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Rodney McKay was pacing up and down the briefing room, prattling on about this new planet where the inhabitants were a scientifically and technologically advanced race.
The people of this world were called the maniakals keen to begin trade relations with the people who now inhabited the ancestral city, they were in a war but they were still keen to make this alliance.

To officiate the alliance, colonel Sheppard along with his team including Dr. Weir were to go to negotiate the final terms. After giving the team his elongated version of his report he had to excuse himself to deal with matters else where.

This just left Elizabeth, John, Ronon and Teyla.
Ronon and Teyla looked at each other almost as if they knew what was about to happen next, they decided to get out of the briefing using excuse they could think of. Teyla had to ‘finish off her previous mission reports’ Ronon couldn’t think of his own excuse so he just followed on with Teyla.

“I'm not happy about you coming off world ... but"
John was the first to voice his opinions on Elizabeth joining them off world.

Elizabeth tried to get a word in “listen John if this alliance can help in anyway defend us against any of our enemies” she began

John managed to but in at this point “didn’t you hear me adding but in what I said?”
“Listen I'm ok with you going off world but... you will be armed especially if we are walking into a potential war zone. If you’re coming with us those are going to be my terms ok?”

Elizabeth just stared at him she almost couldn’t believe he was giving her orders.
“Well how can I argue with that?” She nodded at him and headed off towards her office. She watched him as he headed off down the stairs to wherever he was going, a young gate tech interrupted Elizabeth from her thoughts she was glad because if she hadn’t Elizabeth would’ve walked into one of the walls whilst she was staring at John.

“Sorry Sgt kashee, what can I do for you” she said as she looked down at the short lady.

“I just need you to check over these files and sign them off for me”.

“Yeah sure, bring them to my office.” Elizabeth smiled; the two women didn’t say another word as they headed to the office.

Ronon was walking down to the gym when John caught up with him. Ronon nodded at him and carried on walking.
“What is it?” john asked
“Nothing” Ronon answered with his classic one liner.
“Just spill it” John pressed.
“Ok fine, I know you’re really protective of Weir but why d’you always do that?”
“What?” John returned.
“It’s like you don’t think she can take care of herself.”

John had a good come back for what Ronon had just said to him, but as usual he was called away by a gate tech.

the maniakals had made contact with Atlantis and wished to discuss the teams visit immediately.
After listening to what chancellor Schmidt had said John didn’t like it.

“So now you only want to negotiate with the exped leader and military commander?” questioned John.
The chancellor got up from behind his desk and walked towards the camera “yes colonel, only you and Dr Weir. You may arrive bearing arms; these terms have been requested by the general himself.”
Elizabeth didn’t like where this was heading. The chancellor spoke again “we do not intend to deceive you or your people; we are very much looking to our treaty.”
Surprisingly john spoke this time. “Chancellor we agree to your terms, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.”
with that the wormhole was disengaged.

John turned and looked at Elizabeth “ok so we have a little over 12 hours”
Elizabeth looked at him “for what?” she questioned.

“Come with me” that’s all he said to her, she turned and followed him.

[Reviews - 2]    Printer Chapter or Story
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