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Story: Mission: Earth
Author: RG Fiz
Status: In progress
Rating: M for future chapters
Disclaimer: The characters in the story are being borrowed and no profit is gained from their use


General Samantha Carter looked at Walter’s panel and saw that it was SG-7’s IDC and told Walter to open the iris; moments later SG-7 along with a few people of the Diplomatic Corps were walking calmly down the ramp. One thing was very obvious to her and that was the tensed posturing by SG-7 and most importantly by Colonel Sheppard who gave her a look. She recognized that look and knew that he needed to speak to her so she welcomed everyone back and told them to report for their post mission exam. John did his best to hide his disappointed to General Carter until he was almost out of the gate room then she called out to him.

“Colonel Sheppard, I need to see you in my office now. The infirmary can wait,” she said in a very stern voice.

When John arrived at the General’s office she smiled up at him and asked him if she sounded mad because she was going for angry and hoped she had pulled it off. Suddenly the light mood changed as he stepped in the office and closed the door then took a seat in front of the General’s desk.

“Sheppard do you have something to tell me?”

“Yes ma’am I do but I would like to speak off the record for now and we can later make it official, if you don’t mind General,” he asked politely.

Sam nodded and called him John to show that this was a casual conversation between friends and she would take action if need be later.

“I’m not one to normally complain especially about anyone else but my team but this last mission almost turned into a disaster and for once SG-7 was not the one responsible,” he said softly.

“Why don’t you back things up and start at the beginning so I can get caught up to speed John,” she said with a smile.

John took in a big breath and blew it out slowly through his nose then he began to tell Sam about his problem, stating he could sum it up in two words, Lydia Schmidt and immediately Sam knew where this was headed but she remained silent and let John continue. John briefly informed Sam that he and his team had been on a team night out minus Teyla who was in the infirmary with a twisted ankle. He said they had been at Luigi’s Italian restaurant and as they were eating McKay noticed Schmidt and Thompson at a table towards the back and they were having not so quiet words. Since he was senior SGC personnel in the restaurant he went over to them and encouraged them to keep their voices down because they had began to speak about SGC business.

He stated that the next thing he knew minutes later Thompson is walking out of the restaurant and Schmidt goes running into the restroom. They stood by waiting to see what would happen and the next thing they know Schmidt had invited herself to join them for their dinner. John stated that she also helped herself to their bottle of wine so they ordered another and barely managed to each get a glass before Schmidt drank the rest of the bottle. Then Schmidt ordered several more drinks and somehow she and McKay got into some drinking contest with McKay barely winning.

They couldn’t leave Schmidt there and John said he knew about her reputation about attaching herself to men who casually help her so he called for Dr. Jennifer Keller to come and pick them up so she could supervise and keep the facts straight about the dinner. She drove all of them home and he only helped her carry Schmidt up the stairs to her apartment and stood at the front door the entire time. John said Jennifer dropped him off at home and he picked up his car the next morning after catching a taxi back to Luigi’s. Sitting forward in his chair and leaning in he started to say something else when Sam held up her finger to get him to stop.

She noticed movement out of the corner of her eye and spotted Lydia Schmidt standing by the stairwell trying to listen to what was being said. Just then Walter appeared and after speaking to her a few moments he motioned with his left arm the direction she was to travel which was down the stairs and away from Sam’s office. She smiled over at Walter and he nodded his head to her then followed after Ms. Schmidt.

“I see what you mean John, Walter just now caught Schmidt trying to listen in on our conversation. Now before you answer, I need you to think if you have ever done anything that she could misconstrue as inappropriate behavior and what has she done since your contact with her at the restaurant,” Sam asked.

John went on to explain that someone apparently gave her his private cell phone number and she has been calling him and leaving him sickly sweet messages and then the next minute she is yelling and threatening to cut off a certain piece of his anatomy that he would rather not loose. Leaning forward he showed her his cell phone and played some of the messages which seemed to shock Sam.

Minutes later John stood up from his chair and thanked Sam for listening to him and she assured him that she would take care of the situation then asked him to have his team come see her because she wanted to speak to them before the debriefing. John left the General’s office and was almost at the infirmary when Schmidt popped out of a hallway and grabbed his hand as he walked to the infirmary. John eased his hand out of hers moments later and continued walking to the infirmary and upon entering he walked over to Dr. Lam and asked if he could get his exam over with right now. She took the hint and took him off to the side to where his team was seated; he then informed the team that General Carter wanted to speak with them before the debriefing.

When the debriefing was over, General Carter contacted Dr. Samuelson, head of the Diplomatic Corps, asking him to join her in her office and then called Lydia Schmidt asking her to have a seat and wait for them at the table pointing to the table she had been seated at moments earlier. Meanwhile John quickly escaped down the stairs and to his locker where he changed out of his BDU’s and into his civvies.

An hour later, Dr. Samuelson and Lydia Schmidt were escorted to temporary quarters where they were restricted to the mountain until each of them had their mandatory session with Dr. Kennedy, the psychiatrist. All phone calls were to be monitored and their personal cell phones were confiscated to limit their access to the outside world. Sam was pretty sure that Samuelson would pass but she highly doubted that Schmidt would pass considering her recent behavior. Either way Samuelson would no longer be in charge of the Diplomatic Corps if he even continued working there and Schmidt she hoped would be given a ticket to the local loony bin as Jack commonly referred to the place.

Sam called John who was hiding out with Keller and McKay and gave him the signal that he would be free to do whatever he wanted this weekend because she was taking care of things on her end. Once John hung up the phone from Sam, he thanked Rodney and Jennifer for their hospitality and left for his house. During the drive John kept on going over and over in his head if he could have done something else to help Schmidt and her delusions but he knew no matter what he would have done it would have backfired.

As John walked into his house he noticed the pile of bills at the front door and started going through them when his cell phone rang. He checked the caller ID and saw “Victoria Weir” and suddenly he felt the ground figuratively fall out from under him. He had been meaning to call her for the last year or so but had never gotten around to calling her. John remembered the first time he went to see Victoria, it was to tell her that they declared Elizabeth dead then the next time he saw her was also the last time he saw Victoria which was after his father’s funeral. Another wave of guilt came over him because he remembered promising Victoria that he would check in on her and now he had abandoned her just as he had done to her daughter.

“Victoria,” he said into the phone.

“Oh John, I’m so sorry to call but I just…” she paused and sniffled into the phone.

Immediately John was on alert, he knew something bad had happened because Victoria Weir does not lose control of her emotions.

“Victoria, what’s wrong,” he asked.

“It’s Sedge…she’s…she’s gone. She was all I had…” then all that could be heard was Victoria softly crying.

“Victoria did you say that Sedge was gone as in run away or…you know,” he asked tenderly.

“I’m sorry John, I shouldn’t have bothered you. I’m just overly emotional today. Forget I called. I really am sorry,” then the line was disconnected.

John quickly called back but there was no answer and he kept on trying for the next few minutes as he got on his computer to find the first commercial flight to the DC area so he could go check on Victoria in person. He really begin to panic when two hours after he received the call he still could not contact Victoria on the phone. Luckily he was boarding his flight and in a few hours he would be there to help her in any way possible. He had violated his credo, ‘Leave no man behind’ but that was exactly what he did to Elizabeth and sentenced her to death. He was struggling to keep control of his emotions because he had once again left someone behind only this someone was Victoria Weir. All throughout the flight John continued to check his watch and when the plane finally landed he struggled to be one of the first off the plane.

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