Speculation by From the Stars
Summary: What did the rest of the team think of John's behaviour when Elizabeth was infected with nanites?
Major spoilers for The Real World and minor ones for the Seige.
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This occured to me when I was watching The Real World for the hundreth time.
I have no beta, the mistakes are all mine!

1. Chapter 1 by From the Stars

Chapter 1 by From the Stars
Carson Beckett sat in the mess hall stirring his cup of coffee. He was exhausted, it had been a long day, but he didn’t quite feel like heading to bed yet.

Suddenly he looked up, Teyla was standing across the table from him; “do you mind if I sit here?” She asked in her soft voice.

“Sure lass,” he smiled, “take a seat.”

They sat in silence for a couple of minutes. “Carson,” she said suddenly, “may I ask you something?”

“Of course dear, you don’t even have to ask.” He said kindly.

She took a deep breath. “Do you think there is something going on between Doctor Weir and Colonel Sheppard?” She asked,

He frowned and looked over at her, “why’d you say that?”

She shrugged, “I don’t know, but after what happened today…”

Carson gave a sympathetic smile, “I don’t blame you for jumping to conclusions, lass” he said, “to tell you the truth, I was wondering the same thing. After all –”

“Excellent! Coffee!” A voice exclaimed, “Just what I need, it’s been such a hard day.” The two of them looked up to see the familiar figures of Rodney and Ronon.

Rodney plonked himself down, with a plate of food. “So.” he said with his mouth full.

Teyla and Carson were silent, he looked at them and sighed. "Ok, what is it?" He demanded.

"I dont' know what you're talking about Rodney." Carson replied, sipping his drink.

Rodney rolled his eyes, "Hello? Resident genius here? What was it you were just talking about? It wasn't me wasn it? Because I told you, that accident in the lab was all Zelenka's fault, he is just so - "

Teyla sighed, “If you really want to know, we were wondering if there was something going on between Colonel Sheppard and Doctor Weir.” She told him.

Rodney almost choked and Ronon slapped him on the back. “What?” He spluttered when he’s regained the ability to speak. “John and Elizabeth? Whatever made you think that?”

“Well it’s not improbable Rodney.” Carson said sounding impatient. “I mean look at what happened today.”

They all stopped speaking for a minute lost in thoughts of how close they’d come to losing their leader. Elizabeth had been infected my nanites and they’d almost taken control of her mind and body. She’s been in a coma for four hours and if John hadn’t….” they all shuddered.

“Yeah,” Rodney said breaking the silence, “I mean you’ve got a point, we all know John can do some pretty dumb, hero-guy stuff sometimes, but when Elizabeth’s involved…like you said today: He could have been infected by nanites, they could’ve killed him right there, but nope. Didn’t seem care a bit.”

“He was the one who truly saved her.” Teyla said quietly. “No he wasn’t,” Rodney said looking miffed, “Carson and I came up with the idea.”

Carson rolled his eyes. “Yes Rodney.” He said sarcastically.

Rodney scowled, but couldn’t resist speaking again, “he was with her the whole time though, while we were off working out how to save her, he was just - watching her. I mean while she was – out of it, he was meant to be in command, but instead he was just practising his bedside manner. I mean if it were any of the rest of us I don’t think he’d be that worried.” The others didn’t say anything but the looks on their faces said it all.

“Did you hear him talking to her though?” Teyla asked, looking at Ronon, “when you two were out the room, he looked like he was saying something. I didn’t hear what he said but that’s probably when he worked out what was going on.”

Ronon shrugged. “Maybe he was saying something – important to her.” He suggested, “Something he didn’t want anyone else to hear.”

“Didn’t seem to care later,” Rodney said, “when he did the whole: We’re right here with you, you can fight this line.”

“At that point he knew there was no choice.” Teyla said. “It may well have been nothing but I think, when faced with the possibility of her dying, there wasn’t anything he wouldn’t do to save her.” Rodney and Carson nodded in agreement.

“It’s not like it was the first time he was prepared to go kill himself for her,” Rodney said, “Though this time was definitely the most obvious.”

