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Author's Chapter Notes: Final Chapter of the Series. In this final chapter although the chair was said to have been destroyed during the Wraith attacking Earth; however, for the sake of this story line the chair was not destroyed but was discovered buried in the rubble of Area 51 and shipped back to Antartica (Igloo 1 ), concealing the truth from everyone but Homeworld Security.

Chapter 10

Three hours had passed since the group had been beamed into the desert outside of Area 51 when two guards reached the exterior gate exhausted, tired and sore. It had taken them quite some time to make the run because it was cold, dark and uneven terrain of the desert with only small headlamps to light the way. They pulled out their identification and were then escorted further onto the base under guard. There Colonel Feretti spoke with them learning exactly what had happened and he immediately sent a transport truck to find the scientists and hoped none of them were injured. Once they were all on base, Feretti got all of the information he needed and he was about to make a call when Dr. Samuels who was head of the research of Ancient artifacts rushed into his office stating that they had a big problem.

Feretti got Dr. Samuels to show him exactly what had happened and much to his shock, all items of Ancient origin were missing, including the items locked in a vault protected against being beamed out. He could feel a throbbing pain starting at the base of his neck but he would worry about the pain later right now he had make a phone call which was to bring the General back to the base and once that was done he contacted the foremost authority on beaming technology so he placed the call, hoping that her husband wouldn’t punish him for calling so early in the morning.

“Carter,” she replied on her cell phone.

“General Carter, Colonel Feretti here and I need to speak to you on a secure line please,” Lou stated.

Sam was immediately awake and told him that she would call him back on a safe line in a few minutes. She started to get out of the bed when she stopped and made a mad dash for the bathroom, slamming the door behind her to cover up her throwing up. She didn’t understand it, she had never been this sick with Gracie but they told her that each pregnancy was different and they weren’t kidding because the morning sickness hadn’t stopped. Jack knocked on the door and asked her if she was okay just about the time Gracie walked into the room saying that she had a bad dream.

Jack took Grace into her bedroom and Sam came out of the bathroom a few minutes later with the taste of toothpaste in her mouth and walked into Jack’s office. Sam called Lou back on a secure line and asked what was wrong. Lou said they had some problems at Area 51 and at Base 49 and he suspects that the SGC might have been a victim of theft of Ancient items. He said that most of their items had been in a locked vault and they should not have been able to beam things out of the vault but all Ancient items are now missing from the vault. Sam said that they shouldn’t have been able to do that and Lou said he knew that but apparently the thieves decided that they wanted the Ancient artifacts more. He asked if they knew of any allies or enemies that could penetrate their vaults and Sam said apparently there is a new player in the mix and she was going to get back to base and check things out at the SGC. Lou again apologized for interrupting her weekend and Sam told him not to worry about it and she would talk with him soon. Sam calmed down because the little one was acting up and making her feel queasy again, so after a few calming breaths she walked into Grace’s room to observe Jack looking under the bed and dresser and tell their daughter there were no monsters.

“We have a situation at Area 51, Base 49 and probably at the SGC. I’ve got to get back to the SGC right away and I have a sneaking suspicion that you will be contacted probably within the hour with a quick summary of what is happening,” Sam whispered into his ear.

“Sounds as if this is going to be a long day,” Jack stated.

Sam kissed his neck and apologized and told him that maybe he might want to relax for another hour then get Grace up and ready for the baby sitter because it looks like it is going to be a long day. He went to the kitchen and started the coffee pot also a kettle of water for her tea and was thankful when Sam came out and grabbed a breakfast burrito Jack made along with her tea before she was transported by the Hammond back to the SGC.

Carter was halfway through her breakfast when Dr. Lee called and told her that her suspicions were correct and she said she would be there very shortly. She and Dr. Lee went over all of the security details and then she cancelled the lock down mode since it was evident that the items had been transported out of the SGC, even Ancient items that had not come from Atlantis. It was odd that artifacts they had just received had also been taken out the SGC so either someone here painted the items or else someone had the means to identify all Ancient items which meant that she needed to have someone go through all of the security tapes as quickly as possible before she had to report to the Pentagon or the White House.

