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Summary: Write an SGA version of the Broca Divide SG-1 episode where that thing in their blood turns them into animals, must result in Sparky, I really want to read a fic like this but i don't really know how to write it.
Summary: Write a fanfic where Elizabeth ends up pregnant from a drunken ritual on a planet. To John, of course - except it turns out that she was artificially inseminated. I would like to see how they would cope with it. It is not to be a pre-established relationship. THANKS!!!
Summary: A story which goes into the reason why Elizabeth is kinda depressed and what happened with her and Simon after they broke up! So, some background info on what happened since they arrived back on Earth, as we only know they'd been back for about 3 weeks before they all went out to dinner!
Summary: Write a story where Sheppard and McKay are stuck in a time loop like in "Window of Opportunity" Stargate SG-1. It must have a moment where John decides to kiss Elizabeth, and does it on their favorite balcony, have lots of bickering back and forth between McKay and Sheppard about the kissing event, and at the end McKay must find a way to tell Elizabeth, getting Sheppard in trouble (or at least he thinks he's in trouble.)


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