Love is out of question by Madi
Summary: Before we going to bed, I think we need few rules.
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1. only one chapter by Madi

only one chapter by Madi
Author's Notes:
No spoilers. It's taking place in the end of season 2 and beginning of 3.
Of course characters are not mine, I'm just borrowing. R&R
“We should establish some rules, don’t you think?” Elizabeth said as she sat down on a bed in her quarters.

John frowned at her. He was frustrated, horny and he didn’t care if she wants star from heaven, Wraith ship or some few stupid rules, before she let him have sex with her. He was ready for any kind of sacrifices. After all it was his idea to share a bed. It wasn’t like they were in love or something like that. No, they were simply co-workers and friends with needs. One thing lead to another and they decided they will be sharing bed in order to released the sexual tension.

“Ok what you have in mind?” he said as he slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Elizabeth put her hand on his torso to stop him.
“John, focus!”
“Ok, ok.” He lift his hands up as a surrender gesture.
“Rule number one: always using protection.” she pointed out. “I’m on the birth control but some extra condoms would be good.”
“Yes, that’s important. Rule number two: Elizabeth and John stay here; we don’t mix our professional relationship with personal.”
“Agree. Number three: it’s top secret. After all it’s a little bit against regulation. No one mustn’t know about us.”
“Yeah, it wouldn’t be good if they split the expedition because of us. And it would be damn shame to leave this place.” John looked around and gasped. “I’m kind of thinking about Atlantis as home.
“Me too.” She smiled while looking at Lt. Colonel Sheppard. “I don’t want to leave. I love this place and beside after year and half here, Earth is now alien planet to me.”

“Ok I think that’s all. Can we now skip to this funnier part, please?” he asked with his puppy eyes as his shirt hit the floor with his boots and socks. She raised her eyebrow in astonishment.
“One more thing, John!”
“Last rule: love is out of question! No feelings, just sex.”
“Agree.” She said and unzipped her pants. “Now let’s get started. I’m horny, Colonel!”
“Yes, ma’am. Whatever you said, ma’am.” She rolled her eyes.
“John!? Shut up and fuck me!”
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