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John and Elizabeth walked into a large room; the general was sat behind a large table he was joined by two aides. The door opened behind them and the good Dr Vandersmutt came jogging into the room and straight up to the general he handed him a board.
“Dr Weir, Colonel Sheppard please sit down I am sure you both would be hungry by now” the general barely looked up at them whilst he was reading what was in front of him.

Elizabeth leaned into John as they sat down “this wasn’t what I was expecting”
“me neither when are we gonna get round to the negotiating?” John was getting irritated by how long this had been going on.

a few minutes later food and drink was brought to all who were sat at the table, the general finally put down the board and looked at his guests. “Firstly my name is General. Hans Flanders and I look forward to beginning these negotiations between our peoples.” He smiled at them as he said this “secondly I can’t negotiate on an empty stomach. So please enjoy your meals.”

In the Atlantis gateroom Teyla and Ronon were talking with Sgt kashee, when Rodney came bounding up the stairs followed by a pissed of Dr Zelenka. “Hey how long are Elizabeth and John over due?” Rodney questioned any of them.
Teyla was the first to get a word in “They are running around half an hour over due Rodney.”
“Has anyone tried to make contact with yet?” asked Radek.
Now it was Ronon’s turn “hey doc, why do you think were here, we made contact 10 minutes ago, and the chancellor told us they had just started to negotiate with the general.”

This was good enough for Rodney to leave them and carry on publically berating Radek for the simplest of things.
Back on Maniaka the team had finished eating their meal all five courses of it, Elizabeth and John had decided to eat all of the meal just in case they offended the hosts by not eating it.
“Now we can get down to business” the general said as he finished his drink.
“We agree to the terms of this alliance, we are willing to send a team over to show you through some of the things we have learnt in Atlantis.” Elizabeth said as she was reading through their proposals.
“There is something more we will require from you Dr Weir” Dr Vandersmutt finally spoke up.
The mood in the room had changed when the doctor spoke up.
“I have gone through the results from the blood samples I took from you earlier and...”He was interrupted by John who had taken about all he could take from this man.
“Why would this have anything to do with our alliance?”
“Well colonel if you didn’t interrupt me I could explain.”
“ok go on then”
“well yours and the Dr’s blood is quite unique it appears you have the ancestral gene and Dr weir you seem to have microscopic machines in your blood, and we would like to test you both further.”
He looked at them individually when he spoke of their blood.
Now John really didn’t like this situation he and Elizabeth stood up John leaned over the table.
“No offence to you General, but we will not be your lab rats.”
the General mimicked exactly what John did “no offence to you Colonel, but you do not have a choice.”
With that two guards stepped up behind Elizabeth and John and injected something in their necks, the guards caught both of them before they fell to the ground.
Before they were dragged away john saw the General and the doctor talking he could make out the word tracker.

Elizabeth woke up first to a pounding head she tried to move her hands to her head but couldn’t, she looked around she saw John was unconscious on the bed next to her all of their gear including their weapons were on a table by the door. She realized this was the same room they had been brought to before meeting the General.
“Don’t worry Dr Weir, you are both safe the Colonel will be awake soon.” Elizabeth realised whose the voice was, then he stepped into her view.
“Dr why are you doing this?” she asked him whilst he helped her sit up, she looked down and saw her hands were cuffed.
As if on cue John woke up and bolted up. “What the hell?”

“As I'm sure you remember you were drugged after the meal”
“yeah we remember” Elizabeth answered
“good, as you know we are technologically and scientifically advanced but we have never seen anything like this before. So we are going to test your different... strengths under battle conditions.”
“Oh my god you really do like the sound of your own voice don’t you” John shouted at Vandersmutt.
Vandersmutt just shot John a dirty look he walked over and picked up their stuff.
“Now if you will please follow me.”

They followed the doctor into another large room where the General and his entourage were waiting.
“Dr Weir, Colonel Sheppard. I'm glad you are both awake now here is what we have planned for you... “
He looked down and paused.”Basically we need your help.”

The General outlined the exercise they had planned for them. Basically the maniakals wanted John and Elizabeth to help fight their war for them.
John stepped forward “listen General, Eliza... Dr Weir is not a soldier.”
the smug doctor stepped forward “the machines in her blood have remarkable healing properties, and I know you would not have agreed to be here with her if you thought otherwise.”
“Ok I guess you have a point there.” John conceded.

The briefing ran on for a while longer, the way the General had planned to deploy John and Elizabeth with a small squad of 4 troops and if it couldn’t be any worse they were being dropped in a hot zone. Then they were handed back their belongings and were escorted outside to the waiting convoy.

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