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Author's Chapter Notes: Dr Weir again :)

I slipped into my room during my lunch break. Turning on the lights, I sat down on the bed, taking a small piece of paper out of my pocket. Every day at the same time I have been finding one of these letters on my desk.

It had started a week ago with flowers. I went into my office and found it full of exotic flowers. Of course it was nice to know that there is someone in the city, who is attracted to me, but on the other hand any kind of relationship with someone who works for me can cloud my judgment and that would make me an ineffective leader of the Atlantis’ expedition. So I ignored them, I mean I’m the boss here and I don’t have time for silly games. But as the hours and days passed, I couldn’t walk to my office without smiling, especially when I was waking up with the feeling that part of him would already be waiting for me in my office, so I started to enjoy those little gifts from him. Whoever he is.

But let me tell you what had happened just a few days ago. Ok, so it began like this: I went into my office and was really disappointed. Had he given up on me? Forgotten?There was not a single flower in the room. I sighed while sitting down on my chair and opening my laptop. It was then that I saw it. A note:

“My beautiful Elizabeth. I wake up every morning knowing I will see your face. And I’m falling asleep every night with a smile on my lips. You are my heroine, my sunshine. Have a good day my sweetheart.

Of course it got better. Every day the letters became more and more intimate and then one day he admitted he loved me. Well that was nice but really it was also uncomfortable. I had not met him and hardly even knew his name; he always signed with the initial A, but what did that mean? Was it the first letter of his surname or a rank or a name? That got me thinking. I started to look at all the men in city, thinking that maybe he was somewhere near me, that he might stand up and walk towards me, say something. But no… I think he somehow got to know about my confusion and desperation to find out what his name is, because two days ago he signed his name under the message.

Arthur. Arthur. I spoke his name over and over again, but it didn’t sound right. Well he wasn’t John, whose his name was like magic to me. But if I could have a little fun why not take my chances? I asked myself: If he was interested in me could I, for one day at least, forget about my unhappiness, about the man I’m in love with but who doesn’t feel the same towards me? The answer is YES! Yes, I could and I would do it. I could have some fun, live a little even for one day. Gosh as soon as I finished my work I decided to look him up in the personnel database. It was time to get to know him personally.

Ok, but that had been past and now is the present. So getting back to my latest note from Arthur; I smiled while opening the note from him and started reading:

“My dearest sunshine. I was watching your beautiful face while you were on the balcony over the South Pier and was thinking about how much I want to wrap my arms around you and kiss your lips. I love you and I think it’s time. Time for us to meet. What do you think? I will be waiting for you on the North Pier balcony tomorrow at eight o’clock. If you want to meet me be there, my love.

This is my chance, I thought. I put the paper on my bed and walked to the wardrobe. Opening it, I took out a red dress that I had brought to the city when we first arrived. I never thought I would actually have an occasion to wear it, but now it looks like I will. In that moment my computer let me know that it had finished searching for ‘Arthur’ in the database. I put the dress back into the wardrobe and sat down; I looked at the screen and…

…my jaw dropped on the floor. There were two files that my computer identified as having the name of my admirer. The first file I had to delete as soon as I opened; it was Lt. Arthur James Mitch, who had been killed by the Wraith on Athos. But the second one, to my surprise, was Major Jonathan Arthur Sheppard. I grinned at my screen. Guess I have a date with my love after all...

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