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Author's Chapter Notes: Two more join the group and the mission can now be completed.

Mission: Earth

By: RG Fiz

Chapter 9 - Mission Revealed

Elizabeth was surprised to hear that Chuck was calling back so quickly, she didn’t expect his call for a few more days. She wondered if everything was okay so she picked up her pace back to her ship to take the call.

“Hi Chuck. I didn’t expect a call so soon, is anything wrong,” Elizabeth asked.

“Well I really can’t say at this moment and right now it all rest on this communiqué.”

“Elizabeth,” Carson said and in the background Radek gasped.

“Carson…Radek,” Elizabeth said as tears quickly came to her eyes.

“Are you real or a copy,” Radek asked.

It took a few moments for Elizabeth to gain her composure and wipe her eyes from her tears of happiness. She informed them that it really was her and briefly talked about her being rescued and freed by her group just about two months after Oberoth captured her on Asuran. Elizabeth said at first the group hid but months later they came out of hiding but were always dodging the Replicators until the Replicators were destroyed. Then the group started creating ships of their own and they now had a new purpose, helping others in the Pegasus Galaxy.

Radek questioned Elizabeth about Replicators who came to Atlantis and had taken a bio-mechanical existence in Atlantis and one of them claimed to be her with all of her memories but they disputed it so she called herself Fran. Elizabeth said she did not know anything about any Replicators coming to Atlantis and until recently they did not know where Atlantis had relocated after her capture and only learned of it leaving for Earth to fight against the Wraith attack on Earth. She assured Radek that this Fran person was not her or anyone of the members of her the group because they had been hiding until the Replicators were destroyed. Elizabeth said it is possible that Fran had some of the memories that Oberoth obtained while probing her mind after she was captured and perhaps he put them into Fran.

She noticed Radek looked anxious so she asked if he a question and he then asked her about Fran Sacrificing herself to keep Atlantis safe just like she would have done. Elizabeth asked what she had done and he said once they were biomechanical she dialed a gate in space and then stepped through with the others following her. Radek said that is typical of what she would have done to keep Atlantis safe. Elizabeth said that they had come across these beings as they were emitting a beacon signal and they could not risk that these beings were calling to other Replicators or who else might have locked onto the signal so they destroyed them rather than risk someone misusing these beings.

Elizabeth could see Chuck acting anxious in the background so she directed her attention back to Chuck and asked why the call. Chuck looked at Carson and Radek and both gave a nod of their heads and Chuck smiled as he told Elizabeth that he wanted to introduce her to the newest members of his team.

As if seeing these two men wasn’t enough of a shock to Elizabeth, upon hearing that they were now a part of Chuck’s team almost knocked her for a loop. She asked them if they were sure because if they were captured then they would be put in the deepest darkest hole with no chance of ever being free. Carson told her that he was already consigned there once they returned to Earth and he didn’t have very much freedom and considered him a security risk. Carson said as they have been wrapping up the project they started monitoring his every movements to make sure he doesn’t have contact with anyone who ever served on Atlantis.

“So if it is okay with you, I would rather join you and your merry band of protectors,” Carson said with a smile and Radek nodded in agreement.

Radek moved forward to the monitor and said that since he joined the Atlantis expedition to the Pegasus Galaxy to explore and learn more but ever since they returned to Earth he has had his movements monitored. He said he was working at Area 51 when he started noticing more and more Ancient technology coming in for categorizing but they never allowed him to see it and now he knows why. Elizabeth asked why and he said because he saw that they were stripping Atlantis and learned that they are going to try and backwards engineer their own city. He said it wasn’t right and that for them to do this was foolish because they didn’t know enough about Ancient technology to use have of the stuff that he saw shipped to Area 51. Radek could see the tears starting to well up again in Elizabeth’s eyes at the mention of them stripping Atlantis and Radek knew that it was right for them to join this group to keep Ancient technology from being abused.

