Reviews For You Are Not Alone
Reviewer: embla91 Signed Date: January 16, 2008 - 02:06 pm Title: Chapter 1

really lovely story... but kind off hard to read.
great first chapter! =)

Reviewer: Angie Signed Date: January 16, 2008 - 10:44 am Title: Chapter 1

Hey there! Welcome to the world of fanfic-writers. ;D
I really like this first chapter here. It has that sweet touch of Sparky in it, and Carson is present as well. So, who wouldn't like it? *lol*
Just one suggestion. Maybe you can work a bit on the text again and put some breaks in it. It's really hard to read on when the text looks like one giant paragraph. It's always good to put a break after every line a character speaks and some general breaks after explanatuions etc. That makes the whole story way lighter than it looks now and I guess more people would be ready to read it.
Again: great first chapter. Keep it up!

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