Illusion (Elizabeth's POV) by Raven
Summary: Short little fic... no plot really. Written May 2009.
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1. Chapter 1 by Raven

Chapter 1 by Raven
Dr. Elizabeth Weir felt the whisper of air chase across her cheek as she slowly dragged herself back into consciousness. She didn’t know where she was or how she had got there but when she tried to move she found her body bound tightly to what felt like a chair. She couldn’t see through the blindfold that an unknown assailant had placed over her eyes. She felt a shiver of fear chase up her spine when she heard a set of footsteps approach. The heaviness of the tread indicated it was either a man or a large woman.

The steps came to a halt in front of her. She couldn’t see who was there but she could detect a scent of Aqua Velva in the air. A man then she thought to herself as she struggled to keep any traces of fear or concern off her face. She hoped she was successful.

A flick of a lighter caused Elizabeth to jump at the sudden noise. She smelled the burning of a cherry cigar permeating around the room. The air shifted and she knew the man moved closer. She felt him come around to stand behind her. Her shoulders locked in tension as she wondered what he could be after. She was a diplomat… a negotiator.

She let out a startled noise when she felt a finger drag slowly down her cheek. The man didn’t speak as he continued to run his finger along the underside of her chin and down the side of her neck. Elizabeth’s heart began to beat out a fast rhythm.

He cleared his throat. Elizabeth realized that she didn’t know how many people were in the room with her. Her fingers clenched tight as she fought to keep the panic at bay. “Please,” she begged.

A moment of silence then, “Please, what?” came the man’s voice. There was something familiar about that drawl but she couldn’t quite place where she had heard it before.

Elizabeth gathered up her courage and asked, “What do you want?”

The unseen man simply replied, “You.”

Elizabeth felt the fear return ten-fold as she croaked out, “What do you plan on doing with me?” He didn’t reply immediately. Elizabeth had resigned herself to not getting any further details when she suddenly felt the man’s hands on her shoulders as he leaned forward and whispered huskily, “Anything I want.” Elizabeth nearly collapsed with anxiety.

“Please don’t hurt me,” she whimpered.

He laughed, “Oh don’t worry I won’t do any permanent damage.”

She swallowed hard as she heard the sounds of chains rattling a short distance away. The unseen man asked, “Hey, you got that camera set-up yet?”

Elizabeth squeezed her eyes shut behind the blindfold in humiliation. She didn’t catch the reply.

“Good… get the… toys… ready.” Elizabeth cringed at the response causing the man to laugh at her expense. Great video taped and tortured with who knows what kind of so called toys. She heard a snick of a switchblade being opened and immediately tried to fold in and make herself as small as possible.

The man brought the blade against her cheek where he rubbed it methodically up and down as tears sprang to her eyes underneath the blindfold. “Please, you said you wouldn’t hurt me,” she cried.

The man grunted a reply, “No, I said I wouldn’t do any permanent damage. But don’t worry… unless you try to struggle, it won’t hurt… much.” With that, he reached down and grasped her bound hands and slid the knife between them cutting the rope.

She didn’t have any chance to break free as the man kept a firm grip on her arm as he cut the rest of her bounds.

“So how do you want to play this? You want to start naked?” Elizabeth breath hitched at the thought of unknown persons ogling her body.

“Nah, I prefer to rip your clothes off as we go,” he replied to himself.

The man calmly informed her, “Now Dr. Weir before you get too excited I think you should know that we are in a remote location. The walls are soundproof and even if they weren’t it won’t matter. There isn’t anybody around for miles. Well, no one that would care anyway. So if you feel the need to scream… please knock yourself out. It turns me and the men on.”

Elizabeth didn’t bother to respond even as she thought… men. Just how many were there with her. Before she could think on the situation any further, he yanked her off the chair and she heard the chair being kicked aside. Her legs felt weak but she was able to keep herself upright.

She felt him attach some wide cuff around each of her wrists. Within seconds her wrists were being pulled upward by an unseen mechanism. As they continued to go higher, they suddenly began to pull in opposite directions causing her arms to become stretched out in a y-shape. Just when she barely felt the floor underneath her toes the machine stopped pulling. She could already feel the ache across her back as her body was held at the awkward position. She whimpered from the continued pain.

“Hey bring that over here,” he ordered. Elizabeth immediately felt a shift of something being slid under her butt. She wasn’t sure if it was good or bad as what felt like a board was pushed between her thighs.

