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Author's Chapter Notes: Teyla's plan part 1

At first I thought I was seeing things, but then it happened again and again and again! They were avoiding each other like a fire. It all started after we came back from Proculus. Elizabeth was of course polite to our guest, but I could see the sadness in her eyes. She seemed so quiet and reserved and after knowing her for a year, I can tell something is up. John on the other hand, started doing things he would have otherwise avoided before, like paperwork or practicing his moves in combat with sticks.

It was interesting to watch them as they were struggling with their feelings. Of course I know John loves Elizabeth and she loves him; you would have to be blind not to see it. They are so obvious that even Dr McKay can see it and we all know he’s the most arrogant and selfish person in two galaxies.

I waited a few days, watching them, before I made a move. Of course I had to be careful if I wanted to succeed. I decided to talk to John first, not only because Elizabeth was more difficult, but mainly because I figured his feelings were around much earlier than Elizabeth’s. I had few different scenarios in my mind, but I decided that I would have to talk to him without any witnesses. So when Halling asked me for help on the mainland I politely agreed (it’s not like I would refuse, as they are still my people, even if I am not with them daily), and I went to find Major Sheppard, asking him to take me to the continent.

“Is everything all right, Major?” I said as soon as we flew away from the city.
“Yeah, why are you asking?” John frowned.
“I notice you and Doctor Weir are avoiding each other and your behaviour lately has been rather strange. I believe it has something to do with your certain feelings.
“Whoa…what the hell you talking about? What feelings?” From the look on his face I knew he was trying to mislead me.
“John there is no shame in admitting that there is someone special to you.”
“Teyla! Don’t go there, ok? Just leave the topic.”
“As you wish.” I said and when he focused on piloting the Jumper I took a deep breath, sweetly smiling in his direction. “Those feelings, I do believe they are something you should talk about, if not with me, perhaps with…Dr Weir?”

I tried to look as innocent I could and I must have achieved my goal because Major Sheppard turned pale. He really believed I would drop the topic. If he only knew I am just getting started.

“Who…who told you?”
“Excuse me?” I raised my eyebrow. He muttered something to himself as he lowered the Jumper to the ground.
“Who told you about…you know.”
“Uhh… I do not understand?” I was playing with him, I know, but he was the one that had to tell me this, on his own, I might add.
“About me and my feelings… to… uhh… to Elizabeth.”
“Do not worry yourself Major, no one has told me, no one had to. Your actions are so obvious that everyone in the city has realized what those longing looks towards her mean. Is that the reason you are avoiding her, because of what you feel?”
“I do not understand. If you like her, why do you not tell her this? She is your friend, like me or…” John turned in his seat to face me, running his hand through his hair.
“That’s the thing Teyla. She IS my friend. I mean try to imagine you are me in this situation. If I have certain feelings for my superior and friend, I can’t tell her that; it’s inappropriate.”
“You have very strange customs.” I said.

He explained to me how it works for him, but I am sure one of McKay’s theories is simpler to understand than his feelings toward Elizabeth. Guess I will have to talk to her myself or start my plan B. I could not think about it any longer, because John had left the Jumper and I had to join him. It was time to help my people.

The next day I got up before the sunrise, to welcome the new day like I always did on Athos. Because of the harvest celebration on the mainland, Dr Weir gave most of the expedition a day off so they could join my people in the festival. This would give me a terrific opportunity to force Elizabeth and John to talk. Skipping my daily meditation so I could finish my last report, I looked at the clock in my room; it was few minutes past nine. It was time. I grabbed my report and headed to the control room.

I came into Elizabeth’s office to find her reading reports. At this time everyone else would normally be sleeping, especially when they were not scheduled to work, but not her; she spent all her free time in the office working. I took a deep breath as I knocked at the glass door. She looked up at me as I approached her desk.

“Elizabeth, why are you here?” We stopped exchanging formalities a long time ago, after all we are friends. “I thought today was what your people call ‘a day off’.”
“I know but I have so much to do.”
“Elizabeth you promised you would be at the harvest celebration and I am sure our Jumper is already waiting.”
“I’m so sorry Teyla, but I can’t come. Please tell the Athosians that I was touched by their invitation…” she said while pointing the stack of paperwork. “… but all of this needs my attention. I’m really sorry; there will be another celebration soon that I’m sure I’ll be attending. “
“Oh yes, and you will most likely have more of the same excuses. The paperwork will still be here tomorrow.” I placed my hands on my hips while rolling my eyes. “I believe that everyone needs time to relax, away from work, especially you. Should I call Carson or will you find your way to the Jumper yourself?”
“I will find it myself.” She said standing up. We left her office, heading to the jumper bay.
“I have a theory as to why you did not want to come to the mainland. It is not because of work, but rather Major Sheppard. You two have begun to avoid each other recently and I believe I know why…”
“Teyla please, don’t be ridiculous. I don’t love John.” She broke in. I stopped and looked at her with a smirk on my face, as a deep blush appeared on her face.
“I did not say anything, but now that you have mentioned it, is that the reason you are avoiding him? Because you think he might not love you back?” She nodded. “Maybe you should talk to him.”
“NO! It’s not that simple, I’m his boss…”
“It’s against regulations, if the IOA finds out…”
“Listen to yourself. We are far away from Earth and you might never return. No one here is stopping you two, except your pride.” I said.

We sat down in the Jumper and waited for the pilot (Major Sheppard, of course; I took care of it). So you can imagine my confusion when I saw Lieutenant Gorseit. I asked him, discreetly of course so Elizabeth would not overhear, why he was here instead of John.

“Major Sheppard decided to remain in the city and catch up with the paperwork.” I knew it was the worst lie I had heard. John knew Elizabeth had been assigned to this Jumper and she would be participating in the celebration, so he stayed behind, not wanting to meet her. They were behaving like little children. Ok it is time for a plan B.

Chapter End Notes: TBC

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