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Author's Chapter Notes: John receives news that my well break his heart

Chapter 6

As John prepared to gate out to the Genii home World with his team he was full of mixed emotions, the strongest of which was hatred. They arrived a short time later and found Radim waiting for them. At least the Genii had done one thing favourable; killed Commander Cowan Previous dealings with Cowan when he held leadership had not gone well and he’d proved to be devious and untrustworthy. However Radim believing Cowan’s plans were not what his people needed had orchestrated a coup, and subsequently became the new Genii leader.

Radim after initial introductions lead them back to the village that had been used initially to disguise the Genii’s advanced technology. The two leaders walked together but John held on to his distrust, past dealings with the Genii had made him suspicious of all Genii. Radim however appeared to be more aware then John gave him credit for.

“Colonel Sheppard, I’m aware of your feelings regarding myself and my people and if the situation were reversed I’d harbour the same feelings. However if I can just clarify, I have always held Dr Weir in high esteem and in no way would I do or go along with anything that would threaten her well being. She is a worthy leader and has always been fair and trustworthy in her dealings with us.”

John gave an angry grunt but as they’d reached their destination didn’t get the chance to challenge Radim. He was aware that Elizabeth trusted this man despite John’s own reservations. So far Radim hadn’t done anything to make them doubt his sincerity but John himself would remain sceptical until something convinced him otherwise.

As they took their seats around a table that looked like it had been specially prepared, John groaned silently as he found himself next to Ladon It seemed the Geni leader was determined to break down some of John’s reservations.

“I realise Colonel this ill feeling and mistrust that exists between us cannot be extinguished in one visit, but no harm can come of trying to establish some kind of truce. At least that way we can pool our resources in hunting down Kolya.”

His expression still holding a touch of menace, John replied coldly “Why is his capture so important to you. Don’t tell me it’s simply because of what he has done to Elizabeth, because I somehow, very much doubt it.”

“Your right it’s not the only motive I have for his capture, Commander Kolya has also been charged with causing inhuman suffering and atrocities against his own people. However that doesn’t mean I don’t want him to pay equally as much for his horrendous crime against Dr Weir.”

John knew their success at finding Kolya held a far greater success rate if they worked alongside the Genii but to do that he needed to let go of at least of the mistrust he felt. As much as his instincts told him not to do it he didn’t have any choice. To deny the help of the Genii would only cause Elizabeth’s more suffering.

It was agreed, the Genii Commander would use his trading knowledge and alliances with other planets to seek information regarding Kolya’s whereabouts. The Atlanteans in return would provide military back up and the puddle jumpers to allow them access too many of the more remote locations.

However it was to be a further three months before any news was received.

Trovell had become disillusioned when he realised Kolya’s so called visions were fabrication, until finally he came to the realisation things were not going to improve. After he contacting the Genii homeworld and hearing his plea for clemency was accepted, he deserted the renegade army.

As part of his plea bargaining for clemency he’d agreed to inform them of all he knew regarding Dr Weir’s abduction, specifically what happened to her after she was taken from the Tronan planet.

Trovell looked around warily as he was lead into the room where the interview was to be held. He was glad to be rid of Kolya, but wary of what the future held for him. In particular, he was dreaded explaining about Commander Kolya’s treatment of Dr Weir. His escorts stopped and Trovell sat down in the seat they were indicating to him. He scanned the sea of faces to see if he recognised anyone from when he previously lived here before he had thrown his life away and joined up with Kolya. He had been young and foolish full of what he thought were true visions but it instead only led to disappointment. As he sat waiting, his mind wandered back to his time with Commander Kolya.


Trovell felt proud, Commander Kolya had just promoted him, and he now led his own team. His first task was to secure an alliance with the people on a planet called Spyros. Trovell was aware of how increasingly difficult it was to find somewhere that would provide them with sanctuary but he had faith that a compromise could be accomplished. The people themselves were peaceful and survived living off the land. They remained ignorant of the advancement in technology and the weapons they had managed to procure were only sufficient to fight off any wild animals that sought to venture in the vicinity of the village. Kolya had somehow obtained the knowledge that the village had suffered recently at the hands of the Wraith. The rogue Genii were going to offer them protection in return for sanctuary. Trovell felt a strange high with the knowledge Kolya was leaving the success of the alliance to him. Kolya had left with a dozen of his men a few days previously although none of his men had been informed of his intended destination. However he’d been adamant that the alliance must be sealed prior to his return as it was to Spyros he intended to return.

A few days later Trovell stepped through the stargate onto Spyros. He quickly explained the reason for his visit and was surprised at how quickly his suggestion of an alliance was accepted. It appeared Kolya’s assumption was correct, the people were becoming increasingly concerned about the mounting attacks by the Wraith and the offer of protection from the Genii must have seemed like a god send.

In some ways he envied these people they seemed content with their simple existence despite the many hardships they’d endured over the years, the Wraith cullings being the hardest off all. They accepted Trovell and his men with open hospitality and often insisted on sharing what little food they had with their visitors. Trovell in return insisted his men didn’t impose on the villagers when it wasn’t necessary and that they treated the villagers with respect.

A few weeks later Kolya arrived on Spyros. As Trovell hurried over the brow of the hill which descended into the valley where the village was situated he noticed Kolya having a heated discussion with the village healer, what it was likely to be about he’d no idea.