“Sit,” he demanded. She complied grateful for the momentary respite despite the fact that her legs were now hanging from either side of the board. There was still discomfort in her arms and shoulders but the pain had ceased.

The men continued to work around her. No one spoke to her or each other for more than thirty minutes. She could hear whispered conversations throughout the room but was unable to determine just what was being said.

She was startled when she heard him say, “Alright everyone but you three move out.” She could here the door being opened and closed.

“Lock the door. We wouldn’t want anyone interrupting our play.”

The fear was back as Elizabeth felt someone move in closer.

Elizabeth felt a man come up behind her. He leaned in so that his body was resting against her back. His breath stirred the hairs on her head. The only thing she could tell was that he was taller than the other man. She tensed as she felt his arms reach around to cup her breast. She whispered, “Please don’t.” He squeezed her breasts tight in response.

“Now Dr. Weir, I hear you’ve been a very, very naughty girl and that you need to be punished.”

Elizabeth fears increased as she felt the tall man behind her relax his hold on her breasts only to grasps the shirts material and yank. The sounds of the shirt being ripped open caused Elizabeth’s heart rate to spike to an all time high. Elizabeth felt a blast of cold air on her heaving chest. Her breasts were covered with a thin lacy red bra.

The man grunted in approval, “Well now this is nice… very nice.” He complimented her as he brought his hands up and rubbed her across her bra clad nipples. After a few minutes, he released her nipples as he dragged his hands down her washboard stomach. She felt him hesitate as he reached the top of her pants. She felt his hand slide into the front as he unsnapped her black jeans. He pushed the jeans down her thighs leaving her legs momentarily trapped be the pants. He then slid his hands back up her thighs and around to her ass where he cupped her cheeks in his hands. She felt him squeeze as he gave a satisfied moan.

She heard a snap of a camera going off adding to her humiliation. Her face burned bright as she felt him rub his whiskered chin against her stomach as he settled further down her body rubbing her as he went. She felt the heat from his mouth as he stopped at her mound. She jerked in surprise when she felt his tongue stab at her through her red lacy underwear. She moaned in pleasure at the sensation sent waves of heat through her body.

Hearing the moan, the man pulled his head back. She felt bereft as she thrust her pelvis forward silently demanding the return of his talented tongue. Rather than comply, he stood up and walked around her so that he was again leaning up against her body. He pushed his cock forward so she could feel the hardness against her lower back. She threw her head back.

He took advantage of her weakness by bringing his hands up to where her arms hung and yanked. Ripping sounds could be heard as he tore the remains of her shirt away from her upper body. He scrapped his nails down her back causing a new shiver of fear to come over her chasing all the pleasure away. “Yes,” he whispered, “that’s much better.” She tensed back up causing him to chuckle at her discomfort.

He leaned forward and asked, “Are you ready for some of that pain now?”

She frantically shook her head negatively as she felt him moving away. She heard the sounds of a drawer opening. She could tell he pulled something out but not what. He moved in closer. She jumped as she heard a whacking sound that could only have come from a whip. Oh god, she thought, he’s going to beat me. Thwack, thwack snapped the whip in quick succession. She felt the air shift as she started to panic. “Please,” she begged him again.

“If you insist,” he commented as he brought the whip down upon her back.

“Aargh!!!” she screamed as the whip snapped against her exposed back. The pain was intense. “No,” she begged as he brought the whip down twice more. “Stop,” she cried. Thwack. Thwack. The tears soaked the blindfold and flowed down her cheeks as he continued to whip her. He suddenly stopped as she gulped. She was heaving with emotion as she felt him shift to stand in front of her.

“Kiss it,” he demanded as she felt something hard thrust against her mouth. It was the whip. She began crying in earnest.

“Please… no,” she begged her captor.

“Kiss it now or it will kiss you,” he said coldly as he tapped the whip against her lips. She complied and gently kissed the whip. “Lick it,” he demanded. Her humiliation was complete. “Now!” Rather than risk further punishment she pushed her tongue between her trembling lips and wiggled it against the whip hoping that would satisfy his sadistic desires. She heard another snap as pictures continued to be taken. She groaned in anguish.