Three hours later Jack received the call he had expected two hours ago, it was from his aide who said that they had a problem that needed to be addressed immediately and that a driver had been sent to collect him and his daughter and they would arrange for a sitter for Grace. Jack said he had already contacted the sitter and just as he said that the doorbell rang so Jack asked for the ETA of driver just as the vehicle pulled up to the curb.

When Jack arrived at the Pentagon he informed his aide that the meeting would be held in the Green Room and that he needed to make arrangements for food and drinks then took the papers the aide had handed to him and walked swiftly down to the Green Room. All of generals and their seconds in command from: Area 51, Base 49, Igloo 1 and the SGC were beamed into the parking garage of the Pentagon where they all checked in and were escorted to the Green Room.

Very quickly they got to the point and O’Neill learned that every base with the exception of Igloo 1 had all items of Ancient design transported out of their respective facilities and all had impenetrable vaults which as it turns out aren’t actually impenetrable. O’Neill asked Igloo 1 why they were the exception and what did they receive. General Saunders of Igloo 1 said they received five thousand Drones, one thousand Smart Drones (red in color) and three fully charged ZPM’s. O’Neill asked when this happened and Saunders advised that they got a call about three hours ago and when they went to check on the chair that was when they found the ZPM’s sitting on the seat of the chair and the doors open to the storage facilities where they discovered the gift of the Drones.

What really upset O’Neill the most was that every item that had been removed from Atlantis was taken as well as several other Ancient artifacts which led him to believe whoever stole these items might have something to do with Atlantis. An hour into the meeting they received a call advising that Atlantis was not at the dock and there was no sign of it anywhere. It had taken quite some time for them to get this information because they had trouble finding someone with proper security clearance to physically check on the city.

“I thought you had removed the engines from Atlantis,” O’Neill practically shouted at General Brisco from Base 49.

“Those were to come off the city next because when we remove them then the city will sink and we thought it would be best to leave the engines in place until we got Atlantis to her final resting place before removing the engines. However, we had removed most of the components to the engine so they would not be operable,” General Brisco stated.

General Carter suggested that they do a check of the logs from the satellites in the area but every time they tried to pull it up around that time there was nothing on the recorders. They switched to several different satellites and each time the recording would shut down when it came into line of sight with the Pacific Ocean and would turn back on when they had passed the ocean. On a couple of satellites they noticed that the camera would work in a forward position but when they would try to direct the camera to the Pacific Ocean it would be a black screen. This really concerned O’Neill because this meant that someone was able to take specific control of their satellites and no matter what they did someone other than the government had full control of the satellites.

They took a break and were instructed not to leave the building and not to discuss this matter with anyone outside of the room; General O’Neill said he had a phone call to make. Well it wasn’t really a phone call, more of him being beamed over directly to the White House where he would address President Hayes who was preparing to leave office. General O’Neill stood there listening to the President shout and rant about how bad this looks for them to lose an entire city and asked what kind of Mickey Mouse security was in place during these thefts.

After a few minutes Henry calmed down and he calmly asked Jack what he thought happened. Jack advised that every single item that they had dismantled and taken off of Atlantis had been taken as well as most other items of Ancient design had also disappeared with the exception things at Igloo 1. Henry raised an eyebrow and asked Jack to tell him what that means and Jack said they had been given Drones, Smart Drones and several ZPM’s. He said as far as he can tell; the drones, ZPM’s and the Chair are the only Ancient design items left on Earth. Henry asked if he thought they could still operate the chair and Jack said as far as he knows everything is working fine; Henry looked at Jack and sighed saying he hated to dump all of this in Gerald’s lap especially since Gerald (incoming President of the United States) had no idea about the Stargate, space ships, Atlantis or Earth Allies so he asked Jack to do his best to get this matter fixed before Gerald was sworn in.

