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Author's Chapter Notes: This chapter is the reason for the M rating. If you do not like reading this type of writing please stop now, I will be putting in a lighter version up soon and it will be below the M rating. Thanks for your understanding.

Disclaimer: The characters in the story are being borrowed and no profit is gained from their use


Chapter 3


John was out of his bed in a flash and out the bedroom door running down the stairs to Victoria’s bedroom. Briefly knocking, he quickly entered before she even had a chance to tell him to enter only to find an obviously shaken elderly woman desperately trying to catch her breath. He walked over to the bed and reached out for her hand to give her a sense of calm and security only when he extended his hand she moved further back on the bed avoiding any type of touch with him.

“Victoria, are you okay? I heard you scream and I thought someone might be hurting you,” he said with concern on his face.

It took a few moments as Victoria caught her breath and did her best to relax but still she hesitated in looking at John.

“It was just a bad dream, that’s all. Nothing to be concerned about,” she said.

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

“No,” she quickly retorted.

“Can I get you anything, some water, a tissue,” he asked.

“No, I just need to get back to sleep, that’s all,” she said as she pulled the covers higher up to her chest.

John said he was glad that she was okay stating he would be upstairs if she needed him the closed the door behind him as he exited her bedroom. He remembered seeing a picture on Victoria’s night stand that Elizabeth must have given her mother because it was a picture of him and Elizabeth standing next to her car when they first returned to Earth. John had walked Elizabeth to her car as she prepared to leave the mountain and they talked about the interrogations they had just endured at the hands of the IOA although the IOA considered them interviews. Beckett had a camera in his hand and he had taken a snapshot of the two of them and told John to put his arm around Elizabeth. He remembered having a moment of weakness and hugging Elizabeth, he figured it was okay because she was involved with someone and besides that she would never care for someone like him, he was a shoot first ask questions kind of guy.

John lay back down in the bed then suddenly sat up, he just now realized there was a picture on the dresser bureau in the room; it was another picture of him and Elizabeth. They had been joking around with a group of expedition members while in Atlantis when someone said something very funny, he didn’t think it was that funny but apparently Elizabeth thought it was hilarious. She started laughing and was laughing so hard that Elizabeth started to fall off the table she had been sitting on. He was quick to reaction and grabbed Elizabeth to keep her from falling on the floor. Yet once she had her balance he kept his arms around her and was laughing right along with her and that was when Beckett struck once again, snapping a picture of the two of them. Seeing that the photo was prominently displayed made John realize that Victoria was probably so accepting of him because she believed that there was something between he and Elizabeth.

He didn’t want Victoria to get the wrong idea, he did care for Elizabeth but when she left he was just a member of the expedition nothing more. Sure he wanted to tell her that she was more than the expedition leader to him and that all of the times he would just happen to run into her were by chance, he would usually plan to run into her and his coincidently being at the same place were never really a coincident. Yeah he wanted to be more to her than her military commander but none of that mattered any more. He had waited too late and missed his opportunity to tell her how much she really meant to him. Now he would have to do his best to explain this to Victoria because he didn’t want her to think there was more between him and Elizabeth when there wasn’t and all the wishing he had done something about it didn’t matter any more.

John settled back into the bed and turned off the light and was asleep in a few moments. He could hear the sound as fingers scraped against his scalp as well as feel fingers going through his hair. Slowly he opened his eyes and there she was just like before sitting on the side of his bed only this time it was better. Elizabeth was wearing a red teddy that was very alluring to him and left very little to the imagination, although he had lots of imagination this surpassed most of his fantasies. This had to be a dream because Elizabeth was dead and besides that she never be this way with him, so John didn’t waste a moment of this fantasy and he reached out and touched her thigh and moved his hand up her leg.

