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Author's Chapter Notes: Things are happening in the Pegasus Galaxy.



There was no reason for her to be anxious about Carnath’s return but until he arrived safety back on base and advised her that his mission was completed she would not feel at ease. Yet as she was reassuring herself of this mentally Elizabeth realized that she had not been able to make any headway on her translation work which was beginning to frustrate her. As she was thinking this she noticed the nervous glance that Boran had given in her direction as he walked to yet another table, it was the second or third time he had gone back and forth from a few tables so she knew that something was disturbing him. Looking up from her notes, Elizabeth motioned for Boran to come and join her.

“Boran, you’ve been walking back and forth and seem quite anxious, is there something that I can help you with,” Elizabeth asked with a gentle smile.

“I do not mean to bother you but something has come up and I do not know how to respond,” he said.

“Boran, you know that you, all of you can always come to me when you have a question or when something is bothering you. So what can I try to help you with,” she asked.

“Well, I,... I mean we have some questions,” Boran said very meekly.

“I don’t know if I will have an answer to all of the questions but I will try to answer…” she was interrupted by the quick movement of about 10 other members who suddenly were around her table.

“Oh my,” she said surprised at the anxious looks on the members’ faces. “I’m sorry if I didn’t make myself available to you all earlier. So what questions do you have for me,” Elizabeth asked.

Immediate questions were being spoken by all of the people who were around her table and she was feeling dizzy from trying to look at the person asking the questions and nodding her acknowledgement of their question. She held up her hand and they immediately stopped talking and looked at her.

“I know there are a lot of questions so bear with me but I can only focus on one question at a time. Who wants to ask the first question,” she said with a smile.

“Why were the members of the Judging Council so angry and hostile towards each other” was asked by Goril who was standing in the back of the group.

Elizabeth smiled as they parted so that Goril could make eye contact with her, he is usually quite shy so she was happy to see him speaking out. She looked to Boran, who was like her right hand man and saw that he too was smiling. As she was about to answer the question she felt almost as if she was back in college only now she was the professor and these were her students. Oh sure they knew a lot more about math and science because they were once Replicators but now they were biomechanical beings, who had retained their knowledge but had little understanding of humans. Elizabeth could only hope that she was setting a good example for them because she would hate the idea of her corrupting them with her human faults.

She started out by saying that she would do her best to answer the question and that she would be drawing on her experience from negotiations she handled in the past on Earth and they all nodded their acceptance. Elizabeth said that often when people are summoned as the Judging Council was, they are cautious and look for deception in the meetings. The Council did not know what criteria was used to select them and since it was not their idea for the Council they each wanted to appear the most important member of the Council which is why they argued and bragged about their feats.

Someone asked, why the Council members became hostile towards them and why were they to act like simple servants to these people. Elizabeth explained that in her life she has noticed that people tend to ignore or disregard people who are servants and this is often the best way to learn about people which is why she too played the role of a servant. There is a second reason they were each asked to play the part of a servant and to be mute, it is because when they see that you are mute they tend to think you are not intelligent so they will reveal more.

Someone asked if they were spying on the Council and she replied that in a way they were and it was because they would let down their defenses and reveal their true nature and it would show how humans react in some situations. She asked them to use their nanites to disguise themselves so they would not be recognized in their true form should they ever be on any planet that Council members lived on or were visiting. The questions went on and on for about an hour as she tried hard to explain things then Boran cleared his throat and the others were silent.

“When we finally interceded, why did you disguise your voice and appear as a bright ball of light before them,” Boran asked.

“My disguise before the Council was to remind them that they were invited to be members of the Council at our invitation and that we were the ones who captured the Wraith. When I mentioned if a decision was not reached soon about the fate of the Wraith Queens and their Hive ships, the Queens and their crew would be released to go about their way. The Council members seemed upset about this but note that they did not take much action to decide the fate of the Queens until I advised them that the Wraith Queens had asked for the home worlds of the Council members. I informed the Council that if no decision was reached I would be obliged to reveal this information to the Queens,” Elizabeth said.

“Would you have given the Queens the information,” Olan asked with a look of panic on his face.

“No rest assured that I would not have given the information to the Queens nor was it my intentions to ever release the Queens and their ships,” Elizabeth said.

One of the group asked if she was trying to scare the Council members and she smiled stating that on her world there is a card game that they play called ‘Poker’ and sometimes the winner is the person who bluffs the best. She said by bluffing the Council into believing that the Queens would be released because of their indecision and would then be free to hunt them, it made them remember the reason for the gathering of the Judging Council.

