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Summary: Write a fic where John and Elizabeth are on their first date and everything goes wrong. It can be any rating in any POV. It must include at least one kiss, and a plate of cheese-covered (like cheese fries cheese) chicken fingers.
Summary: Write a story about John Sheppard having the worst day of his life, but it has to be on his birthday. It can be set either on another planet or on Atlantis itself.
Summary: An Atlantis version of Divide and Conquer. John and Elizabeth have to admit their feelings for one another. Include all the these characters: John, Elizabeth, Rodney, Teyla, Ronon, Carson and Zelenka.
Summary: Please write a fanfic about John taking Elizabeth to a high school reunion. Please be filled with lots of happy John and Elizabeth shippyness and containing the following conditions: must have a mention of a banana, a reference to the movie The Matrix, and a red dress.
Summary: One-shot introspective of either John or Elizabeth (extra points for managing to do both) of the moments following the instant he/she realizes that he/she is in love with Elizabeth/John. Must include the words pococurante, pilgarlic, and onomastics. First person POV, minimum 1000 words.
Summary: Write about a member of John's family (brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousin. . .) who comes through the Stargate (with John's IDC if you were wondering how they let the person through the Gate) and starts messing with John's life in Atlantis. Must be more than one page because his life must really be wrecked! Also show what happens to this family member.


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