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Author's Chapter Notes: Atlantis receives a call from the Tronan Planet

Carson strolled from his office and glanced over to where Atlantis’ Military Leader and his team were waiting for their post mission medical exam. He did a double take. So Colonel Sheppard had decided to grace the infirmary with his presence, without being blackmailed for a change. It was a relief to see the humour and sparkle back in Sheppard’s his eyes.

After all the pain and anguish he’d had to contend with on losing Elizabeth, he’d somehow found a way to survive. It hadn’t always appeared so, in fact there had been a time when his friends feared they were losing him as well. But that was before his visit to the planet Spyros.


Bragan paced back and forth. He needed to speak with his Chief Councillor urgently but Darwin was still entertaining the Atlanteans. Should he interrupt them and risk incurring the Chief Councillor wrath? What would happen though if he didn’t and the situation became serious? His mind made up he quietly pushed back the door to the chambers. He wondered at the unusual silence, but as he stepped further into the room the reason for this became clear. The body of one of the Atlanteans was lying sprawled out on the floor, he recognised him as one of the visiting leaders, Colonel Sheppard.

Scanning the room frantically he was dismayed to see everyone in the room appeared to be in the same state as the Colonel, and then his eyes fell on Darwin. He rushed to his side frantically feeling for a pulse. An overwhelming sense of relief coursed through him as he felt a faint but distinctive beat.

Moving between the fallen bodies he checked all of them in turn for signs of life. He released a sigh of relief; they all had a faint pulse. Suddenly he froze something wasn’t right. It took him a few minutes before he came to the startling realisation Assistant Head Councillor Tagan was missing, but even more worrying, there was only one female in the room, the Atlantean female leader was also missing.

His feelings in turmoil, Bragan knew he had no option but to contact Atlantis, and pray they didn’t hold him or his people responsible for their leader’s disappearance. Punching in the coordinates for Atlantis, Bragan waited with trepidation for the wormhole to be established.
When the wormhole stabilised he immediately activating the radio device that he’d watched being demonstrated earlier “Atlantis this is Bragan, Councillor of the Tronan, please respond, it is imperative that I speak with you urgently.”

Major Lorne already concerned by the lack of contact from the overdue team answered immediately. “This is Major Lorne of Atlantis; we have been trying to contact Colonel Sheppard without success. Is there a problem?”

I’m afraid there is Major. I went to speak to the Chief Councillor on an important matter. On entering the council chambers I found everyone unconscious”

Lorne interrupted the Councillor. “What... how the hell did that happen? Are they okay?” He exhaled sharply, aghast as another thought came to him. Dr Weir. “You need to check Dr Weir first of all, she is expecting a child. Do you have a healer who can look at her until we can get our own healer over to you?”

Bragan nerves were shot to pieces, this was the news he dreaded delivering. “Major we do have a healer and she is checking on the rest of your people at present, although they continue to remain unconscious. However regarding Dr Weir, Major I am sorry but it appears she is missing along with our Assistant Chief Councillor Tagan.” Tagan braced himself for Atlantis’ reaction to the disappearance of their esteemed leader.

All was silent as Lorne absorbed the disturbing news, but quickly recovering his wits he asked in a tense voice “Has a search been conducted of the surrounding area, in case Dr Weir has simply wandered off confused.”

“I arranged that immediately on discovering Dr Weir could not be found anywhere within the chambers” replied Bragan “So far, no sign has been found of Dr Weir, or our Assistant Councillor Tagan.”

“Okay...” replied Lorne. Nausea addled his guts as the implications of Tagan’s words sunk in.

“I will get the assistance of a second team to assist as well as my own team. Contact us again if you get any further news before we arrive.” Lorne terminated the connection with Bragan and turned to one of the soldiers under his command.

“Lieutenant I need you make sure jumper two is ready to head out. I need to speak with Major Bryce as there is a change of plan and we are going to need jumpers 2 and 3. We need to be ready to head out as soon as were ready.” Both men left to organise the final preparations.


