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Published: February 16, 2010 - Updated: February 16, 2010
Rated: M
Genres: Action & Adventure, Angst, Drama, Episode Prologues & Epilogues, Hurt/Comfort, Smut & Porn
Warnings: Violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2
Completed: Yes
Word count: 29010
Summary: While John is still recovering in treatment from the Iratus bug retrovirus, another incident with Elizabeth leads to long-standing repercussions in their relationship.

Story Notes:
Many, many thanks to IRONY_ROCKS, who spent so much time helping me brainstorm and plot and write that she practically co-authored this fic! Your input was invaluable, and thank you for enabling. If it wasn't for you, I doubt I would have had the courage and motivation to attempt a fic of this nature and length. ;)

1. Chapter 1 by Terry [Reviews - 1] (10731 words)
2. Chapter 2 by Terry [Reviews - 2] starstarstarstarstar (18279 words)
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