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Author's Chapter Notes: Author's Note: I wanted to thank everybody again for reading this story. I'm proud of myself for not putting it off and actually getting it finished in a timely manner!

I wanted to make a note before you read this chapter: this was originally posted on Fanfiction.net as a oneshot, "The Right Side of the Wrong Bed", and it served as the starting point for this story. However, during the course of writing, some plot points changed and I added a bit to this chapter, so it's not the exact same story.

I hope you enjoy, and thank you so much for reading and your reviews!

John moaned as sunlight began peaking in through the blinds. He raised his head with just enough effort to look out the windows to the left, between his bed and the door, and confirm that it was daylight and not an optical illusion. After the night he had just endured, if he could have held the moon in the sky and postponed sunlight, he would have. He did not want to get up, and his tired body agreed.

Ronan had accompanied him on his run for the first five miles, but once it because obvious that he didn't want to talk - at all - and he was running more to torture himself than for the health benefits, the Satedan dropped out. John had made a comment about him being a wuss, partially hoping that he might take a swing at him, but Ronan put his hands up as he panted.

"If you wanna try and kill yourself instead of talking to Weir, that's your choice."

As Ronan walked off in the opposite direction, John frowned. He had never said anything about his problem. And he didn't want to.

His head dropped back to the pillow like a dead weight, and he closed his eyes to the world, only to be interrupted by the damned alarm clock to his left.

Groaning low in his throat, he tried to roll over to hit the snooze when he realized that there was an object - no, a person - laying next to him on the small mattress.

He squinted, staring at the mop of brown strands as he gingerly reached over and hit the button. It was very disturbing to him that he couldn't recall any memories of last night that would have led to this. After the vigorous run he had tortured himself with, he had come straight to his quarters, showered, and fallen into bed. Alone.

The brunette stirred, moaning as she reached for the covers.

John bit his lip, leaning back, away from the foreign person -

- And fell right onto the cold floor.

"Damn," he whispered to himself sharply as he rubbed his thigh. He glanced at himself and quickly raised and lowered his eyebrows. At least he was still wearing boxers.

His hazel eyes looked up and came in contact with an equally confused set of familiar green eyes.

Oh crap.

"John?" she voiced uncertainly but with a hint of amusement, pulling the sheet up around her. "What are you doing?"

"What am I - you're the one who's laying half naked in my bed!" he exclaimed, standing and reaching for a pair of black running pants that lay across the shelf next to the bed.

She cocked her head. "I'm an optimist. Let's go with 'half dressed'."

"Tomato, tomahto." He pulled his pants up and crossed his arms, narrowing his eyes. "Care to explain how this happened? Because as I recall, you didn't want this to go any further as of last night."

Elizabeth smiled bashfully. "I, umm, guess I got used to it. You know, after last week?"

John opened his mouth to unleash another snaky reply, but he clamped his jaw shut after the memories invoked by her words flooded his mind. The flowing gown from the dance, the large bed that still seemed too small, the phony displays of affection that somewhere along the line became sincere …

He nodded and rubbed his forehead. "Yeah," he quietly answered, sitting down on the bed next to her.

Elizabeth dropped the sheet that she had been tightly holding, and John realized that she was more correct than he was. She was wearing a white tank top and black yoga pants, and as his head stopped spinning he noticed a robe laying over the chair behind her. She must have come during the night and snuggled into his side, just like they had done for the past few days on M51-936. He hung his head in remembrance; as much as he wanted to forget the feelings and everything that mission had encompassed, his heart wouldn't let him.

Even after that heart wrenching exchange out on the East Pier, after that earth shattering kiss that he had given her that he didn't really regret, he couldn't let her go. He couldn't get over her.

He didn't want to.

She timidly reached out her hand, laying it atop his, causing him to look up at her.

"I was wrong." She sighed, looking down at their hands. "I was scared. When we got back, I really wanted to make this work. But when I walked into the infirmary and remembered Tharon being here, and finding out she was pregnant, it scared the hell out of me." She shrugged. "So I started finding every excuse in the book to drop this. But it wasn't fair to you."

"So what do you want?" John asked simply, raising his free hand to lip her chin.

Her green eyes finally met his again.

"I want you. Nothing less." Her brown hair was disheveled slightly from sleep, but with the few strands that were falling over her face and the small smile she was wearing, she looked innocent. Devious, even. It was the latter that made him worry.

"I don't have to report til 1000 hours," she softly told him as she turned his hand over. She brushed the hair out of her face with her free hand, then brought it down to his captive one and slowly started rubbing small circles in the palm of it.

He sighed, closing his eyes, getting ready to voice a refusal, when he felt the warm sensation of her lips pressed against his.

John's eyes flew open at the unexpected yet welcome gesture, and just as quickly shut them tight, hands wrapping around her neck and bringing her closer.

Her agile hands began working their way up John's strong arms, into the short hair at the nape of his neck, holding him against her. She kissed his lips like a child holding a mother's hand - afraid that if they let go they would be lost.

As much as he didn't want to admit it, John Sheppard knew that he was lost without her.

They pulled back, hands still firmly woven around each other's necks, as they drew breath again. Hazel eyes met green, and lips met again for a second round. "'Lizabeth," John half muttered as she began kissing a trail down his neck, close to his jugular, making more than his heart skip a beat.

"Hmm," she replied in a tone so quiet she was barely heard.

He sighed in resignation, then the alarm went off again before he could make his point.

Unclasping her hands, Elizabeth reached an arm behind her, harshly hitting the button, and turned back to John. He was sure the regret on his face was evident as her own features fell. "Oh," she finally said in what seemed like resignation.

"I'm on duty in an hour," he told her as his hands latched onto her upper arms. His thumbs were caressing the soft skin as he tried his best to clear his voice.

Elizabeth pressed her lips together, smiling slightly as she looked into her lap. "I understand," she finally said, trying to break away from him and stand up.

In a flash, he realized Elizabeth had misunderstood him. She probably thought he was blowing her off.

He had already screwed things up too much. He wasn't about to make it worse.

"So what time do you get off?" he quickly asked as her arms slid through his grasp. He grabbed her hands and gave a tug. "Because I don't know about you, but I fully intend on seeing this through." He grinned at her.

Elizabeth blinked in shock. "Are you sure?"

His eyes fixated on hers, he replied, "Positive."

She sighed after a moment, and John was expecting a refusal, somewhere along the lines of "I don't want to get hurt again".

But she let out a laugh. "Come get me for dinner. Knowing you," she added, starting to turn away, "I'll need my energy."

As she grabbed her robe and walked into the bathroom, John lay back down on his bed, hands folded under his head, a pleased expression on his face.

Then the alarm rang for the third time.


Chapter End Notes: I'm planning on one more chapter, an epilogue, and then this particular Sparky saga is completed! Thank you again so much for reading!

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