“Can you come to the infirmary as soon as possible? It’s important.”

There was a pause, then he replied. “On my way.”


When John Sheppard walked in the infirmary, Elizabeth was nowhere to be seen. So he paced through the open room, eyes checking each of the beds. He was just about to turn around and ask one of the nurses if they had seen her when a muffled grunt caught his ears.

He frowned and followed it to the last bed.

Elizabeth was sitting on it, biting her lip and facing Carson as he wrapped a cloth bandage around her left wrist. There was gauze underneath it, but a particularly large amount around her pinky and ring fingers, which caused him to frown.

“What happened?” John asked, craning his head as he looked for other wounds. “Kickboxing with Teyla?”

She chuckled, brushing a stray strand of hair out of her face with her free hand. “I fell on the stairs in the ‘Gate room and landed on my pinky.”

“She did a good number on it too. I’ve asked her to come back first thing in the morning for surgery to set it.” Carson reached for the clear tape to finish the splint.

“So I’m going to need you to take care of business for a few days,” Elizabeth told her ranking military officer, causing him to whip his head suddenly.

Part of her expected aggravation from him. Another part expected a whiny five year old, echoing the words, “Do I have to?”

But all she got from him was a decisive nod. “Done.”

Elizabeth dipped her head. “You’re sure it won’t be a problem?”

He crossed his arms. “Not at all. Our team is on downtime this week anyways.” He shrugged. “Plus, it’ll give me a chance to beat your high score on Solitaire.”

Elizabeth gave him a relieved smile. “Thank you, John. I promise I’ll be back to work as soon as I can.”

“You’ll be back to work when I say you’re able. Not a moment before. Understood?”

She tried to cover her groan with a sarcastic grunt, but Carson still rolled his eyes at her.

“Yes, sir.”

“Very well, then. Don’t eat or drink anything after midnight, and be here at 1000 hours.” Just then, one of the nurses left a medication bottle on the bedside table. Carson thanked her for it, then handed it to Elizabeth. “Prescription for Vicodin. You’ll need these after you wake up from surgery.”

“You have to sedate Elizabeth?” John asked, suddenly feeling a little worried as she looked over the bottle.

“It’s routine for any outpatient surgery on Earth, I assure you, Colonel,” replied Carson, turning on his supporting tone, making John feel that he was a family member.

“I was sedated for my tonsillectomy and had no problems. I should be fine,” Elizabeth said, although John felt more comforted than Carson probably did.

The doctor nodded, giving her a cheery smile. “Then I will see you in the morning,” Carson said in lieu of goodbye, taking his tablet and walking back to his office.

Elizabeth slid off the bed and looked at John. “Well, I wasn’t expecting this.”

He smiled briefly. “At least it’s not more serious. And the procedure shouldn’t take too long. But Carson’s right,” he agreed, gesturing to the pill bottle that Elizabeth was holding. “You will be wanting those when you wake up.”

She winced. “That bad?”

John motioned to the exit and they started walking. “Take it from a guy who’s had this done a few times. You’re getting the bone reset, plus pins are being drilled into your bone. Yeah, it’s gonna hurt for a while. But the first three days are the worst. Once you get past that, I’d bet that you won’t even need that whole bottle.”

Elizabeth smiled. “The least medication I have to take, the better.”

They made it to a transporter. “Tell you what. How about you get me up to speed on what you’re working on, and then I’ll take you to your last supper.”

She narrowed her eyes at him, then nodded. “Deal.”

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