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Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: May 04, 2011 - 04:20 am Title: Chapter 12

Definitely enjoyed, though I still think the Ongari should have been wiped off the face of the galaxy.

Author's Response: If it's any consolation, the Linarans hated wraith and their are free to interpret the defeat of the Ongari as you wish :P Glad you liked, thanks for all your reviews and ratings :)

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: May 03, 2011 - 04:48 am Title: Chapter 12

Great story! Sucks that Elizabeth lost the ability to have kids but I'm so glad she lived & adopted one.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed :)

Reviewer: lisabeth39 Signed Date: May 02, 2011 - 03:15 pm Title: Chapter 12

So glad you updated and then kept updating. Loved the last three chapters especially when Elizabewth pulled through. Also it was a perfect ending. Look forward to your next fic

Author's Response: I'm as shocked as you that I updated so much :P Thank you for sticking with this and for all your reviews :)

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: May 01, 2011 - 05:04 pm Title: Chapter 10

Can I tell you how much I HATE cliffhanger endings? GRRRR!!!!!!!!!! Great chapter btw. I hope Elizabeth lives & I hope the Ongari get blown to hell & gone. Please update VERY soon.

Author's Response: xD you'll hate chapter 11 then...sorry about that one as well. Final chapter (12) will hopefully be up soon though. Thanks for rating and reviewing :)

Reviewer: lisabeth39 Signed Date: February 05, 2011 - 11:42 am Title: Chapter 9

Good, John has taken back control and Elizabeth will now be safe under his protection (hopefully).

Hopefully there people won't be long in rescuing them.

Please update soon.

Author's Response: You will like my next chapter becuase it pretty much answers your questions but you'll probably hate'll see why xD thanks for reviewing :)

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: February 01, 2011 - 04:01 am Title: Chapter 9

OMG John's back! I hope "Tyran" doesn't retake control. I hope in the next chapter John & Elizabeth are rescued & the Ongari destroyed.

Author's Response: Will have to wait and see :P Shouldn't be too long now. Thanks for rating and reviewing :)

Reviewer: lisabeth39 Signed Date: January 24, 2011 - 03:02 pm Title: Chapter 8

I hope the others find John and Elizabeth before John does something he's going to regret. May be John will have the strength to get rid of Tyran then rescue Elizabeth. It doesn't look like she'll be able to handle anymore abuse.

Please please update.... like yesterday.

Author's Response: Sorry the update took so long. The next chapter is up and, hopefully, the one after that should be up soon. In that one (Chapter 10) we get the SPARKY relationship in play again...yay! Thanks for reviewing :)

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: December 29, 2010 - 04:18 pm Title: Chapter 8

Thank GOD the Atlantis team has FINALLY found out the truth about the evil Organi!!! It's about frikkin time!!!!! Now have them rescue Elizabeth & John ASAP!!!!!! & get John to somehow FORCE his persona to the surface to stop Tyran.

Author's Response: I love your enthusiasm xD Thank you for rating and reviewing. Next chapter up either today or during the first week of Jan.

Reviewer: lisabeth39 Signed Date: November 08, 2010 - 04:28 pm Title: Chapter 7

Good chapter and so glad Atlantis have finally come to the conlusion they are still alive. Here's hoping John and especially Elizabeth can hold out that little bit longer.

Emotional trauma is good as long as Elizabeth doesn't lose faith and trust in John permanently so go ahead and suprise us Eagerly awaiting next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! And I don't think Elizabeth would ever lose all faith in John completely for any story :)

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: November 05, 2010 - 10:48 pm Title: Chapter 7

I need John & Elizabeth to be found & rescued. & for the Wraith-worshipping Ongarians to be wiped off the face of the galaxy. I hope that in the next chapter the Atlantis team finally find out the truth about the evil Ongari. That said, please do NOT have John rape Elizabeth. They would never recover from that & she would definitely never allow him anywhere near her after this is all over(which hopefully will be VERY soon).

