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Hello all!
I am now a 19 year old, 2nd year university student who is ENGAGED! I have a passion for writing but seeing how my original muses have left me high and dry I, since about Aug. 06 have been drawing my inspiration from the lovely world of fanfiction.

I love reading Fanfics of all kinds, though I tend to stick with ones that feature my favorite ships- Sparky being one, and D/V being another. I am a huge Stargate fan and therefore tend to write only Stargate fanfics. I just recently completed my first D/V novel over at and because of all the craziness that is happening in Atlantis in the back half of season 3 and the beginnings of season 4 I am throwing myself back into the world of Sparky....hope you guys enjoy my new updates.

Now that 'Anything for anyone..especially you' is done I will start in on my season 4 fic 'Everlasting' which should be up starting April, probably. It will combine my Don't Lose Hope story and the Only Hope plotline that I've had in my head for ages. Therefore DLH will be coming down once I get to that point in the story and 'Everlasting' will pick up where First Strike left off and descend into AU (AU meaning what I want to see happen in season 4, not what will actually happen)

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