Boran had noticed Elizabeth yawning a few times and then realized that the sun had been high in the sky when they first started asking questions of Elizabeth and now the sun had long since set and that all of them, especially Elizabeth needed to rest. He had seen the toll hosting the Judging Council had taken on all of them but Elizabeth worked even harder than him in trying to keep peace among the Judging Council and it kept her from sleeping very much. Sure they all needed sleep now that they were bio-mechanical but Elizabeth was mostly human with nanites in her system to repair her brain from when the Asurans attacked Atlantis. Just then he noticed her yawning again and he raised his hand and waited until the group became silent.

“We have talked for many hours and I know that there are many more questions to be asked but perhaps it would be best if we had time to think about what we have learned and to share our knowledge with others who were not here. However, now since we are part ‘human’,” (stressing human since they all wanted to be closer to humanoid than mechanical machines), “we too need sleep. Let us all get some rest and another time we will all talk again,” Boran said with a smile.

They all agreed and many of them noticed how Elizabeth seemed to be more tired than most of them, so they thanked her for her insight and left the dining area. Some of the crew would share the information with other members, some would report to work and others would sleep on it but each of them went away assured that Elizabeth would help them in their quest to be more human and to understand human ways.

As the others cleared the room, Boran stood by Elizabeth’s side and offered his arm to Elizabeth so he could escort her to her quarters. She gathered her notes and smiled as she took Boran’s offered arm and walked out of the dining room towards her room. When they reached her quarters he told her to rest and that he would contact her when he heard from Carnath because he knew that she wanted to be there for his return. Elizabeth leaned over and kissed Boran on the cheek and thanked him for his kindness then turned and walked into her room.

Boran had learned that the kissing on the cheek was a way of endearment that humans sometimes use to express their gratitude. He also knew that Elizabeth did not do this frequently and from what he remembered about her stories about her Atlantis crew, she would do this with some of her best friends which made Boran proud to be considered a good friend of Elizabeth.

A few hours later Boran was advised that there was a transmission from Carnath which he took and he asked Carnath to slow his progression back to base so that he could give the information first hand to Elizabeth. Carnath smiled and said that he would contact him in a few hours and hopes that Elizabeth has a good sleep.

Two days later after Carnath had returned to base and was rested, he along with Boran walked by Elizabeth’s side as they went down to the holding cells for one of the hive ship crew members. They were immediately greeted by snarling and hissing sounds from the Wraith.

“Who is in charge of this group,” Elizabeth asked.

“My Queen is in charge but why wait, come closer and I will show you who is in charge,” one of them hissed.

“What do you want,” was said in a deep voice from someone in the back.

Immediately the other Wraith parted the way as one of the Wraith stood there with his hands clasp in front of him as he started at the trio. It was obvious to Elizabeth and her staff that he was the Wraith that they needed to speak to, so Carnath asked him to come forward so they would not shout at each other. Slowly the Wraith moved forward to the front of the holding cell until he was standing alone by the front of the force field and the others had stepped back away from him.

Carnath motioned for this Wraith to step forward but he hesitated then a smaller force field surrounded this Wraith allowing him to step out of the larger force field. Elizabeth asked him to please follow her and the four of them walked out the door.

They walked half way down the hallway when Elizabeth walked to a room where the door opened and went inside followed by Boran, the Wraith and Carnath then the door closed and locked behind them. Elizabeth took a seat at the table and her companions joined her and she motioned for the Wraith to have a seat at the table but before he could say anything the light from the force field disappeared. He stood there for a moment obviously thinking over his options when Elizabeth spoke up.

“I thought you might like to be free to move so it will allow you to focus on what is being said and not the confinement of force field. However, please do not be fooled into thinking that you are free to flee this room. There is a force field around this room to keep you from escaping and any attempt to attack us would be futile as is trying to feed on us because it would bring about your very painful death,” Elizabeth said in a calm manner.

“Why have you separated me and where is my Queen,” the Wraith asked.

“Is there a name by which we may call you,” Carnath asked.

“Joe, I would like to be called Joe. I believe that your people had a habit of giving us Earth names Dr. Weir,” the Wraith said with a smile.

“Joe, it is a good name. You are of course referring to Colonel Sheppard who worked with Dr. Elizabeth Weir the leader of the Atlantis teams. I am not her though I have taken up her appearance since I have some of her memories,” Elizabeth calmly stated.

“So you are a machine, it is no wonder that you were able to capture my Queen’s ship. Now tell me where my Queen is and do not lie,” he said angrily.

