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John woke up in a clearing alone; he pushed himself up and shook his head which he immediately regretted doing he put his hand up to his head and pulled it back when it felt wet he looked down at his hand he could see there was blood covering it. He reached for his pack and pulled out his med kit he tried to wrap a field dressing round his head “damn I wished I listened to what Carson told me about these things” no one else was around so he figured he’d just talk to himself.
John finally wrapped the bandage round his head and tied it off It left lot to be desired but it did the job. He lent over and grabbed his P-90 which was poking out through some bushes he moved over to grab it he had to hold back the urge to throw up from his movement, he realised that his head injury might be worse than a simple cut. He was just about to reach out and grab the weapon when someone’s bloody hand grabbed his wrist, immediately he feared the worst.
“Colonel Sheppard... please help... ” John moved as quick as he could to this persons side then he realised who it was. “Yanis hang on I'm gonna help you” he told the trooper he quickly looked over him he could see that he was bleeding from his abdomen and he could see that his left leg was definitely broken he wasn’t to sure about his right one though. John managed to slow the bleeding in the Sgt’s abdomen and was just about to splint his legs.
“Listen I'm going to call in a med evac for you, I’ve heard your troops they’re not far from here”
“Thank you Sheppard, you didn’t have to do this for me.”
“Hey it’s not like I could of left you to die is it. But listen to me I'm going to have to look for Elizabeth do you understand me?” John asked him once he covered Yanis in some leaves and given him some water then he used the Sgt’s radio to call in his position.
John checked his weapon to make sure it was serviceable and then went off to find Elizabeth.

Elizabeth woke up in a shallow stream she lifted her head she could feel she had some small cuts on her face but nothing serious. “Ok I think I might have got outta that one lucky” she said to her self but not very convincingly. She tried to sit up “Arghhh Jesus Christ!!” she shouted she looked down then she saw it she had a piece of shrapnel sticking out of her left side. The wound appeared to be small but it was bleeding heavily. Seeing this injury made her want to get out of this stream even quicker her weapon was still clipped to her vest so she didn’t need to worry about that and it didn’t look damaged by the explosion, she tried to pull herself along but as soon as she put weight on her left arm she knew it was a mistake. She turned and saw how swollen it was under her jacket it wouldn’t take a doctor to tell her it was a bad break. Elizabeth knew she couldn’t stay in the stream and hope for the best so she concentrated on pulling herself out of the water.
she managed to almost crawl behind an uprooted tree, she took a quick look around she had her weapon ready if she needed to defend herself. At this time there was nobody around her.

John was covertly moving through the woods he could hear voices, angry voices he stopped what he was doing and knelt down. He took the silencer attachment from his vest and screwed it to the barrel of his weapon. He crawled closer towards the voices he peered through a gap in the leaves he was shocked by what he saw.
In front of him were 6 enemy troops there was 1 maniakal trooper on his knees with his hands tied in front of him he was being questioned by the squad leader of the enemy troops. John strained to hear the questions.
“How many of the off worlders survived the explosion?” to his credit the allied trooper didn’t answer the man
“I ask you again, how many of the off worlders survived the explosion?”
Still the trooper didn’t answer the mans questions, John could tell the other soldier was getting more mad by the second. John was about to make his move when the soldier pulled out his side arm and executed the young trooper he waited a couple of seconds till the enemy soldiers started to walk away. Then he stood up and hurled a grenade at them, the enemy soldiers didn’t have a chance to run the explosion killed them all.
John came out from his hiding spot and crawled over to the dead trooper. He checked to see if these fighters had something resembling dog tags, when he found them he looked down at them he read the name PVT Telford Seiko. He put his hand to the privates head and closed the mans eyes he lowered his head. “Thank you Telford” he held a moments silence then continued his search.

Elizabeth had managed to bandage up the wound on her side the shrapnel was still in there she didn’t want to risk pulling it out and causing more damage; she looked down to check it. It was still bleeding heavily but there wasn’t much she could do about it wrapping her arm tightly wasn’t as hard as she thought it would be.
Ok so she knew she had to make a move first she made ready her weapon and started to move deeper into the woods. It wasn’t long before she ran into enemy soldiers she hid behind a tree and hoped they wouldn’t notice the small blood trail leading to her position. But Elizabeth's luck wasn’t running good today one of the soldiers saw it and started to follow it he called his partner over and they both headed towards her. Elizabeth knelt down on one knee she had to wait until they were in the right spot, she didn’t have to wait long it didn’t take her much to take out these two she hit the first one in the throat with a closed fist like Teyla had taught her. The second one managed to get a few punches in against her she managed to block most of them. He soon went down after a knee to the groin and a P-90 butt to his face. She took the straps from their weapons and tied their hands and feet together then she cut strips of material from their jackets and gagged them. As she was walking away from them she turned and saw that they were well hidden from view.

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