The head massage intensified as his hand traveled up her leg over her hip then up to her waist. He loved the way she looked, so shy and na´ve as if she wasn’t sure what to do next so he decided that he would show her exactly what he wanted. John pulled her down towards him; those wet lips looked too luscious to go un-kissed, so he pulled her down and gave her a mind blowing kiss which she eagerly returned. But this wasn’t what he wanted, her leaning down and kissing him, no he wanted her to be sitting up because he had other plans running through his mind and one involved the strap of her teddy slipping off her shoulder.

John slowly sat up as he continued kissing Elizabeth then moved towards her ear where he whispered how beautiful she looked and that red definitely looked good on her. He heard a muffled chuckle which was quickly replaced with a moan as he moved to the juncture of her shoulder and neck where he started sucking and biting on her skin. John could tell by the way she was moving that she was enjoying this so he bit and sucked a little harder knowing it would leave a mark. The idea of leaving a mark on Elizabeth to show that she was his excited him because it meant that he was marking her as his woman and although it made him seem primitive, she was stirring up his primal sex drive. As he was nipping at her, he felt her hand move over his crotch and she started to stroke him through his sweat pants.

John reached up between them with his hand as he began to fondle Elizabeth’s breast, her teddy was so sheer he could feel her tit through the material. She gave a throaty moan and leaned into his touch. Using his fingertips he started making ghosting circles on her breast, starting along the outer edge and working his way inward in a spiraling motion, always keeping his touch light. Elizabeth tried to move so his hand would brush across her nipples but John adjusted his touch so he avoided touching her nipple, he wanted to draw out his teasing.

Obviously frustrated by his teasing, Elizabeth grabbed his hand and placed it directly over her nipple then whispered “better” in his ear. She then licked the outer rim of his ear and lightly bit the lobe of his ear before attaching her mouth to the spot just behind the lobe of his ear where she started licking, sucking and biting him. John shuddered as she nibbled on him and just as he was about to say something he felt her hand grasp his hard dick through his sweat pants and she intensified her strokes.

“So I’m guessing that you like that,” she said.

“Oh yeah,” he mumbled.

He knew her actions end up leaving a mark on his neck but he didn’t mind, as a matter of fact he felt damn proud that he would be sporting a hickey by Elizabeth, it was like a badge of honor and one wanted to display proudly. Elizabeth moved a bit lower on his neck and started nipping on his skin but when she gave a good tight squeeze on his cock, he knew that he had to take control back from Elizabeth or this would be over too quickly.

John lifted Elizabeth’s head from his neck and kissed her softly then pulled back every so slightly inviting her to kiss him, she turned her focus now on kissing him. A moment later John felt Elizabeth’s tongue touch his lips and he eagerly opened his mouth to allow her access. It was quickly evident that Elizabeth had a talented tongue and he wasn’t just referring to the different languages she spoke, she was driving him crazy with her kisses and tongue, so crazy that he wanted to push her down on the bed, rip off her hot red teddy and then fuck her until they both collapsed.

However, he knew if he did this then everything would all be over too soon, so mustering all his reserve control he started gently massaging her shoulder until she started moving it in a seductive way. His fingers glided under the strap of her teddy and he moved them back and forth edging the strap ever closer to the edge of her shoulder until it slipped off of her shoulder. Pulling back he saw the shy smile Elizabeth was giving him so he returned to kissing her and repeated the same action on her other shoulder until both straps to her teddy were hanging on her upper arms but still her breasts were covered in the very, very sheer red teddy.

He leaned back to admire Elizabeth but his fantasy wasn’t complete, he wanted to see her bare breasts and the teddy was not letting that part of the fantasy come true. So John reached up and pulled the string on the bow that held the teddy together and the sheer teddy now fell down around Elizabeth giving John an unobstructed view of Elizabeth’s beautiful and perky breasts with nipples just begging to be sucked on. Based on how Elizabeth was leaning towards him he knew that was exactly what she wanted him to do and John would never refuse anything that Elizabeth wanted so he leaned forward and proceeded to suck greedily on her breasts, first one side then the other side then repeated the action and started nibbled on her nipples.

He felt the waistband of his sweats being pulled out and Elizabeth’s hand started to go down his pants but he grabbed her hand to still her actions.