As soon as the jumper came to a halt on Tronan, Lorne made immediate contact with Bragan. It wasn’t hard to tell the toll the events of last few hours had taken on the Tronan councillor, he face was right red and beads of sweat stood out on his forehead as he came forward his breathing laboured with the exertion. Beckett went immediately to the aid of the unconscious team and Lorne asked Bragan to accompany the doctor.

Lorne, content that Sheppard and team were in capable hands, headed back to jumper two. His priority now was conducting a thorough and full sweep of the planet, which thankfully was quite small. He needed help with this, hence the reason for jumper three.
Major Bryce would be concentrating on one half of the planet leaving the remainder for him. It didn’t take him long to discover the near impossible task he’d set for himself.

Beneath him there existed dense forests broken up by marshland, both impossible to see through never mind attempting to walk. If Dr Weir was still on the Planet it certainly wouldn’t be here.

Lorne’s felt increased frustration as he thought how much easier it would have been to locate Dr Weir if she’d had the implant. The SGC after successfully completing trials back on earth with the locator chip implant had recently insisted every member of staff involved in off world mission including staff like Dr Weir who only travelled of world infrequently. With this it was easier to locate missing teams, or lost team members and instigate a successful rescue mission, using beaming technology if necessary. However because of Dr Weir’s condition it had to be postponed until she had given birth. None could have guessed the ramification of this.

Lorne was disappointed to learn Major Bryce had no more success with the search than he had. With all avenues exhausted and no new leads forth coming Lorne was left with only one other option, speak with the Tronan citizens. If luck was on Lorne’s side, may be someone if their memory was given a jolt, would remember something suspicious, no matter how trivial it seems.

Firstly though, he needed to check in with Beckett and find the condition of Sheppard and his team. The doctor would be champing at the bit to get back to Atlantis and the familiarity of his infirmary.

Lorne activated his radio and contacted Major Bryce. He trusted the young soldier to safely flight his unconscious team mated back to Atlantis with Dr Beckett. He’d only been posted to Atlantis six months previously but showed a great aptitude for flying jumpers, something Sheppard had quickly caught on to.

“Major Bryce, there nothing more can be done here, you’re needed by Dr Beckett to assist him take Colonel Sheppard and his team back to Atlantis.”

Bryce responded immediately. “No problem sir, have they regained consciousness yet do you know.”

“I’m afraid not Lieutenant, that’s why the Doc wants them back in Atlantis. He can monitor them better with his own equipment.” Said Lorne.

“Thank you Sir, Bryce out” replied Major Bryce.

Content that Bryce would assist Beckett, Lorne now changed his attention to finding Bragan. He didn’t have to look far however, the councillor was frantically trying to reach him, his hands gesturing his intentions. Lorne was quite taken aback by the crowd of people that had formed in the time he was in the jumper conducting the search.

“Major Lorne, I’m appalled at what has happened, as Darwin will be when he recovers. I really must thank your healer for agreeing to monitor Darwin’s recovery; our own healer has never dealt with anything of this magnitude. I pray neither Darwin, nor Colonel Sheppard and his team, suffer any long-term effects from whatever ails them.”

“Well our healer, Dr Beckett, is in the process of escorting them back to Atlantis. If anyone can help them, he can.” Lorne turned his head and with a sweeping glance, scanned the crowd.” We need to question your people, so we can find out if they have observed anything that’s not commonplace in recent weeks, anything they felt didn’t feel right, or strangers that gave them cause for concern.”

Bragan agreed. “If we make our way to the other side of the square there is a platform we can stand on. We will be seen quite clearly from there. It is where the Chief Councillor normally addresses our people. The sound of his voice seems to be projected from there although the reason for this we do not know.

Lorne followed behind Bragan as he quickened his pace and made for the spot he’d pointed out. Standing up on the viewpoint, the attention of the people around him quickly became directed towards the council, and gradually the buzz of voices ceased as they waited for the Councillor’s speak.

“My good people, most of you are aware by now of the terrible thing that has come to pass, but for those that do not I will quickly summarize. He indicated towards Lorne “The Atlanteans came in peace, seeking only to secure an alliance that will be of tremendous benefit to both of us. Tragically someone has seen fit to sabotage our alliance. In doing so they have not only rendered Colonel Sheppard, his team and Chief Councillor Darwin unconscious but their leader Dr Weir whom I’m sure you all remember was with child and Assistant Councillor Tagan are missing and we fear for their safety. The reason for their abduction is unclear, as is the identity of those who have carried out this barbaric crime.”