“Your Queen is dead. She was found guilty by the Judging Council for crimes committed against various worlds, many of those worlds represented on the Council,” Carnath stated.

“You lie,” Joe hissed.

“He speaks the truth,” Elizabeth stated. “After she was found guilty she was given a choice of life in an altered form on a primitive planet or death.”

“Why would my Queen chose death? I find this to be a false tale,” Joe almost shouted.

“As I stated before, the life the Queen was used to would be dramatically changed. She would be biologically altered so she would have to carry her young within her until it was born and then she would expel it but she could only carry one offspring at a time. Your Queen refused to be altered and demanded to be put to death and told us to do it right or she would hunt us down and feed upon us,” Carnath stated.

“What gives you the right to try and change our bodies,” Joe stated as he slammed his fist down on the table. Much to his surprise he did not even dent the table.

Elizabeth explained that they have been studying the different life forms in this galaxy and they have learned about the Wraith. She asked Joe if he knew that originally the Wraith were humans or humanoids and that many derived from the race of Ancients. She said when some of Ancients were also infected by the Iratus bug and began to transform into Wraiths, the Ancients wanted to reverse it to help their own people return to their original state but they were unsuccessful.

The Ancients learned that the female Wraiths were dying because they could not expel the egg clusters they were conceiving and the hybrids growing inside her were devouring her from inside her body and when she died so did the hatchlings. The Ancients were only mildly successful in helping this problem, they changed the beings so they could expel their egg clusters which would then be tended to by non-egg bearing Wraith women and the men.

Joe was growling as the warped history of his kind was told by these machines. He hated that they had learned the truth about the Wraith which they must have discovered in the data banks of the Queen’s ship. Each queen would always carry a part of history with them so when they made a home world their own and would always have their history with them.

Carnath told Joe that if his Queen had chosen to live then she would have been altered back to the original state of Wraith with one exception, she would only have one egg a month and the gestational period would be eight to ten months and then she would give birth to a young Wraith would be dependent on the Queen for life for six months. After that time her cycle would begin again and she could again conceive.

“You have no right to try and change us, you are not our creator,” Joe stated as he stood up knocking his chair backwards.

“Then know this Joe. If we had placed the Wraith Queen down on this primitive planet picked out then she would have died at the first if not the second laying of her egg clusters. We know that she is weak a month before she lays her egg cluster and she is weak for another month during which time she provides life to them. The planet where she was to be sent has creatures that eat Wraith and actively seek out any Wraith. The scent a queen gives out prior to the laying of her cluster is so overwhelming enticing to many creatures of this world that would do anything to find her and even if she could hide for a short period of time, there are many other creatures on this world that like the taste of Wraith eggs and would seek out her eggs,” Elizabeth stated.

“So then why send her to this world,” Joe asked.

“The world is quite primitive as we informed you and there are creatures that live for thousands of years. There a Wraith could live for many thousands of years by feeding off of these creatures, yet your Queen turned it down and demanded to be put to death rather than try and rebuild her empire on the primitive world,” Boran stated.

“How did she die,” Joe asked.

“A gas was let into the force field chamber that surrounded the queen and she went to sleep and then her body shut completely down. She was taken to a place where her body was burned and her ashes were gathered up and placed in a missile casing which was launched into a sun where all traces of her were destroyed,” Elizabeth stated.

“So why have you separated me and what is it you want of me,” Joe asked.

Boran informed Joe that he was to take the choice of life or death back to his crew members and they would be allowed to choose their fate. He then said that they would leave him alone so he could think about what he has been told. As they were walking past Joe, he turned and spoke to them.

“You know we attacked your home world and the queen who led the attack is quickly laying egg clusters so she can take over the Milky Way Galaxy,” Joe said with a smile.

“The woman who I resemble may have come from Earth but that is neither my home world nor my galaxy. Actually the Wraith were stopped and all hive ships were destroyed before they could get close enough to that world to attack,” Elizabeth stated.

The trio then walked out of the room leaving Joe alone with his thoughts. Once a short distance away Boran asked if she was okay and she said that she was fine. Elizabeth said she knows for a fact that the Atlantis Expedition flew Atlantis back to Earth and combined with other Earth ships they defeated the Wraith attack. She said that what she said was true, Dr. Elizabeth Weir was born on Earth but she was not Dr. Weir any more, she was just Elizabeth, a part of new race in the Pegasus Galaxy.

Chapter End Notes: I thank you for sticking with this story. I know it has been a long time but I've changed the direction it has taken at least 3 times. I believe I'm back on track again. Thanks again for your patience.

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