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Genres: Fluff & Slush, Humor
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Open: Closed
Summary: This is part of what I'm retroactively calling my "Almost Series." A group of drabbles/ficlets/small fics that are entirely (PG-13) S/W sappiness. Otherwise known as "Fluff, fluff, fluff. That was beaten additionally with a fluffy stick." All stories hover on smut but never quite go there, hence the "Almost" title.
Genres: Future Fic, General, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Introspective, Missing Scene, Mystery & Suspense, Other/Misc, Romance
Warnings: Torture, Violence
Challenges: None
Open: Closed
Summary: A series of stories set after Season 5 about Atlantis's new era in the Milky Way Galaxy. rnBegins with Elizabeth and John's unexpected (and virtaully impossible) reunion and basically leads on from there.rnFeatures all main characters from Atlantis and some stories will include SG-1 crossover.rnJohn/Elizabeth, Sam/Jack, Daniel/Vala, Rodney/Jennifer, Teyla/Kanaan and Ronon/Amelia.


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