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Author's Chapter Notes: Teyla's plan part 2

It was a few days after the celebration when I began plan B. I talked to the technicians in the control room, especially with Peter Grodin (who I knew was responsible for the many bets circulating Atlantis) to give me an alibi if someone (by that I mean Elizabeth) were to ask about the messages and presents in her office.
Yes, that is my plan. Make Elizabeth think she has a secret admirer in the city and in the end arrange for her a date with him (i.e. John).

To begin with there were flowers, but as soon as my source told me that the botanist can’t spare another one, I had to start a part two of my plan; notes. So periodically since then, Dr Weir has been finding short notes with kind words. It started to work, because she was slowly becoming less stressed and even started to smile. Of course she intended to find out who is behind those notes, she even asked me for a help, but I refused. You know why.

The notes so far have been successful; Elizabeth was looking happier and John… well he soon realized that someone was wooing, as he described it, Dr Weir. He became miserable, grumpy and just plain gruff to all the men in the expedition, beginning to avoid not just Elizabeth but his team also, with the exception of myself. I was not particularly happy with his behavior, something that was my own fault, (if he ever finds out what I have done, he will never forgive me) but it was a price I was ready to pay if he and Elizabeth are to have a chance at being happy with each other.

Another opportunity to talk to him again arose, this time at lunch, where we sat down next to the window. Looking at him I could tell he was not sleeping well and had stopped shaving every morning. His eyes were filled with sadness and it was my fault. Some of the expedition has started asking if he is capable of doing his job, but he has proved them wrong every time they said that maybe he should retire. I bit my upper lip.

“John is everything all right?” I asked, watching him digging in the food.
“Yeah… no… how’s Elizabeth and her boyfriend?”
“Elizabeth is fine, as to her boyfriend she still does not know who he is.”
“Great, she deserves to be happy.”
“You still regret that you are not the one, am I right?” I did not have to wait for an answer; I could see it in his eyes. I smiled to myself, causing him to frown. “I might have a solution to your problem. There is a girl on the mainland and she would be more than happy if you would ask her to dinner. She is very beautiful, Major.”
“You want to set me up on a date?” He asked.
“I believe it will help. I can arrange everything for you, if I have your permission.”
“Let me think. You talk to her and I’m going out with her on a date, yes?
“Yes. Perhaps we should arrange the dinner in the city, there is a higher possibility that Dr Weir will see you and…” I didn’t finish.
“If you think you can make Dr Weir jealous of me, you’re mistaken. She doesn’t feel the same, Teyla.”
“But you can always try, am I right?” I will not give up easily. My plan has to work. Looking up at John, he frowned while thinking about something. I was about to try my new arsenal of arguments but he smiled towards me.
“It wouldn’t hurt. Ok so talk to this girl. What’s her name?”
“Leah.” I used Elizabeth’s second name.
“Leah.” He repeated. “Nice. I have a date with Leah.” Major Sheppard grinned.

Chapter End Notes: TBC

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