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The medics had been working on John and Elizabeth for over 2 hours trying to stabilize them. John had briefly woken up but soon passed out again, from the scan Carson had determined that John had a small skull fracture that would heal fine. But the chip the Maniakals had implanted in the base of his skull had become dislodged and was causing a bleed that would require an operation to remove the chip and stop the bleeding. Carson figured he could remove the bullet from John's arm at the same the wound wasn’t too bad but it was still a gunshot. Carson had decided john was stable enough to be prepped for theatre.

Dr Jenkins was equally concerned with Elizabeth she had lost a great deal of blood from her injuries. She hadn’t regained consciousness since the last time and her respiratory effort was poor at best. He wanted to move her to the operating theatre to patch her up but she wasn’t stable enough for him to do that just yet.
Jenkins finally left Elizabeth's side to let Carson know of her situation. “Carson she isn’t improving, I'm going to try and stabilize her then take her to theatre.”

Before Carson could agree Elizabeth went into cardiac arrest Jenkins and Carson ran to her bed side to find the med team giving her CPR. Jenkins quickly intubated Elizabeth and started breathing for her. One of the nurses was doing chest compressions on Elizabeth whilst another got ready with the defibrillator paddles.
“Ok hit her at 200” Jenkins told the nurse.The nurse turned and checked the machine she then moved the paddles over Elizabeth's body.
“Charged at 200... Clear!” The nurse called before shocking Elizabeth.

Elizabeth's body arched off the bed from the jolt of electricity as she was shocked then her body went limp on the bed.After the first shock there was no change another minute of CPR and another shock the monitors picked up in a steady rhythm Jenkins decided it would be now or never to operate.

As both patients were moved to the operating theatres Carson and Jenkins went to get changed into their scrubs. Sat in the waiting room were a concerned Ronon, Rodney and Teyla. All three of them looked up when the doctors stepped out to let them know what was going on.
“What’s going on, will they be ok?” Rodney didn’t give them a chance to speak before he did.
Ronon stepped up behind him and put his hand on his shoulder. “Give them a chance to speak, McKay.”

Jenkins stepped forward and started to tell them about Elizabeth’s condition “Elizabeth's in bad shape guys, she’s lost a lot of blood. We lost her for a minute back there but we got her back, I'm concerned about the shrapnel and gun shot wounds she got quite a bit of internal bleeding.”
A theatre nurse opened the door and told him they were ready. He assured the group he would do his best to save Elizabeth then went into theatre.

It was Carson’s turn now “John has got a small fracture to his skull. But that’s not what’s concerning me.”Rodney was about to but in until Carson shot him a glare that would stop a car. “It’s the chip that’s causing the problem it’s become dislodged from the base of the skull and is causing a bleed to his brain.”
Teyla took a step closer to Carson. “What do you plan to do Dr Beckett?”
“I'm going to operate on him right now. We will keep you updated on both of their progress.” Carson left it at that, he went into the operating theatre to work on John.

As per Carson’s orders a young nurse went and told the rest of the team to get something to eat. Ronon stood up and he stepped towards the young nurse he was just about to argue with her. She told him exactly what Dr Beckett had told her to say, no one had ever seen Ronon to shocked to speak.“You heard the nurse people, we best get some food.”
The rest of the team just did as he said.McKay tried to pester Ronon to tell him what she said, after Ronon shot him one of his looks McKay stood down.

John woke up the next morning to the sounds of a heart monitor he tried to move his head but it hurt to much. He moved his eyes round till he saw the good Dr Beckett doing something to his IV.
“Hey doc.” John groaned.
Carson was quickly by his side. “Colonel I'm glad you are awake, how are you feeling?”
“My head hurts.”
“Don’t worry lad I’ll give you something for that.” Carson leaned over to the table and picked up a syringe he injected into John’s IV line. John could feel the drugs kicking in straight away.
“Doc how’s Elizabeth?”
“John both of your surgeries went well...”
“Doc you’re not telling me something. What is it?” He was getting more concerend by Carson's hesitations.
“We had to operate again on her to stop the other bleed. She is still unconscious; we’ve had to put a breathing tube in her throat because she wasn’t doing so well on her own.”
he pointed to the only other occupied bed in the infirmary Elizabeth lay there surrounded by various tubes and machines, She was almost as pale as her scrubs.
John looked straight into Carson eyes. “Will she be alright Carson?”
“She will be alright, when she decides to wake up lad” Carson was filling another syringe whilst he was talking to his patient.
“Rest up now John.” He injected the white liquid into Johns IV no sooner had he done so the Colonel was unconscious again.

Dr Jenkins was sat by Elizabeth's bed he finished writing notes in her chart. He looked up at her and started talking to her.“Come on Dr Weir you have slept long enough, time to wake up.”
Carson walked up to Jenkins “any change yet Matt?”
Jenkins stood up and walked round the other side of the bed looking down at her. “No nothing yet, her vitals are holding steady its up to her to wake up now.” Carson picked up Elizabeth's chart and studied it “Are you going to keep her on the tube?”
“Yeah I’ll bring her off it when she decides to wake up.”
“I'm going to have John moved next to her, I think he will want to be here when she wakes up.” Both doctors nodded at each other and went their separate ways.

Carson had banned the team from the infirmary until his patients were out of the woods, everyone else had done as they were told but Rodney was still fighting to get in. Carson now had to go get rid of him again. “Rodney I told you, you can’t see them till I give you the ok.”
“Well you could at least tell me how they are doing” Rodney demanded.
Beckett showed Rodney into his office he sat down and was about to tell the impatient astrophysicist what was going on. Before he could start he was interrupted by a nurse calling for him and Dr Jenkins.

Carson was up and out in a flash, by the time he got to Elizabeth Dr Jenkins was by her side. He looked up to Carson “her vitals are picking up, she’s coming round.”

Her eyes felt so heavy she assumed it must have been the drugs. She was home.It took her a few more seconds of trying she could hear voices telling her to open her eyes. She finally managed to open them it took her a while to adjust to the lights; someone was looking down at her they were talking to her.
Something felt different it felt wrong; something was in her throat she started to struggle against it.

“Elizabeth you’re safe, you are back in Atlantis you are in the infirmary.” The person carried on talking to her trying to reassure her.“You were injured, you have a breathing tube in your throat don’t panic we will take it out soon.”
But Elizabeth was panicking, she was starting to choke the heart monitor started beeping faster and faster Elizabeth's heart rate had almost doubled. Dr Jenkins asked Carson to assist him whilst he extubated Elizabeth, he got the tube out in one quick pull. Elizabeth immediately started coughing and gasping for breath, Carson pulled an oxygen mask down over her face. She was still panicking even though the doctors were trying to calm her down her heart rate was still high. Carson thought it would be a good idea to sedate her till she was calmer Dr Jenkins agreed.

After a drug was administered Elizabeth succumbed to the darkness.

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