“You warned us about having all of this technology in such close proximity but that damn IOA overrode my decision to keep Atlantis intact and send it to another world where they could better research it without stripping it down to the bare bones. Do we have any idea who could have taken the city,” Henry asked.

“I wish I could tell you that we knew exactly who it was but so far we have no idea how they even managed to transport anything out from the bases because our beaming technology was designed by the Asgards and I don’t know of anyone else who has advanced beaming technology,” Jack said.

“So tell me what the heck are Smart Drones Jack,” Henry asked.

“Now I’m paraphrasing Carter here sir, so best I can tell you is that they will actually seek out exactly who the person in the chair is thinking about and it will travel through any substance and continue to seek out that target until it has destroyed the target. Regular drones will go where they are directed and lock on targets but cannot be programmed to attack a specific person,” Jack stated.

“I think I like your condensed version compared to Sam’s but I’m sure my geeks will want to talk to her later about those smart things,” Henry stated.

Now they had to determine how they were going to inform the IOA about the theft of an entire city and how they could not stop any Ancient technology from being stolen. The saving grace was that several of the members of the IOA were having internal problems in their country so maybe those representatives won’t be so quick to condemn us. Henry thanked Jack and told him that this was his headache and the only trump card was that if they had hidden Atlantis on a planet away from Earth, they would not have had to tear her apart and they would have another ship to help protect Earth. Jack raised his eyebrow and Henry smiled saying this is how he was going to sell it but for now his geek squad needed to come up with some ideas about what happened.


A week had passed since Atlantis left for the Pegasus Galaxy; the Fero and the Aetos Dios had now laid out numerous false trails, probably enough to keep the people from Earth searching for the next six months but Elizabeth knew that Earth would not search that long. She then put in a call to Tara Base and informed them to release the clip of Atlantis breaching the ocean and it traveling towards Saturn, stating that all of the false trails had been left. She told Tara Base that they would contact them in three weeks once they reached Atlantis.

Gury cut in stating that he is expecting them to continue recording his show for him and Tara Base said that they have all of the shows requested all set to be recorded. Gury then told Elizabeth that the last one to Atlantis was a rotten egg and he made the jump into hyperspace. Carnath asked Elizabeth if she was ready to go and she said that she wanted to make sure that they were following the bread crumbs that they had left for Earth so they sat there waiting for a sign to show that they were coming.


Jack was woken up by a phone call only it wasn’t from his wife instead it was from NORAD who informed him that all of their satellites are now fully functional and that they now have telemetry in the area of where Atlantis had been docked. NORAD advised that they have not had time to fully view all of the satellites and O’Neill said to send it directly to him at the Pentagon. NORAD advised something was purposely blocking the signal in the satellites but it now appear they now have unrestricted view including the Pacific Ocean and that the satellites also recorded an event that he needed to observe. Jack said that he was on his way into the office and he expected them to all be uploaded by the time he got to the office and he did not want a single bit of editing done and asked if his order was understood and the General stated he understood.

Jack then called Sam and told her to get up to Washington because they now have all of the satellite images from the past week including the time that Atlantis disappeared off their radar. Jack then woke his aide and told him to get all of the command staff from the sites affected by this theft and get them to Washington right away. He then made two more phone calls and arranged for two other travelers to be beamed directly to his office, he suspected that he was going to need their special ability.

The staff had viewed Atlantis breaking the surface of the Pacific Ocean and they followed it as it broke orbit around Earth and watched the city until it passed out of view of the satellites. O’Neill wanted an analysis on the video they just watched for authentication and stated that he is surprised that no other ship was seen in the area as Atlantis left Earth. He turned to the new comers, Colonel Ellis and Colonel Caldwell saying he knew both of them are about to retire but he had one last mission for them and that was to find Atlantis. He said that no one steals an Ancient city from them and gets away with it, and then he opened the floor for some input. O’Neill told Carter he wanted her geeks to go over the video with a fine tooth comb and try to come up with something that would help Ellis and Caldwell in the search but the kicker is they only have about thirty-two hours because he was sending the Apollo and Daedalus to find Atlantis in forty-eight hours.