Author's Response: You just gave me a mean idea for my next chapter (not too mean though so don't worry xD) Thank you for reviewing! :D

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: October 02, 2010 - 10:26 am Title: Chapter 6

Good. At least Woosely did something right. Now hurry up & let the team find & rescue Weir & Sheppard. PLEASE!!

Author's Response: I'm sure they will...eventually ;P Thanks for rating and reviewing :)

Reviewer: Lime Signed Date: September 05, 2010 - 10:40 pm Title: Chapter 5

Please give a warning that you are including sexual violence in your fic. I would not have read this if I knew you were including a rape scene.

Author's Response: If you read the story overview, you will see 'Rape' etc. under the Warnings heading

Reviewer: lisabeth39 Signed Date: September 05, 2010 - 04:13 pm Title: Chapter 5

I hope Elizabeth doesn't give in to the dark despair that's hounding her, although I fear if John is made to hurt her like they are threatening it will be the last straw for her. Atlantis needs to find them and soon. Please update quickllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly

Author's Response: Will try to update ASAP but back to school so won't be too soon, but I already have it written out in my head; just a matter of getting round to typing. Thanks for reviewing :)

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: August 30, 2010 - 04:09 pm Title: Chapter 5

Oh CRAP! They can't just give up! That "evidence" isn't conclusive at all! Please let them find out the truth about the evil Ongari & PLEASE let John & Elizabeth get rescued VERY soon!

Author's Response: xD will have to see how evil i feel when i write the next chapter :P thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: lisabeth39 Signed Date: August 09, 2010 - 12:58 am Title: Chapter 4

Love Ronon to although John and Elizabeth will always be my favourite. Very Angsty chapter and she going to need John now more than ever but first John needs to find her.

Author's Response: Of course; John and Elizabeth forever! :D Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: August 07, 2010 - 05:34 am Title: Chapter 4

Who's Elizabeth??? Wtf?? Did the Ongari somehow send John to an alternate universe? Please let John rescue Elizabeth VERY soon!!

Author's Response: xD I love it when people get worked up in reviews! Thank you for brightening up my day! But I'm gonna be mean and say you'll have to wait and see :P Thanks for review!

Reviewer: lisabeth39 Signed Date: July 22, 2010 - 02:12 pm Title: Chapter 3

Have already reviewed on Fanfiction but couldn't miss out hear. Love it. looks like we're in for some Elizabeth whump, which I love as long as Sheppard is there to save and comfort her. Eagerly waiting in anticipation. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review both here and on fanfiction :) much appreciated. And you won't be disappointed, lots of Lizzy whumping soon!

Reviewer: Manhattanhenge Signed Date: July 22, 2010 - 06:08 am Title: Chapter 1

Excellent story! Looking foward the next Chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks for your review :) Next chapter should be soon!

Reviewer: shepweir always Signed Date: July 17, 2010 - 09:14 pm Title: Chapter 1

This story has me totally intrigued. I look forward to reading more. Great start.

Author's Response: thanks :)

Reviewer: lisabeth39 Signed Date: July 15, 2010 - 07:21 pm Title: Chapter 1

Intrigued to know what follows. I'm sure Elizabeth has strong feelings for John but doesn't want to let it show.

Please update soon

Author's Response: :) glad I have you intrigued, thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Codzwallop Signed Date: July 15, 2010 - 06:37 am Title: Chapter 1

Nice story. And yes, please, continue. I'd love to know if Elizabeth feel the same about John and what could result from their feelings as the story goes on.

Author's Response: cheers :)

Reviewer: Lizfan Signed Date: July 14, 2010 - 03:48 pm Title: Chapter 1

John's not being paranoid. The Ongari are paranoid. & crazy it seems. No one should ever deal with paranoid peoples. It never ends well. Good intro. Please continue.

Author's Response: xD yup the Ongari are pretty crazed up. Thanks for the review :)

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