Reviews For A letter of pain
Reviewer: Oparu Signed Date: February 20, 2007 - 05:09 am Title: Just a poem

The message is good. There's potential.

Reviewer: elora Signed Date: January 04, 2007 - 02:55 pm Title: Chapter 1

I agree? Also I wonder why Sheppard wrote the letter in the first place? Be interesting to find out hint, hint!

Reviewer: Megs Signed Date: December 29, 2006 - 05:56 pm Title: Chapter 1

I agree that this story reads like a great prologue to a longer story. What happened? How did it happen? I think this could be an excellent start to something great.

Reviewer: atlantis child Signed Date: December 29, 2006 - 06:51 am Title: Chapter 1

i's your story ;) probably something impossible to get out of and John's only concern was to save his team... maybe you'll think of something... sometimes those plot bunnies just attack

Reviewer: atlantis child Signed Date: December 29, 2006 - 05:26 am Title: Chapter 1

this is a really cute idea. I would like to see more about this story...more of what Elizabeth is feeling and what actually happened to John. Even if making this a short story it feels like there's a lot missing! It's almost like a teaser using the good stuff

Author's Response: Thanks. I dont know maybe i could do a flashback about how he died but I dont know what would be good. What do you think?

Reviewer: Gatecat Signed Date: December 29, 2006 - 05:26 am Title: Chapter 1

Way to think outside the box.

Author's Response: Thanks I try to do things thats not normal for them I think they could possibly do something totally out of the ordinary under so much pain. I like to experiment.

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