After the debriefing in the Green Room, O’Neill walked into his office where Colonel Sheppard and Lt. Colonel Lorne immediately stood up at attention. O’Neill told them to take a seat and advised that this meeting is off the books and what he is about to show and tell them never happened and both men acknowledged his words. He then pulled up the view the other Commanders had seen many times, Atlantis rising up from the Pacific Ocean and her leaving Earth. He could tell by the slack jaw expression on their faces that they were surprised by what they saw.

He loosened his tie, signaling that this was a bit more personal. Jack then told John and Evan that he wanted each of them to select ten people to be a part of their team then said that they only had twenty-four hours to select their teams. He said that they were going to find Atlantis and told John that he would be on the Daedalus which meant Evan would be on the Apollo. Jack said that they needed to find trustworthy people because at all times one of their team members were to be on the bridge and assigned to only observe. Their job would be to look for Atlantis and the moment that Atlantis is sighted then their team would take over.

Jack pulled out two folders where the first piece of paper in each folder had the President’s seal on it and they were informed that these orders come directly from the President and they are not to be discussed with anyone but the members of their team once they have been selected. John asked why them and Jack said because they are the ones most familiar with Atlantis and he thinks that she will recognize the two of them.

“Gentleman if someone has control of Atlantis and you cannot take it back under your command then you are to destroy that city; however, if you can regain command of Atlantis you will open the envelope and learn what to do next. Equipment will be beamed aboard for both scenarios with access restricted to your teams. Gentlemen I want this to look good enough so even Hollywood would believe what happened.

“So unless we control it, we will blow it up,” John asked.

Jack just nodded his head and told them to pick their team wisely and carefully. He said most of all he is expecting them to be model soldiers and to avoid any form of confrontation and he will inform Caldwell and Ellis of this too. He told them to take their folders and to get out of here because he still had to prepare for his meeting with the Colonels. In a flash Sheppard and Lorne were gone, transported back to the Hammond and then to the SGC.


It was launch day and so General O’Neill held a meeting with Colonels Caldwell and Ellis advising them of the special team and that special cargo to assist this team will be in a secured hold with access allowed only for the team. O’Neill said one member of their team will be on the bridge at all times to observe only, holding up a finger to show he was not through. He said if they locate Atlantis then the team has control of the ship and he expects them to inform their crew to do exactly as the specialty team orders because they are acting on his behalf as well as the President’s orders. He looked at both colonels and asked if they understood his specific instructions and both men stated they understood. Caldwell asked who the team leaders would be and O’Neill stated that Sheppard and his crew would be on the Daedalus while Lorne and his crew would be on the Apollo. He handed them each a folder which had the Presidential seal and signature on it, making it a direct order from the President of what was expected of them.

General O’Neill calmly said if they or their crew do anything to jeopardize the special team’s assignment they would have wished that they never even took a commission in the USAF. He stood up signaling the meeting was over and wished them good luck. Once they were gone from his office, O’Neill let out a chuckle based on the threat he gave to the men, for once he was glad that he was the man.


On the morning of the third day since Daylu (of Tara Base) released the satellite images to the military, she notified the Aetos Dios that two Earth ships were breaking Earth’s orbit on their way to Saturn. Elizabeth thanked Daylu and told her to keep the place tidy because she might want to come home one of these days. Elizabeth then turned to Carnath and told him to set a course for home and moments later the Aetos Dios left Europa for the Pegasus Galaxy.


“Chuck,” Gury called out. “We have picked up the Aetos Dios on long range sensors.”

“Atlantis base this is Aetos Dios,” Elizabeth said.

“Aetos Dios, this is Atlantis base, we were getting a little worried about you,” Gury stated.

