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As soon as they came through the gate they were greeted by Chancellor Schmidt and a small security detail. The chancellor immediately walked up to them and bowed “Dr Weir, Colonel Sheppard. Welcome to maniaka.”
Elizabeth stepped forward “on behalf of our people I would like to thank you for agreeing to negotiate for us to become allies.”
The chancellor showed them a convoy of vehicles and invited them into one.
“Hey it looks kinda like a humvee” John almost shouted.
One of the chancellor’s guards turned to him, john took him in. This guy was about the same height and size as Ronon.
“A humvee?” he asked.
John realised that he had to be careful about what he said from here, so he tried to get to know this guy better first.
“Its like this big off road vehicle” he tried
“I see” said the young man
“so what’s your name then? I figured I better ask seeing as we are gonna be allies” He tried to throw a little humour into his questions.
“Yeah allies. I am Lance Sgt Yanis long, come on get in you can drive this one if you want.”
“maybe later” John called to Yanis, he had started to get a bad feeling about this but he decided to go along with what they were doing. He stood back and saw Elizabeth get in the humvee next to his then he followed suit.

The ride took about half an hour John kept looking at his watch, the guards kept looking at him but they thought nothing of it.
John was ripped from his thoughts by Elizabeth's voice coming through his radio.
“Hey John I think were there”.
The convoy had stopped in a courtyard of some kind both of them had been escorted out of the vehicles and they were stood in the open. The chancellor had excused himself to go and inform the general that the ambassadors from Atlantis had arrived. Moments later Sgt long accompanied by 4 other guards approached John and Elizabeth.
“I’m sorry Dr Weir, Colonel Sheppard but I'm going to have to ask you to come with me”
Elizabeth stepped forwards “what for?” she questioned.

Sgt long assured that they would not be in any way harmed and that their doctors would be able to explain things to them better.
John agreed but only if they were allowed to keep their weapons. Yanis spoke into his radio he waited a second, apparently his superior had agreed.
He nodded at them “Yes you may keep your weapons.”
Reluctantly John and Elizabeth agreed to go with them; they didn’t really have much of a choice. Even though they were both armed they were out manned and out gunned.
Inside the main building they were being led down a hall, on the walls were pictures Elizabeth guessed they must have been of previous maniakal generals. They had finally reached their destination the guards who were escorting them dropped back and stood at ease not far from a closed door.
John turned and faced Elizabeth “they had better not think about splitting us up”
“you read my mind” Elizabeth replied.
No sooner had they said that the door opened and a short oldish man in a lab coat appeared “ah you two must be our visitors from the ancestral city, come in, come in I am Dr Vandersmutt.”
John and Elizabeth just stared at each other then they followed the man inside, when they were in the door automatically closed behind them, this made Elizabeth jump she gripped her P-90 tighter. The Dr walked in front of him towards a metal table with two trays containing a lot of weird instruments. The door opened behind them and two ‘porters’ walked in pushing two beds.
“Now Dr Weir, Colonel Sheppard. I have been asked to take some blood samples from you both and nothing more; I have no wish in harming either of you.”
“What for?” Elizabeth asked
“because I was told to Dr Weir” the small man answered
“you didn’t answer the question Dr.” John chimed in this was starting to irritate him and more so because they wanted Elizabeth's blood as well.
Dr Vandersmutt almost answered all of their questions but now he was starting to get impatient by this “now Dr Weir, Colonel Sheppard. Will you please lay down on the beds?” the Dr almost raised his voice to them when he asked them this.
John was about ready to raise his voice back to Vandersmutt but he took a second to think about it. They really needed this alliance with these people. John and Elizabeth both went up to the beds and lay down as asked.
The procedure went just as the Dr had told them he drew blood from each of their right arms.
“Thank you now if you will please follow the guards outside, they will take you to the general.”
Sgt Long walked down the corridor towards them. “I'm sorry that had to happen, the doctor says the results will be with us soon. Now please follow me the general is ready for you.”

John looked at his watch again; he and Elizabeth were coming up on there 6 hour check in.
Elizabeth was looking at the walls as they were being head down the same corridor but the pictures seemed to be different. The doors in front of them were opened and they ended up back outside in the courtyard but there was only one humvee there they both got in the back of the car, there was a one driver and Sgt Long taking them to where ever they were going.

John had played this game before, the captors put you in a blacked out vehicle and drive you around not to any particular location, but this makes the subject disoriented. They had been travelling for nearly an hour before they stopped outside a small group of buildings.
“Are we there yet?” John joked.
“Actually Colonel... we are, if you two would please follow these guards they will take you directly to the general.”

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