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John and Elizabeth walked down towards the gym. “Here take this” John pulled out a sheet of paper from his pocket.
Elizabeth studied it “it’s a timetable John.”
The gym door opened as the got to it Teyla was the only one in there stretching. Elizabeth looked behind her and then she saw them piled on the bench. They were Teyla’s bantos sticks Elizabeth turned round to John who was holding up a pair of trainers for her.
“If were going off world tomorrow, I’ve gotta get you ready”
Elizabeth raised an eyebrow and then took the trainers from him. “You don’t have to do all of this just for me John”
“I know I don’t, I just want you to know I trust you and I know that you can look after yourself.” He smiled at her and left.
Elizabeth sat down and changed her shoes. Teyla walked up to her smiling looking over the time table John had given her earlier. “It appears I have you for an hour”
It had felt like an eternity for Elizabeth when John finally showed up.
“So how did it go?” he asked with a smile on his face.
“Ask Teyla” Elizabeth told him. Teyla turned round “it appears I underestimated you Elizabeth” John looked up and saw Teyla wipe her mouth.
“You did that” he asked Elizabeth who was putting the sticks back over at the side. She walked back over to Teyla “listen Teyla I'm so sorry”
Teyla put her hand on Elizabeth's shoulder “in a real fight you would not apologise to your opponent so don’t apologise to me.” With that she left the gym.
“Ok so what now then colonel?” Elizabeth joked
“You have 90mins to eat, shower and get changed into the gear provided for you once you have done that you will meet me at the range.” john told her whilst he was reading through the time table.
Elizabeth showed up at the range with 5mins to spare john showed up not long after her.
“Ok so I know you can handle your weapons” he noticed Elizabeth look away when he said that. The last time she had used a weapon was when they both had been taken over by Thalan and Phoebus.
“Why do I think there’s gonna be more than your saying to this test?” she asked him.
“Because there is, you will be doing it this time under battle conditions.” He assured her that he would be doing the same thing she would.
They both walked up to the rack and checked their weapons John watched her as she was doing this, from the way she handled the weapons if he didn’t know her he could have sworn she was a pro.
“Do we have a time limit on this exercise?” Elizabeth asked as she clipped her P-90 to her vest.
“No time limit on this one, times up when we complete the simulation objectives.” John told her, he then called to the rest of the team to complete their objectives.

In total it took them 5 hours to complete their goals; after the exercise he wanted Elizabeth to go to the sat range to practice her shooting, in reality she had a good shot not only with the P-90 but the 9 mil as well.
John walked behind her to correct her stance then he moved to her side. Because the were more people on the range he had to follow normal drill, he moved into the booth.

After the other shooters had finished and left John walked up to Elizabeth.
“Not bad at all you have a good grouping there, impressive.”
Elizabeth studied her groupings she was shocked that she had done this she had managed 8 out of 10 kill shots. “Not bad for someone who on normal days hates weapons.”

John had decided to call it a day he told Elizabeth to go get some rest and that they would meet in the morning for the brief.
“You did well today Elizabeth.” John told her whilst they were securing their weapons.
Elizabeth nodded at john “thank you for all of this” she smiled then turned and headed off towards her quarters. She decided to grab some food and a drink she was already tired but she was really tired to.
Once she got in her room she took off her tach vest and put it on her desk, she sat on the edge of her bed pulled of her boots. She lay back and just stared at the ceiling then just dozed off.
When she woke she looked at the clock and realised she had 2 hours to get her gear and head off to the briefing. “Oh shit I can’t believe I slept straight through” she cursed to herself. She quickly grabbed a shower then checked her gear making sure she had all the stuff John had told her to take, and then she checked it again to be sure.
Just before she left for the briefing she checked the clock she had ¾ hour before the briefing she decided to grab some food.

When John entered the mess he saw Elizabeth with her back to him at one of the far side tables, he grabbed his food from the servery and went to join her.
“I see your ready” he said as he stood next to her looking down he could see all her gear on the chair next to her.
“How’d you guess” she joked, “so you gonna sit down?”
They both sat eating their food and chatting, both of them had lost track of time they were interrupted by the PA.
Elizabeth got up and grabbed her things. “That’s our cue” she said as she put her tach vest on.
Both of them made their way to the control room.

Rodney and Teyla stood chatting with them as the gat was getting dialled. “Are you sure you want to do this Elizabeth?” Rodney asked
“Rodney...” Elizabeth was looking to finish her line when Teyla chimed in
“Rodney, Elizabeth is more than capable of going on this mission she can not only defend her self physically but verbally as well” Teyla nodded to Elizabeth as she was saying this.
“You ready Elizabeth?” john called to her as he was heading to go down the stairs.
“Yeah on the way” Elizabeth shouted as she stepped down the stairs.
Two marines were stood with P-90’s for Sheppard & Weir; they both took and checked the weapons. When they were ready Sheppard called up to Rodney and Teyla that they would check back in with them in 6 hours.
“Here we go” Elizabeth muttered to herself.
Then they both walked through the gate.

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