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Author's Chapter Notes: Sorry no spoilers for now

She watched him from the window as he walked out to his taxi then turned and waved to her, so she waved back at him and smiled; she was showing that she was okay and he needn’t worry about her any more, she would be fine. The taxi pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street before she left the window then walked upstairs. In his bedroom she stripped the bed dumping the sheets off the second floor balcony to the first floor, then put fresh linens in place and removed all of the photographs in frames and other personal items from the room then went downstairs where she did the same thing to her bedroom. The sheets from the two beds were gathered and she took them out to the backyard where she placed them into the large barbeque pit and started piling some broken branches and leaves on top of the sheets and after giving a quick squirt of charcoal fluid to the pile she set the contents ablaze. As she watched the flames she felt as if it was freeing her from any feelings of him, she had to move on just as he had done.

She picked up the waste basket that she had placed the pictures and personal items from upstairs and started going through them, removing the photographs from the frames and tossing the frames into the trash as well as the alarm clock from his room. She gathered the things from her bedroom and started going through them, removing most of the photos from their frame except for the wedding picture, that she wanted to keep in the frame because the frame had been a special gift. She went through the rest of the house making sure to remove all personal items including the items in the two wall safes which were added to her box that she would be keeping with her.

Most of the personal items had already been packed up and only a few items had been left out because she knew she would not be around much longer. The few items left in the house were placed in the box by her high wingback chair and she sat down to relax. This was the end, she was the last of her family alive and now that her time here was short it made her wonder if she really needed all of these items as she gazed into the box. Staring into the box her thoughts began to wander taking her back to times of when some of the pictures were taken and the importance of each of the pictures.

A voice in her ear brought her out of her dazed state and she sat straight up in the chair looking around to take in her surroundings. It was no longer the bright afternoon, the sun had set based on darkness in the room. Again a voice was heard in her ear and she raised her aged and shaking hand to her ear.

“I’m ready,” she said as she slowly started to rise up out of the wingback chair.

A bright light surrounded her and in a flash the light dissipated with no sign of Victoria Weir and the box that had been by her were also gone. Aboard the Aetos Dios in private quarters a bright light appeared and when it dissipated there stood Elizabeth Weir with a box beside her and she was quickly greeted by her favorite girl, Sedge. She gave Sedge a couple of good rubs behind the ear and then went about changing into her uniform then headed up to the bridge with Sedge following behind her.

As she walked up onto the bridge the crew acknowledged her and she asked them to activate the screen. When the screen came on she spotted her friend, Carnath, whom she had left in charge of the force in the Pegasus Galaxy.

“Good to see you Elizabeth, I have some very good news,” Carnath said with a smile.

She smiled back and asked him to tell her the news. He stated that their group has captured two Wraith Queens and most of their soldiers in the hive ships that the Queens had been traveling. Elizabeth asked how the Queens were doing and Carnath said he put them in stasis pods because they continuously screech at him and he did not want to cause any harm to their voice and smiled. She asked about the crew and he stated they are keeping the crews of the hive ships separate to avoid any problems and for now things seem good for the moment. Carnath had learned that things don’t always go as planned so he always had a contingency plan which was a good idea especially when dealing with the Wraith.

“Thank you very much for the update Carnath. The Aetos Dios will be returning to the Pegasus Galaxy shortly while others here will continue with their mission. Please contact the people on the list that I’m sending you; they will comprise the Judging Council which will meet on the planet listed and it will be the council who will determine the fate of the Wraith Queens,” Elizabeth said.

“Fair winds and following seas and long may the Aetos Dios big jib draw,” Carnath said with a smile. Sure he knew that there was no big jib, on the ship, as a matter of fact there were no sails on any of their ships but he learned this quote which was said to ships as a type of blessing to for their journey.

“Thank you Carnath, we will be joining you soon,” Elizabeth said with a smile.

The transmission ended and Elizabeth turned on the intercom for the ship.

