What's a fanlisting?
To quote TheFanlistings.org, a fanlisting is "a web clique that lists fans of a particular subject. Fans from around the world submit their information to their approved fanlisting and they are then listed to show their love for the subject." Basically, a listing of fans from all around the world.

What is Stargate Atlantis?
Stargate Atlantis is a spin-off series based on the science fiction TV show Stargate SG-1. Atlantis is the lost city of an advanced alien race called the Ancients. The Ancients are the creators of devices known as Stargates, which use wormholes to transport people and objects throughout space to other planets. The city of Atlantis is discovered in the Pegasus Galaxy, and a team comprised of scientists, civilians, and military officers are sent from Earth to uncover the secrets of Atlantis.

Who are Colonel John Sheppard and Doctor Elizabeth Weir?
Dr. Elizabeth Weir, a former international negotiator for the United States, is the leader of the Atlantis expedition. Colonel John Sheppard (formerly a major) of the United States Air Force is the commanding military officer of Atlantis.

Why make a fanlisting for their relationship?
We love John and Elizabeth as characters, and ever since the premiere episode, we've loved their interactions with one another as well. Whether having a mundane conversation about routine base operations, or a heated argument about whether to bust headlong into a Wraith headquarters guns blazing, these two have sparks flying off everywhere. From the way they are able to respect and see each other's points in a disagreement, to the way they tease each other about sports and flatware, we just plain love how John and Elizabeth interact.

Who are you?
This fanlisting is run by Jackie of Psyche.nu and formerly Noelle of 1121.org.


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