Drausica by Raven
Summary: Short piece, John and Elizabeth visit a planet that is short on women.
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Written Dec 2009

1. Chapter 1 by Raven

Chapter 1 by Raven
“The only commodity we are in short supply of is women,” spoke the high chancellor.

John incredulously exclaimed, “Excuse me?”

The chancellor reiterated, “Women Colonel. We have a large contingent of unmated warriors and few women.”

John apologized, “Sorry Sir. We don't trade in human beings.”

The chancellor commented, “Pity a few of your crew members look to be young and healthy. They would produce many warriors for our people. You will of course stay for our festival of beginnings tonight.”

John agreed, “Oh yes. Dr. Weir has already promised our attendance.”

The chancellor nodded, “Good. You will be a first hand witness of how our women are distributed.”

John asked, “Distributed? Isn't that a little cold-blooded.”

The high chancellor refuted, “On the contrary. We have bartered for these women. They are our property. We also have a couple of our own women, including my middle daughter, who have come of age.”

John inquired, “Exactly what does this festival entail.”

The high chancellor explained, “The warriors form a perimeter around the arena. They have been each given a dose of a powerful stimulant that will enable them to service each of the women. One woman at a time will be escorted to the dais previously set-up and she will display her assets to the warriors.”

John interrupted, “Sounds barbaric. What if the woman isn't exactly willing to participate in your little festival?”

The chancellor responded, “Willingness is unimportant. Each of the women are given a powerful aphrodisiac prior to their turn on the dais. It will eliminate any concerns they may have entertained. Colonel might I remind you these women are our property and we will handle them as our society sees fit. While you are honored guests here this day, you will not be allowed to interfere with our festival. Your Dr. Weir assured me that you were not here to change our practices merely to discuss trade. You have indicated that you did not wish to trade your females and we have accepted that.”

John nodded, “That is correct. Dr. Weir has maintained that we don't interfere in other people's business unless it a danger to our own. However, maybe it would be best if we didn't stick around for the festivities tonight. Our presence might make your participants a little uncomfortable.”

The chancellor replied, “On the contrary. The ladies are aware of your presence already and they have not declined your observation. In fact, they welcome it.”

John evaded, “I'll need to clear this with Dr. Weir first.”

The chancellor nodded, “Of course. Dr. Weir is also welcome at the ceremony.”
John answered, “I'll make sure she gets an invite.”

The chancellor nodded.


Elizabeth Weir's mouth dropped, “You're kidding!”

John answered, “Fraid not. So what do you want to do?”

Elizabeth growled, “We need those crops. Isn't there anything else they would be willing to trade for?”

John replied, “Negative. They've made it pretty clear where their interest lies and it isn't in ancient technology.”

Elizabeth asked, “What do you think of our chances to get the chancellor to change his mind?”

John responded, “He seemed pretty set. Plus he wants us to 'observe' the distribution ceremony tonight. Which is really barbaric but not a danger to us...so?”

Elizabeth stated, “I'll be attending with you.”

John was stunned, “Elizabeth...I told you they are going to be handing out their women like play toys.”

Elizabeth stubbornly replied, “I heard you Colonel. I want to be there first hand and I want to talk with this chancellor. Do you think the women are being abused?”

John remarked, “Not really. Sounded like a bunch of lonely warriors selecting wives to me.”

Elizabeth ordered, “Inform the chancellor the two of us will be attending. Send everyone else back through the Gate.”

John replied, “Yes ma'am.”


Elizabeth squirmed on her pile of pillows. She and John had been given seats less than a foot away from the dais. She looked at her military commander and whispered, “Did you get anymore details?”

John leaned toward her and replied, “No. The chancellor has been unavailable all afternoon.”

Elizabeth was about to reply when a gong sounded. Brronnngg, brrronnngg. The chancellor was escorted into the arena alongside a beautiful woman of about twenty years. The chancellor escorted her up the dais.

He called to the crowd, “Ladies and gentlemen of Arconia. Our first contender is my very own daughter, Menia.” He gestured with a wave of his hand. A woman darted forward carrying a large cup. He took the cup and held it up. “Menia will willingly drink the drausica plant.” He waved the cup around imperiously before handing it to his daughter.

Menia lifted the cup over her head as she declared, “I Menia willingly participate in the festivities of life and will drink the drausica plant in preparation of the first wave of warriors.” She then lowered the cup to her mouth and drained it. She then turned the cup over as proof of consumption. Menia weaved momentarily before shaking her head to clear it slightly. She yelled, “I call forth the first warrior for testing.”

Elizabeth asked, “Testing? What testing?”

John shrugged, “Don't know the chancellor didn't mention any tests.”

The ring of men separated to allow a single warrior entrance to the dais. He climbed the steps and approached Menia. He stopped just short of her. He stated, “I am Jo'an of the clan Can'tuk. I am a private in the Arconian Army. It is with honor that I submit to the first round of testing. Do you accept me?”

Menia replied vaguely, “Of course.” She then dropped to her knees. She placed her hands on Jo'an hips as she leaned forward and used her teeth to pull on the lacings of his garments. Using her mouth she freed the warrior from his clothing. He kicked away his pants as soon as they hit the floor. She snarled as she snatched his cock inter her hands. He moaned at her touch. It was clear that he hadn' been with a woman for a long time...if ever.