“We just wanted to make sure that they took the bait and they swallowed it hook, line and sinker,” Elizabeth said with a smile. “We will see you soon.”

In the corner of the bridge Nefreyu asked Lya if it was time and she said that it was time and for him to go prepare things.


The Apollo and Daedalus took up orbit around Earth and beamed down the special cargo in their bays at the site provided by General O’Neill. Colonels Sheppard and Lorne were then transported into the General’s office for a private debrief. At the end of the debrief both Sheppard and Lorne said that they were pretty sure that all of the trails had been false and were only able to track down half of them but if they were given another chance maybe they might learn that one of the trails belonged to Atlantis.

O’Neill told them that it doesn’t really matter because he knows that they have lost Atlantis. He informed both of the Colonels that they needed to put their affairs in order because they are being transferred to Igloo 1 in one week. O’Neill almost broke out into a smile when he saw Lorne’s shoulders slightly slump but Sheppard didn’t seem fazed by it. O’Neill said he hoped that they were playing close attention to how a good tight ship runs under the Colonels command. He then told them to pick a crew consisting of thirty people and to include their guests from the Pegasus Galaxy because maybe they might head the general direction of the Pegasus Galaxy. Sheppard and Lorne knew exactly what the General was indicating and both nodded in agreement.

Both officers selected their crew of thirty did their best to contain their emotions when they said that they were all being transferred to McMurdo. Sheppard advised that this is their official designation but where they were going was a lot colder than Antarctica which made most of the crew give him odd looks. Sheppard said it would all be revealed to them at a later time but for now that is all they could tell their loved ones as to where they are going to be stationed. They told the crew to get their affairs in order because they would be gone for at least two years and if they were lucky they would find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which really confused everyone but before anyone could ask any questions, Sheppard said that was all he was allowed to say about the subject then dismissed them.


There was a knock on Dave Sheppard’s door and when he opened it, he saw a very pregnant woman stating that she was Lydia Schmidt then corrected herself and said Lydia Sheppard, John’s wife and she had just received word that John was going to being reassigned and odds of him getting back in time for the baby’s birth is not likely. Lydia said that she just didn’t want to be all alone when she had their baby and that she was hoping that she could stay with them just until John returns. To say that Dave was shocked as a gross understatement but Dave’s Wife, Wendy invited Lydia in and set her up in a room that John normally stayed in when he visited.

The next day at the office, Dave was frantically trying to get in touch with John to ask him about this latest development, he knew that John liked his privacy but keeping a pregnant wife from the family was a big shocker. Dave had just hit another brick wall trying to contact John in Colorado Springs when his cell phone rang. It was John and Dave went ballistic on John asking him what the hell he was doing and why he would tell his wife to come and camp out with them.

Several moments later John got Dave to calm down and he asked Dave when the hell was going on and what did he mean his wife and child. Dave advised that a woman name Lydia Sheppard rang their door bell yesterday and stated that she was married and expecting John’s child. John could not believe what he was hearing, he said doesn’t have a wife and as far as he knows he hasn’t gotten anyone pregnant. He then asked Dave for the woman’s name and he again said it was Lydia Sheppard, John asked if she mentioned if her last name was Schmidt and Dave said he thinks so. John told Dave not to alert her that the two of them have spoken but to keep on playing along with her and he was on his way with some help.

John walked to General Carter’s office and asked if he could speak with her about a personal matter, she invited him in and asked him what he needed to speak to her about. When John closed the door she knew this wasn’t going to be good. Several calls later John was beamed over to General O’Neill’s office in the Pentagon and arrangements for a flight was made for the two officers and some special doctors, one being Jennifer Keller, another was Dr. McKenzie and a person of muscular nurse.