“Easy now… we’re not going to rush this,” he said with a lustful look in his eyes.

“John…Please,” she begged.

John went back to sucking on her tits when he felt and heard her breathing change to short rapid breaths followed by a gasp. He wasn’t sure of it so he stopped and looked at Elizabeth seeing her flushed in the face and there was an almost dazed look in eyes which made John smile.

“Enjoyed that huh,” he said with a smirk.

“How did you…I mean did you…how could you tell,” she said smiling shyly.

“Your breathing and the way your body reacted were a tip off,” he said.

John eased Elizabeth back onto the bed and moved onto his hands and knees over her in a predatory fashion then leaned down and kissed her tenderly then started kissing his way down her body. He moved from her mouth down her neck, between her breasts, coming close to the outer edge of her both of her breasts before moving down to her tummy stopping just above the waistband of the sheer panties that matched the teddy he had earlier removed. John ran his tongue just under the edge of the waistband the moved to one side of her body and put his hand between her upper thighs and spread his fingers. Elizabeth eagerly spread her legs open for him and John crawled in between her legs keeping his eyes focused on her eyes the whole time.

Still watching her, he lowered his body gliding his nose until he had reached the apex of her legs where he inhaled deeply; her scent was intoxicating to him. He focused his eyes on the area of her pussy, sticking his tongue out and licking up and down the edge of her panties and did the same thing on the other side of her panties. Seeing her legs shiver made his smile grow bigger, he was the one responsible for doing this to the woman he had fantasized about for so long. His nose brushed against the sheer material of her panties at her opening, he could feel the wetness through her panties from her earlier orgasm and couldn’t resist sticking out his tongue and licking her panties to get a taste of her. Elizabeth bucked at the touch and he wanted to reassure her with a look but she held his head firmly in place.

John kissed her covered entry again then slowly moved his kisses back up her panties until he had reached the waistband of her panties. He couldn’t wait any longer and while he was kneeling between her legs he lifted her left leg up and across his chest so it against her right leg then grabbed at the top of her panties and started pulling them down. Elizabeth immediately knew what he wanted to she lifted her hips making it easier for him to remove her panties which he quickly tossed off to the side of his bed. He then lifted Elizabeth’s left leg bringing it back across his chest so that he was once again kneeling between her legs and she was now fully exposed to him. Never in his wildest fantasies had he ever gotten this far. Here she was waiting for him to do what he wanted to her.

His cock was bouncing inside his pants as he stared down at her, he would use it soon but right now he was hungry and Elizabeth was the feast. Lowering his whole body his nose touched her clit and she jerked slightly, then he stuck out his tongue and swirled it around her clit and she started squirming on the bed. He put his arm across her lower abdomen and then guided his tongue down to her center where he touched the outer edge of her entrance and stroked it a couple of times with his tongue. John then released his hold above her abdomen and placed his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to his waiting mouth where he began his feast on her. He was hungry and her bucking and squirming were only exciting him more, Elizabeth’s hands seemed to pull him tighter into her and he grabbed her more firmly around her hips holding her there as he ate her out. He could feel the trembling began and very quickly he felt her orgasm hit with her clamping down on his tongue that was inside of her.

“Oh god…John!” she screamed. “More, I want more John. Fuck me John, oh god just fuck me,” she said as she struggled to calm down from her rather intense orgasm.

John paused and quickly to remove his sweat pants before he started crawling up her body, kissing his way up when Elizabeth sat up when he reached her tummy and grabbed his head kissing him deeply. She pulled him with her as she lay back down on the bed until he was hovering over her.

“Fuck me John make me feel complete. Fuck me now,” she gasped.

Ever since he ate her out his cock had begun to weep, it was obviously ready to share in the pleasure that the rest of the body was receiving. John positioned his cock at her entrance and touched her outer lips, testing to see if this was what she really wanted.

“Please John,” she begged.