“This is Weir, we have received word from Carnath that they have captured two Wraith Queens and we will be returning to the Pegasus Galaxy sooner than expected. Mission heads please meet me in the conference room while your teams prepare for departure.”

Elizabeth left the bridge and made a quick stop for Sedge’s benefit and then put Sedge back in her room before heading to the conference room. When she arrived she noticed Chuck standing outside of the room as if he was waiting for her and she gave him a nod indicating that they would speak after the meeting. She entered the room with Boran and Chuck following her in and when she sat down the meeting started.

“As you may have heard Carnath has been successful in capturing two Wraith Queens as well as the crew from the hive ships,” she said noticing the smiles on their faces. “I’m going to join Carnath in the Pegasus Galaxy and we will hold what I hope will be the first of many Judging Council meetings and hopefully we will just sit over it to make sure that all sides are given a fair chance to present their case to the council. I have faith in you all and know that you will be successful in your mission,” she said as she looked at each of them and gave them a small smile. “However, I would prefer that you have several backup plans just in case something goes wrong and you know how many times we’ve seen weird things happen so it never hurts to be prepared.” She then turned to Elanta “Elanta, although I will not be there for this part of the mission I have the utmost confidence in you and know that you and your team will do just fine.”

“We are ready and should things go bad, we have several failsafe plans and all have precautions so we will not be detected,” Elanta said with a slight smile.

“That is wonderful to hear Elanta,” she said with a big smile and then she turned to Chuck. “Is your team ready Chuck?”

“We’re ready Elizabeth and yes we have several backup plans in case one or all of us are discovered and I’m positive that we will be successful,” he said with confidence.

Elizabeth thanked them all for their hard work and apologized again to them for the last minute change but they said they understood stating they realize it would be the first time to make their presence known in the Pegasus Galaxy. She wished them luck and with that wish the meeting was over, Elanta and her next in command exited along with Sheila, Chuck’s second in command leaving Chuck who remained in his chair.

“You have a good poker face but I can still tell that things didn’t go quite as planned, did it,” he asked.

“No they didn’t. I don’t know what I was expecting but I guess I didn’t think it would be this hard,” Elizabeth replied.

“Let me guess, that is the last time that you will return to Earth, right,” he asked without expecting a reply. “But you are planning to be here when we complete our mission, aren’t you,” he asked again.

“Yes to both questions Chuck. It is my last visit to Earth, there is no reason for me to return to Earth except to be in orbit at the end of your mission,” she said with a smile.

They stood up and left the conference room and as they were walking down the hall Chuck told Elizabeth that she could call him any time she needed someone to talk to and reminded her of his disastrous last visit or at least it would have been his last visit if not for this mission. He smiled as he told her that at least on this mission he would not have to worry about running into any family or friends because of this mission. Elizabeth thanked him for his offer to talk and said that once things slow down she may take him up on that offer and smiled at him before they parted.

As the teams formed up to transport down to Earth, she spoke with them thanking them for taking on this vital mission and once it was done they would be taking a step in a new direction. She wished them all luck then the room was filled with a bright light and when it dissipated, all of the team members were gone.

She turned to Boran who always seemed to be by her side and told him that it was time for them to leave here and join up with Carnath and asked him to make ready the ship. When Elizabeth arrived on the bridge everything was prepared for the jump, taking one last long look to admire Earth from orbit. Earth was the place where she was born but it was no longer her home.

“Break orbit,” Elizabeth said. Moments later Earth’s size appeared smaller she told her navigator to set course for the Pegasus Galaxy where Carnath was waiting for them.

In a flash the Aetos Dios left Earth behind and jumped into hyperspace for the Pegasus Galaxy and as they left Elizabeth mentally told him, ‘Goodbye’, she would never see him again.

Chapter End Notes: The 'Aetos Dios' is the name of the ship, she decided that she was tired of things being named after tragedies so she chose Aetos Dios which is messenger of the Zeus.

Chuck is Chuck is Chuck Johnson from Atlantis, his story will be revealed later as well the other names mentioned in this chapter.

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