He again looked to the Major. “Both I and the Major ask that you dwell back in your mind for anything however small that may help in identifying those responsible and allow the safe return of Dr Weir and Tagan. I will now give you time to delve into past memories. If you do remember anything, anything at all, please do not be afraid to come forward. Thank you.” Bragan stepped back until he was side by side with Lorne. “Now Major we wait.”

Lorne though was surprised to see a young female, possibly the equivalent to nineteen in earth years, step forward apprehensively. It appeared she’d been waiting for the sole purpose of speaking with the Councillor.

She placed a hand nervously on Bragan’s arm “My lord if I may speak.” He voice trembled.

The Tronan Councillor smiled encouragingly at her. “Speak up child, do not be afraid.”

“Thank you My Lord, It is just... my brother mentioned a few days ago, that whilst out in the forest hunting, almost one week past, he heard voices coming from deep within the forest. When he went to investigate he spotted Assistant Councillor Tagan, with a group of men he’d never seen before. He said they were dressed in what appeared to be uniforms but different to anything he’s ever seen. However, it was their weapons that had him intrigued; he said they were big and similar to the ones carried by the Atlanteans. One other thing, he is sure he heard Tagan calling one of them Kolya.”

Lorne’s heart missed a beat, things were about to get worse. Far worse if his assumption was correct, it would mean Dr Weir was now in the arms of one of Atlantis’ most formidable enemies, the Genii, and not just any Genii but a rogue faction lead by Commander Acastus Kolya. Kolya was a ruthless killer who would stop at nothing to get what he was after. He’d almost succeeded in killing both Dr Weir and Sheppard on two separate occasions in the past. Now it looked he’d struck again.

However the only ones who could confirm his suspicions currently remained unconscious under Beckett’s care. Lorne sighed in frustration, recent contact with Atlantis had confirmed no change in their condition and Beckett could give no indication when there would be. All that Lorne could do now was to return to Atlantis, to follow up on what little information they had, and hope for the quick recovery of Atlantis’ Military Leader and his team.


Beckett worked around the clock trying to revive the team from the drug induced coma, but lacking knowledge regarding the offending drug, it was a task doomed to failure. Instead it became a waiting game, with everyone willing them to recovery. Teyla and Ronon were the first ones to recover, probably, as Beckett surmised, because of the difference in their body chemistry, compared to that of the earthlings. It was Teyla who mournfully delivered the devastating news of Elizabeth’s abduction and the search, which up until now had been concentrating solely on the Tronan home world, widened, taking in new planets as the search intensified. Gradually the hours drew into days.

John and Rodney finally recovered enough to communicate with Beckett and Lorne a few days after the others, but it was almost a week before Beckett could or would give them the all clear to leave the infirmary. It was John’s condition and mental state that gave Carson the biggest headache; at times causing the doctor to doubt his own instructions. Being unable to coordinate the search himself was pure torture for John, who felt he should have been out searching for Elizabeth and not lying helpless in the infirmary. Feelings of despair, frustration and deep depression overwhelmed him, along with guilt that he was letting her down, failing her. No matter how much everyone tried to persuade him otherwise, he would not be appeased.

Carson had deliberated hard on the best course of action. He knew John was ready to be released from the confines of the infirmary, but was far from being fit for active duty; hence the indecision. He knew that as soon as the Colonel was released, John wouldn’t pay heed to Carson’s advice, but instead would immerse himself heavily in the ongoing search for Elizabeth. To do so, however, would result in him putting himself and his team at risk, as the paralysis was still present to a certain degree and any overexertion seemed to exacerbate it. Carson knew he had only one choice in the matter; with one leader already missing, Atlantis could not afford to lose the other. Therefore, it was up to him to ensure John remained safe until such a time as where he could be deemed fit to join in the search. Carson had to do what was right, no matter how cruel or insensitive he appeared. John had to remain in the infirmary; under guard if needed.

Similarly, Rodney was kept in the infirmary. Otherwise, he would have worked himself into the ground, trying to look for something they had missed. His condition would not have tolerated it.