Elizabeth wiped her eyes then asked Chuck if he had a new mission completion time so she would know when to return to Earth. Chuck asked her how many days it would take for her to reach Earth and after hearing it he told her to leave the next day and they would be ready. Elizabeth asked if he was sure and he said yes he was sure and with the help of his latest team members they will be ready when she arrives. Chuck said he has already contacted the Earth base and made a request for a ship with a list of supplies and was just waiting on his newest recruits. Elizabeth again asked Carson and Radek if they were sure they wanted to join their group and Carson wished her a safe journey back to Earth and said he would see her in a few days.

“Chuck, I don’t know how you recruited our newest members,” Elizabeth said but was interrupted by Chuck.

“Well let’s just say that I sort of left a bread crumb trail that I knew would be picked up by Radek and that led him to find Carson and the two of them found us. Now pack your stuff up Elizabeth and come join us to see our mission complete. If Earth wants the technology they need to learn how to create it themselves,” Chuck said with a smile.

“We’ll leave in the morning and see you in a few days. Until then your team is to protect our newest members,” Elizabeth said with a smile.

The screen then went blank and Chuck turned to his newest recruits asking them if they were ready to start helping and both men eagerly agreed.

Chuck told Carson he needed his help first because there is something of Ancient design that had brought their mission to a halt. Carson asked if it has something to do with his ATA gene and Chuck said as a matter of fact it does and then once he has done his gene thing it would be up to Radek and the rest of his team to prepare for Elizabeth’s arrival.


Back on the Nox world Elizabeth was trying to contain her joy at Carson and Radek joining them but she also had a touch of sadness in her heart for what was to come, she would be saying goodbye to her Nox friends. Elizabeth walked out of the ship and was surprised to see Lya standing there as if she knew they needed to talk.

“You are leaving us,” Lya stated.

“Yes, we are. I know that we still have many things to learn but we need to help others of our group,” Elizabeth stated.

“I see. Do you believe that what you have learned will benefit your people,” Lya asked.

“Yes, many of them have not had the normal experience of most humans. We have learned a great deal but I know there is so much more we can learn but we need to rejoin our people at this time. I would like it if we would be allowed to return at a later time to learn more of the Nox ways,” Elizabeth asked.

“I will speak with the council about you returning to the Nox world and will see you tomorrow morning,” Lya said and then disappeared.

“No matter how many times she does that, it always unsettles me to see her disappear like that,” Carnath said.

Elizabeth reminded Carnath that it is their way and he said it bothers him a little because he can not see the science behind it then Boran walked in and said he just wanted to learn how to do that and he does not care about the scientific aspect, he just thinks it looks like fun. Elizabeth smiled as she heard Boran and several others laughed at his comment. She then informed the others that they would be leaving in the morning and that they should take time to gather their things and prepare for their departure tomorrow. Hilla asked if they would be able to come back and learn more from the Nox and Elizabeth stated that Lya has gone to ask this of the council and will tell them before they leave for Earth.

The next morning Elizabeth waited by the ship looking all over for Lya and Nefreyu so she could say her goodbyes to them. Carnath was anxious to get underway but he knew the importance of keeping good relations with the Nox so he did his best to be patience. They did not have to wait but a few minutes before Lya appeared before them but the look on her face did not display happiness.

“I have spoken with the council and they are still discussing the merits of having outsiders learn our ways of living peacefully with our surroundings,” Lya stated.

“So they are not sure if we will be allowed to return, is that correct,” Elizabeth said.

“It is. However, it is not how all of us feel. I feel it would benefit your people and mine if we were to join you as you travel.”

“I’m honored that you would consider doing this but I do not know when we will be able to return you to the Nox world. Is it permissible for you to leave for an unknown period of time,” Elizabeth asked. “Excuse me but did you say we?”

“The Nox council can only suggest things. It is my choice to join you on your journey and I am not concerned about when or if you return to my world just as it is Nefreyu’s choice to join you too,” Lya said and looked to a point behind Elizabeth.

