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John had managed to get Elizabeth to her feet he put as much pressure on her shoulder wound as he could whilst moving.He could hear movement all around them it was only a matter of time till they were going to be caught. “Elizabeth I know your hurting right now, but we’ve got company I’m really going to need your help to hold them off till... ”

"Till what?” she asked groggily.

“Till were rescued I’m sure I heard a jumper close by.”

Elizabeth straightened up she was running on adrenaline now she pointed out a good spot to John. There were bushes in front of some large rocks, they made there way towards them. John slowed down his head had started to throb the bleeding had started again and it was starting to go through the bandage.
Elizabeth encouraged him to keep moving. “Hey we are nearly there, Ill check your wound when we get there.”

“I’ll do the same for yours” he smiled at her.Elizabeth had forgotten about the gunshot by now it was still bleeding heavily but she was to focused on a chance of being rescued now.

“Ronon, do you copy?” Lorne said over the radio.

“Yeah go ahead Lorne” Ronon finally stopped to talk this time.

“Conan you need to move fast, they’re in trouble were reading an entire platoon of soldiers heading their way” Mckay butted in.
Lorne updated the coordinates of their people, Ronon, Teyla and beckett were 5 minutes away from them.

The jumper flew ahead to give cover fire Ronon and Beckett started to sprint towards Sheppard and Weirs position. Teyla had climbed up on some rocks she started picking off enemy troops as they came out of hiding. John and Elizabeth tried to hold their position as best they could but they were running out of ammo. John lent up from behind his rock and tossed a grenade over he took out several soldiers but he got shot in the arm as he knelt back down.

Elizabeth loaded her last P-90 mag “This is my last one!” she shouted out over the weapons fire.
“I'm out!” John yelled back.

Part of the rock John was hiding behind exploded behind his head some of the debris hitting him hard, he slumped forward unconscious. Elizabeth tried to get to him and push him further behind the rocks. As she did this she didn’t realise her left leg wasn’t hidden any more. But she soon did when a stray bullet grazed her thigh. She was still firing her weapon when Teyla started leopard crawling towards them.

Beckett and Ronon came out of the woods behind them firing their weapons. Lorne de-cloaked the jumper behind the enemy soldiers and fired a couple of drones to get their attention. The enemy troops started to throw down their weapons and retreat, they were taken as POW’s by the awaiting Maniakal forces.

Lorne landed the jumper just down from the bridge; he and the team of the marines spread out and covered the area. Rodney along with Dr Jenkins grabbed a med bag each and ran over towards where Ronon was standing.

When he got there he went paler when he saw the scene in front of him “oh my god.” He stuttered.

Teyla was lent down next to Elizabeth who was barely conscious she was wrapping a field dressing round her left thigh.
Carson was flashing a torch in John’s eyes trying to get him to respond. Dr Jenkins shoved past Rodney and knelt by Elizabeth's side he took over from Teyla first he put his fingers to Elizabeth's neck checking her pulse it was weak but he managed to clock it he looked over his shoulder “Carson her pulse is weak and thredy I'm worried about these shrapnel and gunshot wounds we need to get her back home. How’s the colonel?”

Carson didn’t respond at first “He’s not doing so good at best I reckon he’s got severe concussion, but I won’t know till we get him under the scanner.”

Rodney looked on he felt so helpless right now Carson looked up at him and saw the look on his face “Rodney?!... Rodney! Can you and Teyla get the back boards from the jumper quickly please?”

“Yeah sure” Rodney followed by Teyla started to run for the jumper. He handed Teyla one of the boards she ran back ahead of him, he was on his way out with the other he radioed Lorne he requested that he scan the area for any more enemies and then fall back to the jumper.

Carson and Ronon carefully lifted John onto the board Carson put an oxygen mask over Johns face then they started to carry Sheppard off to the jumper.
“Dr Jenkins are you gonna be ok with Elizabeth?”

Jenkins looked up from what he was doing “Yes sir were about ready to move her now”. Teyla helped Jenkins lift Elizabeth onto her board. Teyla looked down at Elizabeth who was now unconscious and wasn’t responding either, Jenkins put an oxygen mask over her face and decided to move her right away.

In the back of the jumper it was crowded all personnel had been loaded aboard; both Drs were working on their patients with what they had. Elizabeth started to come round she started coughing up blood, she tried to sit up but she was restrained by the friendly hands of Teyla, Elizabeth weakly tried to fight her off. She had lost a lot of blood by now she was confused and getting agitated. She soon passed out again, which wasn’t a good sign.

“How much bloody longer?!” Carson shouted to Lorne he was getting more concerned about John he hadn’t regained consciousness since they had found them. He was still breathing by himself but his pulse was drastically weaker than before.
“Were nearly at the gate Doc, I’ve already dialled and radioed Atlantis. They have med teams ready in the jumper bay.” Lorne called back over his shoulder he didn’t take his eyes off what he was doing.

The HUD flashed up he could see five groups of enemy forces were scattered around the area firing blind with anti air craft weapons trying to take the jumper down. Lorne managed to evade all of their shots they were less than 20 meters from the gate when a lucky shot disabled the ships cloak. McKay tried frantically to get the cloak back online.

“McKay don’t worry I can still get us to the gate.”Lorne fired a few drones at the enemies’ positions and knocked out two of them this was enough to buy them enough time to get through the gate.
The jumper landed safely back in atlantis as soon as the door opened Carson and Jenkins started giving orders to their respective teams.
The marines helped lift Sheppard and Weir onto the awaiting stretchers.

The team could just watch as their leaders were taken off to the infirmary.

Chapter End Notes: please let us know wat you think so far

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