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I fracking LOVE SPARKY!! :P

01# - 20 years old
02# - love Stargate Atlantis, my Boyfriend, my PC and Sparky.
03# - work in an office
04# - love to travel a lot
05# - write FanFics (Shep/Weir mainly) in German - thats why i'm poo in english.
06# - i'm from Austria (there are NO kangaroos in Austria! *hehe*)
07# - want to move to the UK in summer
08# - i do snowboarding, biking, swimming, ice skeating and all other normal stuff
09# - love to make Wallpaper and Videos
10# - love music a lot (alternative, indi, emo)
11# - am just addicted to 2 TV shows - SGA and BBCs Robin Hood :)
12# - am a Scout Leader (have a group of 11-13 year old girls)
13# - .. thats it i think..
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Summary: It was the last dance of this evening, the last waltz.
Published: April 01, 2008   Updated: April 01, 2008
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