He laughed at her torment as he shoved the handle of the whip into her mouth, “Suck it. Image my cock as you do because soon you will be servicing me and whomever else I deem you to. You are my slave to do with what I will.” He moved the whip in and out of her mouth as she sucked the sweaty handle. “Harder. Make it sound like you are enjoying it.” Tears continued to track down her cheeks as she started to make sounds of enjoyment. Moans of ecstasy filled the air as he continued to slide the handle deeper and deeper into her throat.

“Good. Good little slave,” he commented as he brought his free hand down her back. He made sure to touch the welts growing there to remind her who was in charge. She shivered as his hand continued to move lower. He shoved his hand into her sweat filled underwear and made a triumphant sound of pleasure when he reached her sopping wet pussy. He murmured, “It seems my little slave will need a little pain to get her going.” She groaned in dismay.

He pulled the whip from her mouth and replaced it with his own. She felt his tongue stab deep into her throat as he licked the inside of her mouth and throat. She felt apprehensive as she felt him slide the whip down her back. He shoved the handle into her underwear and began to rub the whip up and down her ass. In and out of her cheeks. She was intensely aware that her body betrayed her as she felt the coil of heat building inside her. She moaned as she sucked on his tongue. He continued to tease her pussy with the handle taking it to the edge and pulling back over and over. He pulled away leaving her feeling empty. “Please,” she begged only this time she didn’t want him to stop. She heard the whip clatter to the floor where he dropped it.

She heard the familiar snick of the knife as he opened it. She felt his presence in front of her seconds before she felt his hand pulling the front of her bra away from her skin. She felt the blade slide up between her chest and her bra as he sliced it open. He left it hanging on her shoulders. She felt the blade slide down her side, across her belly towards her hip. She felt him grasp a handful of her underwear as he slashed through the side. He repeated the maneuver with the other side. When he was finished, he yanked the offending material away from her body.

She then felt him grasps her jeans as he pulled them the rest of the way down. He removed her shoes, socks and pants in an efficient manner leaving her standing with just the shreds of her bra hanging off her body. She jerked back with a scream as she felt a sudden stab of pain as he unexpectedly bit down on her inner thigh. He smacked her hard across the opposite thigh. “Don’t move,” he growled.

He then moved his hands around to the back of her thighs. He pried her legs apart leaving her hanging be her arms. He supported her legs as he moved his face forward opening his mouth on her pussy. She groaned at the feel of his tongue as he lapped at her juices. She moaned when she felt the sharp sting of his teeth as they pulled on her clit. He pulled back just long enough to scrap he stubbly jaw across her inner thighs increasing her torment.

He then attacked her pussy with voracious hunger. Alternating between licks and bites till she couldn’t think straight. She felt the inferno building inside. She knew it wouldn’t be long when he pulled back and said, “If you come before I give you permission, I’ll have to punish you… severely.” He then shoved his face forward and continued his ministrations in earnest. She knew he was just waiting for an excuse to punish her again so she fought against the rising tide. She knew it was a losing battle so she begged, “Please…”

He pulled back and asked, “Please what?”

She groaned as she returned, “Please let me come.”

“Master,” he responded.

She was confused till she realized that he considered her his slave and therefore he was her master. She pushed down the righteous indignation as she bit out, “Please Master, let me come.” Silence.

“No,” he finally said as he shoved his head back between her legs. She growled in anger causing him to step up his attack. He released one thigh to shove a finger into her pussy. He moved his finger in and out in simulated sexual movement. He curled his finger just right in order to hit that special spot. The sweat poured down her body as she moaned. With her eyesight impaired, her sense of touch was barreling out of control. She knew nothing would stop the oncoming heat wave. The orgasm overtook her in wave after wave of rippling pleasure. He said nothing as he removed his finger and placed his mouth at her entrance. He sucked and sucked taking in all her juices as they rushed from her body. When the aftershocks disbursed she hung limply. He cleaned her pussy with his tongue till she was nice and clean. He then leaned away and said, “So, I guess you really did want to be punished.”

She jerked in dismay as she realized he was going to follow through on his threat to punish her for coming without his permission. “What? No! I told you I couldn’t wait.”

“That’s right you did make a demand but you forgot you weren’t in any position to be telling me what you could or could not do. I said no. Now you will have to be punished. You are my slave, my property, my fuck toy. You do not have say over anything.”

She protested, “But I…” Before she could get anymore words out she felt something being shoved into her mouth. She found she could no longer speak nor could she close her mouth.

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