On a Quiet Seashore by Codzwallop
Summary: John thought for a moment before answering.
“I’m not the guy you met in Antarctica anymore."
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Story Notes:
This fic is the result of a translation/adaptation of one of my fic entitled "Sur la plage abandonnée". I promised some fellow shippers I would post on Christams, I'm sorry I wasn't able to do so. But now, here's my work. I hope you'll enjoy it =D

1. On a Quiet Seashore by Codzwallop

On a Quiet Seashore by Codzwallop
Author's Notes:
I'm sorry it took so long to post this translation/adaptation of "Sur la plage abandonnée". I wanted to post it for Christmas already but had no time to work on it.
I hope it was worth the wait though. It is not beta-ed, so if anyone wants to try and improve my work, I'm all ears. Thanks for reading and please leave a review.
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Elizabeth and John were sitting side by side on a shore of the mainland, contemplating the ocean, her head on his shoulder and his arm over her back. It was quiet except for the backwash and the occasional weird cries of some curious birds in the woods behind them.
It was too quiet for John though: they haven’t talked since half an hour already and he was starting to worry.

“A penny for your thought?” He asked.
“What?” Elizabeth replied quietly as if she had just come out of a reverie.
“I’m starting to believe I’m boring…" John said obviously kidding.
“Don’t worry, it’s not that”, Elizabeth reassured him with a shy smile.

She had taken his hand and was caressing it with her thumb. It seemed to John that Elizabeth had sunk back in her reverie again, but suddenly, she asked him:
“Is it serious? I mean 'us'”

John separated from Elizabeth’s side for a moment to be able to look at her in the face. No need to say he wasn’t expecting that question, at least, not so soon in their relationship. But he could see Elizabeth was worried and cupping her cheek gently with one hand, he reassured her in his turn:
“Hey! Off course it is serious.” Then looking at her in the eyes, he restated “I’ve never been so serious.”

He approached his face to kiss her forehead. His lips were still mere inches from it when Elizabeth tried to explain:
“It’s just… I don’t want to be just a fling or something, John.”
“You’re not.” John replied with sincerity, looking right into her beautiful eyes. “A fling, I mean. You’re much more than that, Elizabeth.”
“I’m sorry, when it comes to feelings I’m kind of lame…” She admitted bending her head.

They stayed silent for a minute and as it was beginning to feel awkward Elizabeth started speaking again:
“You know, they call you Kirk… and not just in Atlantis…”
“Oh...” John uttered, finally understanding what all this conversation was about.

He couldn’t help but smile. Elizabeth caught him doing so:
“I’m overreacting, ain't I…?”

John thought for a moment before answering.
“I’m not the guy you met in Antarctica anymore. Atlantis changed me, you changed me, 'Lizabeth. I was Kirk, before, but now, I’m more of... a Spock?”
Elizabeth’s smile, at this precise moment, told John she had put her concern away for a while.
She slowly approached her hand from John’s ear and caressed it.
“Now I remember where I’ve seen those ears before!”

The end
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