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Summary: Elizabeth is found broken and bloodied on New Athos after the crash in This Mortal Coil. She is the only survivor in the Jumper. She lied to John when she said she wasn't the original. John rescues her and brings her back to Atlantis. She can or will not be part replicator. Her struggles with Colonel CarterCommanding her city and the IOA. Must be SPARKY!!!
Summary: Please write more sparky fanfics, which include Sheppard whumping, there are very few. Even better if itís related to episode Remnants. Iím not too fond of season 5, but the episode sounds promising, especially since Kolya seamed to suspect Johnís feelings for Elizabeth in The Eye. Wonder how heíd react upon finding out than John couldnít save her.
Summary: Write a fanfic that involves John and Elizabeth in a simulation room (i.e., a holodeck from Star Trek), either purposely or accidentally. Any simulation scenario, any rating.
Summary: Write a fic where Elizabeth is unable to sleep due to either too much coffee or a drug injection (for an injury) and enlists John's help to tire her out. Any rating is fine.
Summary: A story with a song by Rascal Flats or a really cute love song! Elizabeth has to realize her feelings for John, or they are already in a relationship and one of them contemplates their relationship. Another choice is that John sings Elizabeth a song about his feelings, or he sings a song without knowing she's listening, and they both admit their feelings.


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