Elizabeth blushed, “I wasn't aware these tests were quite so...graphic.”

John answered absently, “Me either. Wow you can't get this even on the best porn sites.”

Elizabeth remarked, “Colonel!”

Realizing what he had said, John quickly apologized, “I uh mean...um...you know what I mean.”

Elizabeth glared at him as a serving girl came up and offered them both drinks. She grabbed the glass and gulped.

John cautioned, “Hey maybe you should take an easy on that? We don't exactly know...” John was distracted by a groan of ecstasy. He swiftly turned back to the stage in time to witness the warrior shoving his cock into Menia's mouth. He grunted as she sucked him.

Feeling a pleasant buzz from the Arconian drink, Elizabeth watched mesmerized as Jo'an cock slid in and out of Menia's mouth in a steady rhythm. Not realizing what she was doing, Elizabeth reached over and rubbed her hand up and down the front of John's pants.

John groaned, “Elizabeth. Maybe we should leave.” He reluctantly pulled her hand away.

Elizabeth replied, “And insult our host. Wouldn't dream of it.” She grabbed Sheppard's untouched cup and drank some more. “Wow, this stuff is good.”

John looked worried, “Uh Elizabeth...your acting a little...”

Elizabeth turned to him, “A little what?”

John gulped, “Uh... don't you find your behavior a little...um strange.”

Elizabeth snapped, “No but I do find you to be a little prudish this evening.”

John sighed, “Sorry.” He knew he had to get her out of there before she did something she would make him regret later. “Maybe we should go ahead to our rooms...”

Elizabeth responded, “If your not man enough to handle the Arconian's customs then by all means run away.”

John indignantly replied, “Hey, I'm man enough.”

Elizabeth smiled, “Prove it.” She reached over and snatched up a cup of Arconian ale and handed it to him.

John momentarily prayed for intervention before shrugging. He tipped the cup up and swallowed back the drink. It was some fruity concoction. Not to bad he thought before his attention was caught by the action on stage.

The warrior shouted as he released his load into Menia's mouth. She greedily drank it down as she sucked him dry. Pulling back with an audible slurp, she purred, “Oops I guess you failed.”

The warrior slumped in humiliation. He hadn't even gotten the woman undressed.

Elizabeth giggled, “Guess he was suffering from pre-mature ejaculation.”

John growled, “You won't have that problem with me.”

Elizabeth laughed, “Who said you're going to get a shot, flyboy?”

John smirked, “Have some more ale.”

Elizabeth replied, “I just might.”


The next three warriors fared no better. Elizabeth groaned, “God, how much longer is this going to last?” She squeezed her breast as she watched number four take the stage. He was a captain and by far bigger than the other four men.

Having witnessed four of him men fall to the pretty Menia's mouth, he stalked forward and greeted his would be bride. As Menia again dropped to her knees, he grabbed the edge of her top causing it to rip open when she went down.

Menia's eyes snapped at him but she didn't complain as her bare breasts swayed in the breeze. She immediately yanked on his lacings making quick work of his britches. He kicked them away as he grabbed her by the hair. Wrapping his hands around her blonde silk hair he tugged her forward as he shoved his already erect cock into her mouth. He grunted as he slammed in and out of her several times in quick succession. Menia gagged from the abruptness of his movements. She reached forward to brace herself against him. The crowd cheered him on.

John leaned closer to Elizabeth and grasped her hand. He brought it firmly to the front of his pants. She grasped him and squeezed. He in turn reached up and squeezed her nipple through her red uniform shirt. She gasped.

They both turned in unison as Menia squealed. The warrior had pulled back from her mouth and yanked her up by her hairs. He pulled her close and kissed her. His tongue fighting a duel with the stubborn woman. She struggled for release as he reached down and ripped the silken skirt from her bottom. She growled her displeasure even as the warrior flipped her over and pushed her back down to her knees. Before Menia could protest further he shoved her cheeks apart and slammed his cock home with a triumphant shout. Keeping his hand firmly entrenched in her hair, the warrior slapped her ass with his free hand. She screamed as the crowd went wild.

John and Elizabeth were close enough to hear his vow. “That ass is mine and no one else's.”

Menia cried, “Never!”

The warrior ignored her protest as he smacked her several more times in quick succession even as he pistoned in and out of her of her core. She screeched when she came, signaling an end to the first test.

John and Elizabeth continued to watch the drama unfold. No longer caring about propriety or regulations, John snaked his hand under Elizabeth's shirt and carefully kneaded her breast. Elizabeth, in retaliation, removed her hand from the front of his slacks and shoved her hand down his pants. Momentarily distracted, John yelped.

Elizabeth growled at the layers of clothing between her and her goal. She laughed with delight when her fingers finally came in contact with her prey. Elizabeth ran her tongue up his throat as she commented, “Maybe we'd better take this to a more private setting.”

John gave a token protest, “What about our hosts?”

Elizabeth responded, “He looks a little busy right now.” She ran her nails along his length.

John moaned, “Oh...yeah.”
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