Looking her in the eye he smiled at her as he shoved his cock as deep as he could in one thrust into Elizabeth. She gasped as he dove deep into her then held still for a few moments allowing her to adjust to him. He started moving pulling almost completely out of her but her walls grabbed at him to keep him inside then he rammed back into her and repeated this using a slow strong rhythm.

Minutes later he heard her whisper, ‘faster…deeper,” Elizabeth said between her gasps so John did just as she requested and picked up his speed and did his best to go deeper. After a few more deep thrusts he heard it again, she called out his name then she clamped down on her and he could feel it vibrating through her muscles, he felt this down to his core and a moment later his orgasm hit and he growled out her name. He knew in a flash that this was the most intense orgasm he had but what made him feel even better was knowing that Elizabeth was breathless and clinging to him as if she would never let him go. It was a great feeling to have her holding onto him but he knew that he had to get off of her or he would squash her.

John rolled over to the side and didn’t hesitate a moment in pulling Elizabeth up against him then kissed her forehead as he still struggled to gain his breath. He knew they would get cold as soon as the sweat on them dried so he pulled the cover up with his free hand and holding Elizabeth close to him with his other. This was better than he ever imagined and who knew that she would be such a snuggle bunny. Her breathing quickly evened out and he knew she was falling asleep so he relaxed and decided to let sleep take him too. John was just on the brink of sleep when he though he heard her whisper in his ear, “I love you.” At hearing this he fully relaxed and tried to whisper it back but sleep overtook him before he could finish saying he loved her.

When John awoke up he alone in his bed dressed in the same clothes he went to bed in meaning that it was all just a dream but it was one hell of a dream. John got up, showered and was started coming down the stairs when he overhead Victoria and realized that she was talking to someone on the phone.

“Belize! Oh Harold you know I’ve always wanted to go to Belize,” Victoria said then paused as she listened to the caller. “Tomorrow?” she exclaimed. “Of course my passport is valid,” she said then waited a few more moments. “No, I have company, a former co-worker of my daughter he just came by to see if I was okay. No that was General O’Neill; this is the man my daughter used to work with. No he wasn’t her boyfriend, he was just…he was the man who told me that Elizabeth was dead. What? No not today, maybe we can meet up in a couple of days,” Victoria stated.

Just then John decided to make a little bit of noise as he came down the stairs to let Victoria know he was up but didn’t let on that he had overheard her phone conversation. Walking into the kitchen he grabbed a cup and poured only a half cup of coffee and looked over at Victoria as she got off the phone.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt your phone call. Ah Victoria, unfortunately I have to cut my visit with you short. I just got off the phone with my boss and there is a bit of an emergency going on at the base and I’ve been recalled immediately. I’m sorry about that, I would like to help you through the loss of Sedge but,” John said.

“I know, I know, duty calls. Ever since Elizabeth started working for the Government I’ve heard that phrase too many times so I understand. Are you leaving today?”

“Actually I barely have enough time to finish my coffee and pack my bag and then I really do have to leave Victoria, I’m so very sorry to have to do this to you,” John said with sadness in his voice.

An hour later John was backing out of the Weir driveway on his way to the airport, he hoped that he didn’t delay Victoria from meeting up with her man friend, Harold. Knowing that she would be occupied by this man meant that she wouldn’t be focusing on the loss of Sedge and it would keep her from being so sad. At least now John could go back to Colorado with a clear conscious that he helped make a difference even if all he did was give a few moments of comfort. By the time he boarded his flight back to Colorado he had began to feel happy about what he had accomplished, sure all he did was paint a door but he helped Elizabeth’s mother through a rough patch.

Monday morning John strolled into the briefing room and found General Jack O'Neill and his daughter, Grace O'Neill, sitting in the briefing room while General Carter was having a meeting with Colonel Felix. John wanted to find out if General Carter had any new information about what happened to Lydia Schmidt but more importantly he hoped that Lydia would be getting the help she needed.

“Hey Sheppard, based on your looks I would guess that you had a great weekend, I hope it wasn’t with anyone working here,” Jack said half jokingly.

“No sir, nothing like that but there was a woman involved,” John replied.

