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John was running behind the medical team who were already far ahead of him, he could see Elizabeth’s pale face. At that moment Rodney came out of his lab and bumped into John, knocking them both to the ground.


‘Hey, why are you running, another supply of turkey sandwiches just been unloaded in the mess hall or something?’

‘I cant talk now.’

‘That’s fine by me I have something to show to Elizabeth anyway’

‘Elizabeth wont be in her office.’

‘Well I will leave it on her desk she should get it later tonight.’

‘Rodney… she wont be in her office for a while.’

‘Why not, has Carson finally made her take a holiday?’

‘No, there was an accident’

‘When? What happened?’

‘About 10 minutes ago there was a small overload in one of the systems and it exploded before anyone had a chance to do anything about it.’

‘What happened?’

‘Elizabeth was in the area when the system exploded, she is critically injured.’

‘Oh my … is she going to be ok, is that who just went past my lab, Carson and a medical team.’

‘Like I said Rodney I cant chat I am going to the infirmary right now.’

‘I’ll come with you’

they both ran towards the infirmary, hoping they did not have to say goodbye to their leader.

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