Elizabeth turned and saw Nefreyu and asked him if he wished to join them too on their journey. Nefreyu eagerly nodded his head and said he knows he can learn much from traveling with them just as they can learn from them. She smiled at him and then turned so she could see both of her Nox visitors and said she would be honored to have them journey with them and welcomed them aboard the Aetos Dios.

Back in the Nox Council they continued their discussion about why Lya was so determined to join these people as the Aetos Dios lifted off from the surface of the planet. One council member stood up and said Lya has always been an adventuresome person reminding them of the times she has traveled to the Tau’ri world and with the Tau’ri to other worlds. One of the council members asked if it was wise to teach others their way when Bezi the eldest member of the council stood up.

“As eldest I gave her my blessing to go and for Nefreyu to join her because there are our best hopes for the future of our kind.”

All remained silent as Bezi then walked out of the council chambers. They knew that she was right but none had the courage to voice what Bezi had said. Bezi knew that the words of the stranger who visited so many years ago were coming true and that the best chance for their kind to flourish was to become more open to others. Lya and Nefreyu were the first Nox to take the first step to expanding their ways and she was confident that more would follow. She stopped by a window in the great hall watching as the ship as it lifted off and it saddened her heart to know that was probably the last time she would ever see her granddaughter.


When the Aetos Dios arrived it took up orbit around Earth and remained cloaked to hide from the Earth satellites and sensors. Moments later she received a transmission from Gury who was commanding the supply ship Fero, welcoming her to Earth. Elizabeth said she was glad to see him and asked him how his crew was doing. He chuckled when he said that some of his crew are a little bit sad because they won’t get to see how the season ends on their favorite TV shows. He did said that he put in a request to Phoebe to record their favorite shows and to send them in data bursts so they will know what happened on the shows. Elizabeth grinned and asked if he was ready. he said it was time to get this show on the road.

Elizabeth contacted Chuck and said that Aetos Dios and the Fero are ready and waiting for his instructions. Chuck first gave the coordinates for them to beam items to him then once that was done they could beam the people on this base to the designated coordinates. Both ships acknowledge they had the coordinates and immediately afterwards started beaming items down to Chuck. Once all of the items were received and in place Chuck gave Elizabeth the coordinates of where to beam all of the base crew so they would be in a safe place and it would also buy them some time so they can make plug in some supplies so they can get underway. Chuck assured Elizabeth that everyone would be safe and their delay will allow them to make their great escape before anyone realizes what has happened.


Five miles away from the outer fence of Area 51 a bright light appeared and when it disappeared approximately twenty people who had been on Chuck’s base were now lying or standing in the desert. The guards immediately reached for their radios to contact personnel for help but their radios were not working. Immediately the military took control and made sure that all personnel were safe and observed that blankets, coats, food and water were transported with them so who ever was responsible for their beam out did not want them to freeze to death.

The guards found maps, compasses and head lamps to help them get out of this situation and according to the map and gps devices they were just outside Area 51. It was decided that two of the guards who regularly ran would go out towards Area 51 to get help and the other guards would be responsible for getting the rest of the group would follow the same route to Area 51 at a slower pace until a military transport could be sent out to pick them up. Minutes later two head lamps lights bounced about as the two guards ran towards the Area 51’s outer fence while the others gathered up their things and started their slow chilly walk towards the base.


Elizabeth radioed Carson and asked him if he was ready and he said he was then closed his eyes to relax and focus on his task. The consoles came to life and Chuck input the coordinates of where they needed to go then told Carson to take them out nice and easy.

Slowly the ship sank down further into the dark waters with her force field holding back the water and adapting for the pressure as she sunk further. Then slowly she started moving further away from shore gliding along in the water as if it was the most natural thing for her to do. Meanwhile Chuck and Radek and the other members of the team worked on getting all of the systems ready for their final departure while Carson glided them to their departure point.