At first, the knowledge that Lorne had coordinated a search and rescue mission helped pacify John slightly, but only in the early few days. As the hours and days rolled by with no sightings or news forthcoming, it was all Carson could do to keep him within the confines of the infirmary.

Finally, with much relief on the part of Carson, the two men were deemed fit enough for active duty by the beginning of the second week. As expected, John paid no heed to Carson’s instruction to refrain from strenuous activities. Instead, the moment he was released from the infirmary, his sole mission was to get his team together and head out for an immediate search. Ronon and Teyla, having been affected in a far lesser degree than John and Rodney due to being native to the Pegasus galaxy, had already been involved in the search, but upon the Colonel’s release, they returned once again to their own team to support their team leader. Despite still feeling an unnerving weakness from the disappearing paralysis, Rodney, for once, did not utter a word of complaint or reluctance in response the plan John had concocted; if they were going to look for Elizabeth, then so was he.

It was a morose and unusually silent team that finally headed out on the first of what would become many soul destroying searches. Soon it became a defined pattern; they arose early, only just managing to swallow a rushed breakfast, before heading out on their day long search, only to return, exhausted, late in the evening, where they simply collapsed into bed exhausted, with no more information and no closer than they had been on day one.

It was inevitable, therefore, that the long arduous hours and strenuous pace at which they drove themselves would finally take its toll. Of all the team though, it was John who changed dramatically. Gone were his smart witty comments or sharp wit and his incredulous love of life for his people and Atlantis. Instead, left a man, sullen and withdrawn, prone to mood swings and during the infrequent times he was actually on Atlantis; he would disappear for long periods, seeking his own solitude. No amount of persuasion or quiet advice from his friends helped to lift him from the pit of depression and despair he found himself in. Eventually, when he was on the verge of an emotional and physical breakdown, Carson was forced to intervene and once again declare him unfit for duty. He had become by now a dangerous liability to not only his team, but to himself also.

It was the result of this that eventually forced John to take stock of the suicidal path of destruction he was travelling. This realization also brought with it a sense of guilt and shame. Elizabeth had asked one thing of him and he was letting her down. He forced himself to push his grief and depression back into the recess of his mind, giving into it only when he was in the privacy and confines of his own quarters. Elizabeth had been right; Atlantis needed him more now than ever before, if only to survive. Having already been robbed of one leader, Atlantis couldn’t cope with the loss of another.

However, even with the Colonel succeeding, on the surface at least, to regain control of his emotions, the mood within the city remained sombre. Everyone was waiting for news but dreading it at the same time. With the decreasing opportunities and the growing realisation that it was a search doomed to failure, it was as if the city became encased in a blanket of darkness and a feeling of melancholy was apparent in all who resided within her walls.

The city was in mourning.


The loss of Elizabeth also affected people deeply back on Earth. She had been greatly admired, respected and even loved by many in Stargate Command and even the President of the United States was saddened by her loss. There was also great anger towards Kolya and his men. To abduct her under normal circumstances would have been bad enough, but to do so when she was clearly in the advance stages of pregnancy was horrific and indescribable. It was the understanding of the majority, however, that this was what Kolya had planned. To have the child of the leaders of Atlantis in his possession to manipulate how he saw fit, would be a dream come true for him and they knew he would take great joy in making Elizabeth aware of his intentions, simply to cause the woman even more suffering. No-one could bear to think of the pain and suffering she was already being inflicted with, but one thing most people silently hoped for was, if she were to be executed, then let it be as quick and painless as possible.

Even whilst thinking this, though, it did not stop them holding on to hope. Hope, all be it very slim, that she would be found alive. Hope that John would find her and bring her home and lastly hope that Elizabeth and John’s child wouldn’t have to grow up thinking of Kolya as his/her father.

End of Flashback

Although it was now three months since Elizabeth abduction, three months of pure hell and immeasurable heartache, Carson was certain no-one was going to give up this sliver of hope until evidence pointed to the contrary. While there remained a chance, hope remained alive.

Chapter End Notes: Thanks for reading and a big thank you to my beta Susan

Hope you enjoy and please please review.

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