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Author's Chapter Notes: The last one :)

I turned back when the door had opened and I saw the red high-heels attached to the longest legs in the galaxy. I smiled, just watching her; long legs, white silk skin and perfect body which had been covered by a red dress. Apparently Teyla was right; Leah was a remarkably beautiful woman. She looked up at me and my heart stopped.

“Elizabeth? What are you doing here?” I asked after I managed to get myself together. Damn, she is hot. And that dress… Mhmm… Yummy!
“I could ask you the same thing, John. I’m here for a date.”
“Well, me too. With Leah. Teyla arranged it!” I wanted to sound proud, make Weir regret she had chosen her anonymous admirer over me. But as it turned out I only managed to worsen the situation; I could feel my face turning red and I was afraid to look at her.
“Well in that case I think I will wait with you until they both arrive.” Elizabeth hummed with a small smile as she sat down on a chair.

You know I think I must have looked like a complete idiot; standing there, just staring at her. She had to have noticed that because she looked up at me and sweetly asked me to sit down. Idiot. You are an idiot Sheppard! I said to myself. My hands were shaking, so I took a deep breath and reached for the glass filled with champagne, drinking it all in one gulp.

“So… you know the name of this mysterious admirer of yours?” I said.
“As a matter of fact I do. Arthur. Shall we start eating before the food gets cold?”

Did she just wink at me? Oh yeah, she did! And what’s with that look? Is she flirting with me? No, it’s not possible. I’m just seeing things. She is only waiting for her Arthur; she’s not here for me. I nodded to her, after all she was right. We started eating in silence.

“Funny thing, actually, my second name is Leah and I recently discovered that yours is Arthur.” She said.

Once again that flirtatious look appeared on her face; I put aside my fork, frowning. You can probably imagine my confusion when she said that. It was in that moment that I knew Teyla had planned everything. Oh I got to give credits to that girl. I mean she really mislead us. But we now have a chance, I only have to take it!

“My father wanted to give me some exotic name, but my mother disagreed. And if she said no there was nothing that could change her mind. So I ended up as Elizabeth Leah Weir.”
“It suits you.” I looked around and then back at her, smiling. “It seems Teyla set us up.”
“Yes, I believe you are right.”

She picked up her glass of wine and slowly raised it to her mouth. Taking a small sip, she licked her bottom lip and gently bit it. I swallowed hard. Holy shit she was flirting with me, so that had to have a meaning. I swear if I didn’t know her better I would say she’s got a thing towards me.

“I gotta say this. Teyla really mislead us. The plan of hers was…”
“…intelligent, great?” she raised her eyebrow.
“Great yes, but intelligent. Oh no. Please I thought I might lose my mind because of your mysterious boyfriend.”
“My, my John, were you jealous?” she teased me. I could swear my face went completely red. I swallowed hard while looking at her. Standing up and walking to the railing, I put my hands on it.
“I still am. I do have feelings for you, Elizabeth, strong feelings.”
“Really?” I heard her stand up and slowly walk towards me. “Good. I seriously hoped I wasn’t the only one.”

Elizabeth put a hand on my shoulder and caressed it. Taking a step forward, her second hand found a way to my other shoulder. I slowly turned around leaning against the railing. My hand found its way to her hip, pulling her closer to my body.

“You… are you serious?”
“Yes John. Yes, I am.” We tangled our fingers together. I raised her palm to my mouth and pressed a kiss on it.
“You don’t even know how much I love you, Elizabeth.”
“Oh yes, I do John. I love you too!”

She looked at me and I could see the very things I had always wanted to see in her green eyes; pure love, understanding and worship. Elizabeth put her free hand around my cheek, rubbing it slightly. I closed my eyes, enjoying the moment. She smiled to me as our faces came closer and closer. My hand around her waist pulled her to my body.

“Hi.” Smiling I whispered rubbed her nose with mine; our lips inches away.

At first our mouths were only lightly touching, teasing. But then I pressed my lips to her harder, kissing her sweetly. As far I can tell she wasn’t too interested in innocent kissing; Elizabeth took over by pushing her tongue inside my mouth, exploring the unknown territory. I responded to her with the same passion; it was much better than I had been imagining! Finally I was kissing Dr Elizabeth Weir, my love.

Chapter End Notes: The end

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