“Well I hope you were at least careful,” Jack said with a smile.

“Ah come on General, it’s nothing like that, I was with Victoria this weekend,” John stated.

“Victoria? Victoria who? You know never mind, at least you know her first name.”

“It isn’t like that. You know her, Victoria as in Victoria Weir…Elizabeth’s mother. Come on I know you know her, you used to visit her when you lived in D.C.,” John said as he shook his head at how General O'Neill was teasing him.

“Sheppard, what do you mean Victoria Weir, that’s not possible.”

“Actually it is possible and I was there. Victoria had called me; she was upset about Sedge dying so I just flew out to her place and was there all weekend. I painted her front door and then some guy named Harold invited her to go to Belize so I left,”

“No I mean it is impossible Sheppard, none of that could have happened,” Jack said.

“Why do you keep saying it isn’t possible, I was there,” John said with frustration in his voice.

“Trust me when I say it is impossible and I’ll tell you why. Number one reason is that Sedge disappeared shortly after Elizabeth was declared KIA; it devastated Victoria Weir. Secondly and most importantly Victoria Weir died a year ago, just about the time that Atlantis came to Earth,” Jack said with a touch of anger in his voice.

“What? Are you sure?”

“Her dog disappeared and we assumed it died or was run over. As for being sure about Victoria, yeah I’m sure because I was at her funeral. So the bigger question is what happened to you this weekend because you sure as hell weren’t with Victoria Weir,” Jack stated.

“But I was there, I painted her front door,” John said.

“You can account for all of your time this weekend,” Jack asked.

“Yes sir, every minute,” John stated.

“Sheppard I think you need to report to the infirmary for some tests. Head down there right now and I’ll notify Sam.”

A few hours later the tests were all being run so while they waited to hear the results of the test, Jack started asking more specific questions and details of John’s weekend. John started with when he got the phone call from Victoria and pulled his phone out of his pants looking through his call list, he checked it twice but he couldn’t find her name; this didn’t make any sense to him. He knows that he got a phone call from Victoria and even remembered the time on the phone but still his phone showed no record of the call.

Jack asked John if he was sure it was Victoria Weir and John said he was sure because the caller ID showed her name yet when he checked all he could find was the listing of ‘Elizabeth’s Mom’ and a phone number which he read out loud to Jack. Jack pulled out his phone and said that was an old number and that Victoria had changed it shortly after the death of Elizabeth. So John asked the question out loud; how could his cell phone show that the call came from Victoria Weir when he didn’t have a listing for her and the only number was listed as Elizabeth’s mom and it was an old number. This didn’t make one bit of sense.

“I know this looks weird but I tell you that I did speak with Victoria and I saw her. I have the airline receipts at home to prove it too. Oh and I also spent my nights in Elizabeth’s old room. As a matter of fact I remember a couple of photos that Elizabeth must have given her mom of when she was in Atlantis, of course it didn’t say Atlantis but I recognized the location in the photos.”

“Well we definitely have a problem Sheppard. After Elizabeth died Victoria only kept pictures of Elizabeth as a little child and she pad locked Elizabeth’s room, refusing to let any of her staff to go in there. I think losing Elizabeth was the last straw because Victoria showed rapid signs of dementia shortly before she died. I’m sorry Sheppard but Victoria Weir wasn’t in her right mind when she died over a year ago.”

Just then Dr. Lam walked up and handed Jack her clipboard showing the results of the tests he specifically requested. He asked her if she was sure and she said that she double checked the results and said it wasn’t recent but the tests confirm his suspicions. Jack looked up at Sheppard who looked more confused than before and stated he needed to talk to Sam.

Jack picked up the phone, "Sam is the Hammond in orbit? Is Beckett still in place? Good, have the Hammond beam Colonel Sheppard and myself to Atlantis right away,” he stated then hung up the phone. “Sheppard front and center," Jack ordered.

John got off of the bed and stood by General O'Neill and a few moments later they were both beamed out of the SGC.

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