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Author's Chapter Notes: Surprises by the Wraith have consequences that affect the group.
**** signals moving to another location

Chapter 7


Elizabeth was working on her translation work for an hour when she was advised that Joe was ready to return to the rest of his crew and discuss their options with them. Joe asked how long they would have to make their decision and was advised that they would have until the next morning when they would individually poll the crew and ask them which fate they have chosen. Joe asked how much of what he was told about his queen could he tell the others and Boran said that he can tell them whatever he believes they can handle and it is his decision. As they got ready to enter the holding cell they paused and Joe held his hand up and so they hesitated before turning on the force field.

“I still believe that you are Dr. Elizabeth Weir and not the mechanical beings that tried to hunt us down but your secret is safe with me,” he said calmly.

“Believe what you want, it will not change anything. I will give you until tomorrow morning to discuss this with your crew before we ask them individual what fate they will chose,” Elizabeth stated.

“You have done a courtesy to me so allow me to repay one to you. Take care as you remove the others from the force field because many will be angry at the fate of our Queen and will seek revenge on all of you. As for me I thank you for allowing me this little bit of freedom, it is a humane thing to do and only proves to me that you are Dr. Elizabeth Weir,” Joe said with a smile then turned around and waited for them to turn on the force field before they walked into the room where they were holding the other Wraith.

The trio then went to the other holding area where the other Queen’s hive ship crew members were being held. One came forward immediately when asked who will speak for the crew and he was led out of the holding area and down a similar hallway. Once they released the force field on him in the locked room he immediately leaped over his table and lunged at Elizabeth. She easily ducked down so as he started to sail over her then stood up and grabbed his neck as he passed over her squeezing his neck tightly. You could say that he lost all color in his face but he didn’t have any color in his face to begin with, so she just held him up in the air by his throat as he continued to try and get his hands on her chest to feed upon her.

Immediately sensing the danger her nanites attacked the Wraith traveling out her body and into the body of the Wraith who then started screaming in pain. Elizabeth tossed him off to the side of the room where he only struggled and squirmed for less than a minute before he lay dead with a contorted look of pain on his face.

Carnath looked at Elizabeth and asked if she was okay and she said she was fine but she was ashamed of how slowly she reacted and how it meant the death of that Wraith. Boran said she was not slow and Elizabeth corrected him stating that if she had been faster than she would have had the force field around him before he even jumped past his table. They could not believe what they were seeing, Elizabeth was crying but they were not sure why she was crying so they asked her why she cried.

“I’m not really sure why I’m crying. I think the reason that I’m crying is because I took a life, I’ve been a woman of peace all of my life and the fact that his death was by my hand it makes me a bit afraid of my own power,” she said as she tried to control her crying.

“I believe that it shows that your humanity is still in place Elizabeth and that you do not disregard life but instead feel sympathy and sadness for the one who attacked you,” Carnath stated as he put his arm around Elizabeth’s shaking shoulders.

Boran exited the room; he knew that as a military leader Carnath would be better at helping Elizabeth with this death. She is still human with the nanites in her system that make her strong, fast and very agile, yet he could not feel but a bit proud that she was able to defend herself and did not depend on them to protect her. She reacted faster than he and Carnath did and he was amazed that she never seemed out of control during the entire attack and now with her showing such deep regret, he only hoped that one day he could be as compassionate as her.

Several minutes later Elizabeth had composed herself and thanked Carnath for helping her through this and then they called Boran back into the room. As they walked out of the room Boran suggested they leave the body of the Wraith in the room so when they speak to the next person he will understand that they are in control and can harm the Wraith. He said that for too long the Wraith had no one fight against them and believed that they were in control of this galaxy so the body will remind them that we are not to be trifled with and smiled. Elizabeth smiled at him and said it looks as if he has been doing some reading and he said he downloaded a few thousand books on line the last time they were on Earth.

The trio entered the holding cell and asked if there was another who wished to hear what they had to offer them when several of the Wraith asked what happened to the other who left with them. Elizabeth looked directly in their eyes and said that she killed him when he attempted to attack her and stated if that is all they wish to do then she would just kill them and be done with them and not allow them to choose their fate. Most of them started hissing in anger at her when one in the back yelled for them to be silent and immediately the ones in the front parted allowing the one who spoke to come forward.

“I hope he died well,” the Wraith hissed. “I will hear what you have to say human and if it is not to my liking then I will kill all of you and we will feast on the rest of your people.”

“If you wish to hear what the choices for your fate then please say so and if not then we will kill you and allow another to hear what choices your kind is being offered,” Carnath stated. “Now step forward if you wish to listen to our proposal.”