When the flight landed it was on Dave’s property two SUV’s pulled up close surprising Dave, he hadn’t seen the SUV’s earlier. Dave’s eyes nearly bugged out when he saw a four star General step out of the helicopter and he told John that he must really have good connections. Some equipment was removed from the helicopter and placed in the SUV’s then they drove to the Sheppard house. Just outside the gates of the house Dave called Wendy and told her that he needed her to get the kids and leave the house immediately stating that he broke down asking if she could pick him up and that he thought they would make it a special family night with just the two of them and the children.

Once they got past the gates Dave waved Wendy down and then John stepped up and informed Wendy that Lydia has some stability issues and has centered her attention on him. John said that Lydia walked out of a hospital and that she has fixated on him although there is absolutely nothing between the two of them. Dave looked at John who said he has not been intimate with this woman and as far as he knows, none of his little swimmers have escaped. Dave’s daughter said it was too cold for them to go swimming, making the group laugh. Wendy asked John how she could be so pregnant when Dr. Mackenzie stepped up and stated that up until a few days ago Ms. Schmidt was not pregnant and he believes that she may be wearing a body pillow to give the appearance of her being pregnant.

Lydia was walking down the stairs when John and the military crew came through the door. She told them to back off and stay away or else she would throw herself down the stairs and kill John’s baby. Jack touched the signal stone in his pocket twice and a moment later muscles and Dr. McKenzie were standing behind Lydia and grabbed her before she could harm herself. A quick examination by Dr. Keller proved that Lydia was not pregnant; she was wearing a body pillow that made it seem as if she was pregnant and kept on telling John that he should just marry her because it was inevitable that they would be together.

Dave and the family later returned to the house and things were explained that Lydia needs some serious help and that she accidentally gained access to some highly restricted information such as military member’s addresses and since John was being transferred to McMurdo she chose prey on Dave who is listed as John’s emergency contact. Once Jack and his crew left with Lydia, John explained to Dave and Wendy that he was going to be reassigned to Antarctica for the next couple of years but he would send them messages about how he was doing and not to worry. He then gave them General Carter’s card and said that she could cut through some red tape and get in contact with him but said she was going out on maternity leave any day now and they could contact General O’Neill if they needed to get in touch with them. Dave asked if he was sure about his assignment and John said it was one of the best assignments because he would get to fly.

*** EPILOGE ***

A week had passed and it was three in the morning when a group of thirty people all filed into the gate room with General Carter at the controls. O’Neill gave the signal and the wormhole opened to a designation not listed in the computers and O’Neill led the people through the wormhole. When they arrived, it was on a planet designated as Planet Happy, or at least that was the name General O’Neill gave it. He had built a cabin down by a lake that was filled with lots of fish for fishing and lots of creature comfort for his wife. They then took a transport about three miles past O’Neill’s cabin where they were all stepped onto a clearing and were beamed up.

It was an Asgard battle cruiser which had been refitted for humans to command and navigate. O’Neill was just like a kid in the candy store as he started showing off the place to the new crew members. Once they were all gathered he spread his arms and stated…

“Welcome to the Enterprise,” and some of the crew clapped and upon seeing Sheppard and Lorne clap the rest of the crew joined in.

O’Neill said that this ship was a gift left to him by the Supreme Commander Thor but before Thor left, they made some special modifications, making this the fastest Earth ship ever. O’Neill stated that only General Carter, President Hayes and his old team know about this ship besides the ground crew. He was very proud of the ship and so he threatened Sheppard, stating that if he even put so much as a ding in this ship, he was taking it out of his paycheck and he said he would be in debt forever so he told him not to wreck the ship.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, find Atlantis and let’s return her where she belongs, in our hands and back on Lantea,” General O’Neill stated.

The crew then went to their posts as O’Neill beamed down and told Sheppard to take care of his baby and to find that city. Sheppard said he would find it and he had some ideas of where to look. O’Neill was then beamed back to Planet Happy where he watched the departing of the Enterprise from the base on the planet.

“God speed,” he said told the crew of the Enterprise and wished them luck on their journey. He told them that he was sure they would find Atlantis again.

*** THE END ***

Chapter End Notes: Thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoyed the story.

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