However as he got closer he could see another woman behind Kolya. She was heavily pregnant and he felt sympathy for her plight. H offer of protection er hands and feet we bound to a rope of heavy chain that continued upwards till it met a metal her hands bound in front of her. Her head was hung low, her shoulders slumped and she was swaying on her feet. As she feebly lifted her head he could see cuts to her forehead and right cheek, whilst the left side of her face was a mass of bruises. Also the moment she had lifted her head he recognised. She was Dr Weir, the Commander of Atlantis and sworn enemy of his people.

Commander Kolya had done what he’d long since promised; he’d captured one of the city’s leaders so he could exact his revenge for their crimes against the Genii.

End of Flashback

Trovell jumped slightly realising Radim was asking him to explain what Kolya had done with Dr Weir and whether she was still alive.

Looking around and feeling the murmurs of anger and discontent Trovell realised with dismay the injustice that had been dealt on the Atlantean Leader. Once again he’d been misled by Kolya. His people didn’t appear to hate the Atlanteans at all; in fact they seemed to hold Dr Weir especially, in high esteem
Indicating to Radim, his intentions he began to explain “Kolya had given orders that I was too seek sanctuary on a planet named Spyros in return for giving them our protection. I first came aware that Kolya had captured Dr Weir when she was taken to Spyros a few weeks after we secured the alliance. Whilst there the only ones that had dealings with her, were Kolya and a few other soldiers from the senior ranks. She was only ever seen being escorted for either interrogation or punishment. Both were ordered frequently by Kolya and this seemed to be frequent possibly even a daily occurrence. Nothing else seemed to be happening it was as if Kolya was waiting for something. Then a few months into her captivity Dr Weir gave birth but the child did not survive.”

He stopped briefly as he heard Radim’s sharp intake of breath, however the Genii Commander signalled for him to continue.

Kolya was enraged, he’d wanted the child alive to use as a weapon against Colonel Sheppard and Atlantis. I never saw what happened afterwards although I heard what I’m sure was Dr Weir screaming and it seemed to go on forever before an eerie silence descended. Shortly afterwards Kolya stormed out of the room his face contorted with rage.

Radim interrupted him his eyes wild with fury, “So he killed her because her child was still born.”

Trovell shook his head “No... he did kill her, just not then.”

Ladim felt his heart sink at the confirmation he had been dreading. How am I going to explain it to Colonel Sheppard?. “If not then, when did he do it, and why?”

It was a few weeks later, maybe slightly longer. For some reason, I never knew why; he suddenly decided to give the order.” He looked at Radim his features drawn with anguish. “No one was expecting it.” He paused “He issued orders for her to be taken out to the court yard where he took out his own gun and shot her. He stood grinning down at her, as she lay dying knowing his would be the last face she saw.”

His voice changed to display his anger. “That’s when I saw Kolya for what he was. A Cold blooded Killer, with no remorse.”

Radim signalled for Trovell to be taken back to the cells. Now he was left with the terrible task of informing Sheppard that his search was over. Elizabeth was dead. This was going to be a task he wouldn’t forget in a very long time.


John maintained a deadly silence as he listened to the news that both his wife and child were dead. Eventually having heard as much as he could stomach he stormed from the room almost removing the door from its hinges in his haste. His team could ask any questions they wanted answering but he didn’t care to know anything else. He’d lost his family and nothing else he heard would change that.

It was Teyla who came looking for John and strangely this didn’t surprise him. The gentle Athosian understood his need for some time on his own, but he also
knew she would come to come to his aid when she felt he’d been alone long enough. He’d come straight to the place he always fled to when in need of comfort and where he felt Elizabeth’s presence the strongest. He thought back to the times they’d come here together, wanting a break from the demands their positions placed on them, he still could feel Elizabeth as she snuggled into him sighing contently as she felt the warmth of his embrace. He heard the door to the balcony open softly knowing Teyla’s instinct had brought her here.

Her soft voice reached out to him “John I know you’re in pain, but I’m here, and I’ll always be here if you need me. You shouldn’t suffer alone.”

He nodded and felt his eyes mist over, “They’re gone Teyla, both of them, I’ve lost Elizabeth and our child.” He gave way then to the terrible pain, and grief, wondering if he’d ever feel whole again.

For some time after that terrible day, when all hope was taken from him, John fell once again into dark depression. Up until then, he’d held on to the slim chance he could still save her. No matter how small the flame of hope had become as long as it still flickered there remained a chance. Now that hope had been forever extinguished, leaving in its place an overwhelming emptiness. He swore then to avenge his beloved wife and child, not caring if he lost his own life in the battle that would follow.

He sunk to the floor of the balcony his trembling limbs no longer about to support him. He held his head in his hands and his knees drawn up to his chest, hearing the words repeated over and over again, John I’m sorry but Elizabeth is dead... Elizabeth is dead...Elizabeth is dead. He was lost, Kolya has taken from him his reason for living, and the person he fought to come back to every time he went off world. Never again would he hold Elizabeth in his arms or see the excitement in her eyes as she explained the meaning of the writing on a newly acquired ancient artefact. Kolya had stolen this from him and destroyed it without a moment’s hesitation.

The only thing that would drive him now was his need for revenge, and he’d get it however long it took. He would have his revenge, for Elizabeth, for their child and for himself. For Kolya there would be no permanent hiding place and when Kolya surfaced he’d be waiting.

Chapter End Notes: Thanks for reading

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