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Published: August 18, 2007 - Updated: August 18, 2007
Rated: PG
Genres: Fluff & Slush, Humor, Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1
Completed: Yes
Word count: 5898
Summary: John remembers the past through a photo album, memories of a marriage proposal, a wedding and a happy ending, flash before his eyes, all seen in a photo album. (Spoilery for S4!)

1. The Photo Album by Luxuria_Oceanus [Reviews - 5] starstarstarstarstar (5898 words)
Another elaboration of a drabble I wrote over at LJ ^^; and it turned into a one chapter ficlet. This is as fluffy as I've ever written anything. Special thanks to the LJ users xfirefly9x and pixilove66 for betaing this for me :D
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, but my sanity, and sometimes, said ownership is in question. I just like to play with words because... they don't bite?


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