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Published: July 04, 2013 - Updated: November 02, 2014
Rated: M
Genres: Romance
Warnings: Character Death, Violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 16
Completed: No
Word count: 37717
Summary: Thrown into the midst of another galaxy, Elizabeth Weir leads her expedition on an exploration both of Pegasus' worlds outside of Atlantis and deep in the heart of the Ancient's city. Stranded, cut off from Earth and surrounded by danger, all the team have is each other to sustain them. Their leader had a will of iron, competent and brilliant, but aloof; her compassion is unwavering, steadfast, but she remains distant, as if behind a wall.

One man reaches out, recognising the danger of her loneliness and seeks to bring her into the comfort of the small community, the only people that may well be hers for the rest of their lives. But as he comes to know more about the steely willed, cool eyed diplomat, Colonel Jonathan Sheppard finds himself pulled in deeper than he's ever been before, and far more than he ever intended.

With the scrutiny of their small knit community, Earth's distant but ever-present watchful eye, and danger forever on their horizon, can they overcome their differences or are they doomed to fail before they began?

Story Notes:
This is a fanfic to match the Sparks Ingnite film trailer for a Sparky flick on YouTube. Bear with me, its pretty much completely AU although some of the scenes are the same, several missions have been rewritten and reordered to fit with the trailer sequence.

The End Notes of the chapter include the time index of the video and the scene I am alluding to.

The video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHtwu93ROp0

1. Chapter 1 - McMurdo by shipper scifi [Reviews - 3] starstarstarstarhalf-star (1284 words)
This place was weird, with capitals.
2. Chapter 2 - Atlantis by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (1513 words)
She would never remember the first time.
3. Chapter 3 - Refugees by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (2410 words)
‘You don’t leave people in the hands of the enemy. You know that!’ he shot back. He hadn’t expected this, not from her.
4. Chapter 4 - Shakedown by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (4160 words)
Inside the city, conflict versus harmony and seems like neither of them can win.
5. Chapter 5 - Curveball by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (1522 words)
'Oh God, he IS Kirk!'
6. Chapter 6 - Business by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (1295 words)
It didn't feel like business.
7. Chapter 7 - Shotgun by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (1377 words)
‘So, Sheppard sat forward, clasping his hands together on the table. ‘Why not?’

8. Chapter 8 - Moments by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (2741 words)
‘I trust this,’ he replied, ‘I feel this,’ he added, kissing her again.

9. Chapter 9 - Ghosts by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (1796 words)
Atlantis' 'ghosts' weren't the only ones she'd fought that day.
10. Chapter 10 - Risks by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (4243 words)
'It's worth the risk!'
11. Chapter 11 - Sunday by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (3868 words)
Somewhere, Sheppard was packing a picnic and the thought actually made her smile.
12. Chapter 12 - Goodbyes by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (2228 words)
She was fearless in the face of new discoveries. A facet of her personality that could quickly kill him.
13. Chapter 13 - Rumour by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (1421 words)
‘I think you can safely say our cover is blown,’ she remarked.
14. Chapter 14 - Enchanted by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (3337 words)
Jon snapped, thumping him on the arm. ‘Buck up, Carson!!’

15. Chapter 15 - Hive Ships by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (2299 words)
'Don't do that to me!' he exhaled.

16. Chapter 16 - And Replicators by shipper scifi [Reviews - 0] (2223 words)
'Not yet, we're not!' Sheppard shook him off, striding to the isolation tent, ignoring the cry of alarm behind him and ripped it open.


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