The Wraith stepped forward and they followed the same procedure as before and as Elizabeth was releasing the force field in the locked room, she pointed out the Wraith lying dead on the floor with his face showing that he died a painful death. She said for now she will release the force field so he can focus his attention on what is being said instead of escaping because one touch from them would mean a painful death to him.

Carnath informed the Wraith the fate of his Queen and what his choices would be but unlike Joe, this Wraith did not ask any further questions and said he would tell the others in his crew but she should expect that they will follow the fate of their Queen. He was then returned to his crew and they were advised that in the morning they would remove the Wraith one by one and asked what fate they chose.

That night Elizabeth found that she cried herself to sleep only to be awoken several hours later by the urgent need to throw up, so she rushed to her bathroom and released the contents of her stomach into the toilet. Several minutes later she managed to calm down and brushed her teeth and did her best to get some rest but it was anything but a restful sleep for her. The next morning as she started to eat her again when she felt the urge to vomit and she rushed out of the dinning hall and ran outside of the building where she ran towards a few trees to hide her throwing up.

Several of the others had seen this and were concerned but Boran calmed them down and said that he would go and check on her and left the room only to be stopped at the door by one of the women who offered him a glass of water and said that Elizabeth might need this. Not understanding why Boran took the water and left the building walking in the same direction they had seen Elizabeth flee moments ago. He could hear that she was still sick and so he patiently waited for her to start walking towards him and offered her the water.

“I see that taking the Wraith’s life has affected you deeply, would you like for Carnath and I to conduct the interviews,” he asked.

After rinsing out her mouth several times, Elizabeth patted Boran on the arm and said no she needed to be there when they made their decision and that she would be alright. They sat down on a bench outside of the doors and he allowed Elizabeth to compose herself before they walked back into the building and met up with Carnath in the hall outside of the first holding cell. Carnath said that the chambers have been prepared and asked if she was ready and she nodded that she was so they entered the holding area.

As the decision was made, the Wraith would enter into a chamber where he would be put to sleep no matter what he chose. If he chose to live out his life on the primitive planet then once he was asleep he would be placed in a holding area until they transported him to the planet. However, if the Wraith chose to join his Queen, then they too were put to sleep in the chamber only he would never wake up and would later be given a lethal gas to kill him then later cremated with his ashes sent into a sun.

Much to her surprise Joe had chosen to be the last one, asking her to please speak with the Wraith in the other room, surprised them but he stated that he could sense the others in another holding cell. Elizabeth decided to grant him his wish and they then moved to the next holding cell. Almost the entire Wraith in the second group chose to join their Queen with only three scientists choosing to take a chance on the primitive world, thus bringing them back to Joe.

When Joe was taken to the room he asked how many of his crew chose the primitive planet and was advised that only six chose to live and the others chose to join their Queen. He asked about the other captives and she said only three scientists chose to take their chances on the planet and he smiled, stating it will be good to have men of science with their group. Elizabeth asked if that meant that he was choosing the primitive planet and he said of course he was so she asked him why.

“I chose the planet because it would give us a chance to return back to our roots of hunting and being hunted as we once were,” then smiled when he noticed a nod of agreement. “You see I looked up hidden secrets in history about our race and learned of our fate and how the Ancient ones altered things. If our race is to survive and I believe that we will not only survive but we will thrive on that planet, thus returning us to our true nature is the best thing, Joe stated. He sat there a moment as if trying to figure out what to say next.

“We will be off to a good start on this world. I thank you very much for the opportunity to meet you Dr. Elizabeth Weir, you and your kind surprised us all. However, it is sad that you will not live long enough to see how our kind will overcome the difficulties of the primitive world,” Joe stated.

“I will be alive and will even live longer than you Joe, because I’m not human and will not age,” Elizabeth stated.

“We shall see Dr. Weir. For being so kind and allowing me to be the last to chose I will give a gift to your people, one that will help you in your fight against my kind. This device will provide you with the home worlds of the last three remaining Wraith Queens as well as their numbers that we knew of just before we were captured,” Joe stated.

“Why would you give this to us,” Carnath asked.

“Call it a going away gift to you and your people Dr. Weir. Know that I will always believe that you are human though things in your life may have changed you. Use this gift wisely as I will wisely use this chance to live my life truer to my ancestors. Thank you for this opportunity,” Joe stated. “Until we meet again Dr. Weir,” he said and bowed to her.

Boran led him into the chamber where he was put to sleep and then he returned to the room and asked Elizabeth if they should trust him. She said that for some odd reason she believes that he is telling the truth about the data on the device and added that she would not be surprised at all to see Joe still alive and thriving on the planet years in the future.