In the Pacific Ocean two hours after her departure the great city of Atlantis came to a halt allowing everyone to prepare for her launching into space. Chuck asked Radek if everything was ready and he said he was ready but he would like to finish running the diagnostic on everything and would be ready in about ten minutes. Chuck said that would be fine and they could wait longer and there was no rush but about five minutes later Radek advised that all systems were ready. Chuck then opened up communications city wide as well as to the Fero and the Aetos Dios.

“All systems are ready and we are go for launch,” Chuck said.

Carnath then switched from thermal image which was used to follow Atlantis in the ocean to the camera image bringing magnification up so they could see the surface of the ocean which would let them see Atlantis breaching the surface. He could see that Elizabeth was anxious and a touch nervous about the launch and that this would be the first time she would see Atlantis rising up out of the water from the outside instead of inside Atlantis. He knew it would be a magnificent view and something that would be viewed many times over by the rest of their group so he started his recording.

“Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one,” he said as Atlantis started to rise up out of the water.

Elizabeth was literally on the edge of her seat as she watching the large screen on the bridge of the Aetos Dios. She pointed to a spot on the ocean surface that looked to be churning and as the water churning increased they could see the spires and towers of Atlantis breaking the surface of the ocean with her city lights on and as she began to climb the lights remained lit since there were not any ships or beings in the area and they had already rigged the satellites to be blind to what they were doing. Gently and swiftly Atlantis left the surface of the Pacific Ocean and was soon entering orbit around Earth where the Fero and the Aetos Dios (both still cloaked) took up position beside Atlantis.

“Atlantis, this is Aetos Dios. Remember we want them to see you as you leave Earth,” Elizabeth said with a touch of sentiment in her voice.

Elizabeth turned to Carnath and he assured her that they had control of all of the satellites and they would only allow Earth to see Atlantis leaving after she made the jump to the Pegasus galaxy. All three sips then traveled to Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons where they would start the next phase of their mission. While sitting in her chair Elizabeth pulled up her private monitor and switched her view only to the sight of them leaving Earth. This was it, this would be the last time that she would ever see Earth again. She was a touch sentimental but that was to be expected but since the death of her mother she had no other reason to return to Earth ever again. Just then she felt something on her leg and looked to see that Sedge had put her head on Elizabeth’s leg as if to sympathize with the sadness her master was feeling at this time. Elizabeth petted Sedge and told her that everything was okay as long as they were together and Sedge picked up on the joy in her master’s voice and started to wag her tail.

Lya watched the interaction between Elizabeth and her dog and smiled, she knew that their bond was special and although Sedge was just a pet, she was a very important part of Elizabeth’s life. Just then Nefreyu came up to her and asked if they were going to do it now and Lya shook her head telling him not now but very soon and he would feel when the time was right but for now it was time for them to observe them before they made their move.

Upon reaching Europa a last minute check was done and all systems were ready for the jump and Chuck informed the two ships that all systems were ready for the wormhole engines to engage.

“Fair winds and following seas Atlantis,” Elizabeth said.

“Thank you Elizabeth,” Carson said then he let his eyes close as he focused on engaging the wormhole engines.

Moments later a wormhole appeared in front of Atlantis and in a flash she went into the wormhole and the wormhole disappeared behind her. Elizabeth then called the Fero and said it was time to leave behind some false trails.

“Oh yeah,” Gury said. “It’s time to go all Hansel and Gretel on their ass. Yee Haw” Gury practically shouted.

“Ah Gury I think you’ve been watching way too much Earth television,” Elizabeth said with a snicker.

“So you’re saying I should focus on movies instead,” Gury said barely able to keep from bursting out laughing.

Elizabeth shook her head as she chuckled and said it was time to go to work with a smirk on her face. Gury said it was show time and a few moments later both the Fero and the Aetos Dios were leaving in different directions with each of them emitting an ion trail similar to the one that Atlantis has been leaving once she broke Earth’s orbit. Elizabeth knew Atlantis going through the wormhole would end the ion trail so the Aetos Dios and Fero would be laying down several false trails while the people back on Earth continued to try and figure out what happened to Atlantis.

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