“What are you on about?” Ronon frowned,

Rodney looked at them for a moment. “Can I tell you something?” He confided,

“I have a feeling you’re about to Rodney,” Carson said, rolling his eyes.

Rodney leaned forward, “do you remember when Sheppard went on that suicide mission?” He said, “to blow up that Hive Ship? We were desperate and Elizabeth was practically crying when she let him go.”

“Yes.” Teyla replied,

“Well when he got back and he’d just thought that we’d all been killed by the darts,” Rodney continued, “obviously we weren’t thanks to me, but Elizabeth met him as he was beamed down and they hugged.” He sat back with a satisfied smirk. The others all looked at him blankly.

“So?” Ronon said.

Rodney looked incredulous. “So?” He repeated, “So? Doesn’t that just prove everything? I mean when was the last time Elizabeth gave you a hug big guy?”

Ronon swigged some coffee from his mug. “Maybe you have a point.” He admitted.

“And who could miss all of the cute little glances, they’re always exchanging,” Rodney went on, getting more enthusiastic by the minute, “you’d have to be completley blind. And their cosy little chats on the balcony. It’s really obvious once you think about it.”

Carson looked at Teyla and she shrugged in reply, Rodney was acting he’d set them up on a blind date and organized the match made in heaven, despite the fact he’d been oblivious to all of it barely five minutes ago.

“What about you though?” Ronon asked, interrupting.

Teyla looked surprised and confused, “me?” She said.

“Yeah,” He said, “I always though you two would hook up, you go well together.”

Teyla laughed, “he flirted with me at first but since then he’s flirted with every woman on every planet we’ve been through. No, we’re friends but that’s it. Both of us know that. The way he acts with Elizabeth is much – deeper.”

“Oh,” Ronon said, his face expressionless.

Carson was staring off into space, “Carson. What is it?” Rodney asked sharply.

“What?” Carson said looking surprised, “I didn’t do anything.”

“Yes you did,” Rodney said impatiently. “I know that look, you just thought of something important. What is it?”

Carson sighed, “Honestly Rodney, it was nothing.” He protested,

“C’mon,” Ronon grinned, “You can trust us.”

“Alright, alright,” Carson groaned. He lowered his voice, “the other week, when John got injured off world, by those savages. He had to spend the night in the infirmary, because his injuries were pretty bad. I’d just treated him and given him some painkiller, you’ know. Anyway, he was just drifting off to sleep when he started screaming.”

He paused, “he was obviously having a nightmare, not uncommon after being wounded, I tried not to listen, but then he started yelling something about the Genii, Koyla and Elizabeth. About not killing her and he’d do anything.”

“What did you do?” Teyla asked,

Carson shrugged, “his area was curtained off, I was the only one in the ward apart from a nurse at the other end. After a while he was quiet but not before I heard Elizabeth’s name a fair few times.”

Rodney gave a triumphant smile, “he really gave himself away there.” He said gleefully, “screaming Elizabeth’s name in his sleep…. Ha! I can’t wait until he gets to hear about this.”

“No Rodney, he’s not going to hear anything about this.” Carson said sternly. “We still don’t know for sure, that there is anything going on – ” “Despite the compelling evidence,” Rodney intervened, “but even if there is we can’t say anything. Do you understand lad?” Carson carried on.

“You’re right,” Teyla agreed, “this something Colonel Sheppard and Elizabeth have to work out together, in fact, I don’t think they’ve even admitted their feelings to anyone, not even themselves.”

“Yeah,” Ronon grunted, “they’ll realised eventually though.”

Rodney pouted, “but – ” He began weakly, then cowered under the glares of the other three. “Alright, alright” he grumbled, “I won’t say anything.”

“Thank you,” Carson smiled.

“ Can’t I even drop a few hints?” He pleaded.

“Rodney, I said no.” Ronon said threateningly, fingering his gun.”

“Fine.” Rodney scowled. “But when they finally realise, their feelings for each other. I’ll be the first to know.”

Carson rolled his eyes at Ronon. “Yes Rodney.” He agreed.
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