The Wraith that chose death were cremated and their ashes loaded into a missile casing and sent into the sun and two weeks later the few remaining Wraith would be awoken and transported down to the planet surface with only their wit and living skills to help them survive. Carnath asked to transport these Wraiths but before he transported Joe to the surface he advised Joe that Elizabeth was a machine and she would live a very long life. Joe smiled at him and said he knows she is really Dr. Elizabeth Weir and to tell her that they will meet again some day, of that he is sure. Carnath stated he does not doubt that and gave a piece of advice to Joe about how to survive on the planet then beamed all of them down onto the planet.

Carnath then activated the cloaked satellites which cloaked the planet so no one else would stumble across it and set up the defense perimeter as well as the monitoring devices so they could track the progress of the Wraith on the planet. He too would like to come back years from now and see what has happened to these Wraith and hoped at least Joe would survive.


Elizabeth had just received a transmission from Chuck and he advised that things are getting complicated and that it is harder for them to conceal their activity from the humans and in order to remain hidden it will take a bit longer. She smiled and stated that it has only been four months to which Chuck replied that they might need four more months or even a year if good luck doesn’t come their way. Chuck said he would keep her updated and keep her apprised of their progress then signed off.


Half way around the nation a man was running his hand through his hair in frustration. He had only caught a small bit of a transmission that seemed to come from outer space to a location on Earth but he could not pinpoint the location on Earth. If he only had a few more minutes he might have been able to determine the destination of the signals on Earth and where in space it was going. Unfortunately he did not have time to do that and he would have to wait until he found the signal again, but just when he would find that signal again was unknown.


Once Carnath had returned he noticed that the Aetos Dios was being prepared and he asked what was going on and Elizabeth advised him the recent predicament with the Wraith has shown her that they are in need of some help to learn how to better protect others and how to also guard their identity. Carnath nodded his head in agreement then Elizabeth said that she knew where they could learn and asked if he wanted to join them or if he wanted to join Goril, Jokab and Mikel who were preparing their ships to find the last remaining Queens. He looked at her and stated that his place is by her side to help her and to protect her though she does not need protecting but he would feel remiss if any harm ever came to her.

“I’ll take that as a yes that you want to join us,” she said with a big smile.

So a few days later the Aetos Dios left their base world and set off for the Milky Way Galaxy where Elizabeth could only hope that these people would help her people understand that there were other ways to help protect other beings. She had heard that some of them liked the idea of being protectors instead of hunters in their galaxy so they started calling themselves protectors. Elizabeth could see that this idea seemed to make them a closer group and although she hated titles, she allowed them to think of themselves as protectors.

When they arrived at the planet they took up an orbit and send a transmission to the planet.

We come in peace and seek your help and wisdom in learning how to protect and guard life in various forms. We will wait for you by your Chap’ai where we will set up camp taking care not to harm any of the life around the area and wait for two days for your reply. We will leave on the third day if we have not heard from you. If you wish us to leave your planet before that time then please contact us and we will abide by your wishes. We come in peace and mean you no harm. Thank you for listening to our request.

The Aetos Dios set down not far away from the Chap’ai and set up tents so they could camp away from their ship and learn to be more in touch with the life around them. Two days had passed and still there was no word which obviously disappointed Elizabeth though she did her best not to show it to her crew. Tomorrow they would be leaving this world and she had hoped so desperately that they would be able to help her people because they had little to drawn on for experience since until a few years ago they had been Replicators and interaction with other beings was restricted.

The morning of the third day Elizabeth exited her tent and was surprised to see that they had guests. The woman walked up to her and smiled at her and Elizabeth smiled back and thanked her for the hospitality their world had to offer. She assured the woman that they would be leaving and thanked her for letting them get to know the world around them.

“I am Lya and this is Nefreyu. On behalf of the Nox Council, we welcome you, all of you to the Nox World. We will be honored to show you some of our ways,” she said as she and Nefreyu slightly bowed.

“On behalf of my people, we thank you for the opportunity to learn your ways,” Elizabeth replied and all of the others bowed as she did to show respect.

Lya offered her hands palm up to Elizabeth and Elizabeth placed her palms against Lya’s palms; Lya closed her eyes for a moment as if she was sensing Elizabeth then opened her eyes and smiled at Elizabeth, it was a smile different than before and Elizabeth couldn't help but wonder if Lya could sense the nanites within her body.

Chapter End Notes: What did Lya sense when she offered her hands to Elizabeth?
Who was it who intercepted Chuck and Elizabeth's signal?

Sorry about not mentioning the Nox earlier but that would have given too much away to early in the story. Working on the next chapter. It should also be noted that Elizabeth threw up because she has always been a woman of peace and her reaction to the Wraith trying to attack her was instinctive, so to kill this Wraith with her bare hands with the help of her nanites was so repulsive to her and went against her nature that it made her sick to her stomach; thus why she threw up.

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