Reviews For The Link
Reviewer: atlantis child Signed Date: August 25, 2006 - 07:39 am Title: The Link

I like the plotline. i would suggest a beta-reader along with maybe breaking up the chapters more. most of the characterizations seem good, but a couple are a little iffy...also maybe try more descriptions of and such

Author's Response: Thanks- when I find a beta reader, I will have them look at this. As for breaking up the chapters- well when I wrote this I was going for an episdoe- not a story- so I can really only have two breaks. Episode 1 and Episode 2. Thank you for saying that my characterizations are good- which ones are iffy? Maybe I can change them. And as for the description- well again, it was more an episode then an actual story, and I figured that people's imagniation could filin the gaps. But thank you for reviewing will take your suggestions and see what I can do with this story.

Reviewer: JJ_Shep Signed Date: August 23, 2006 - 07:56 am Title: The Link

c'mon! don't leave us there! please update soon!!

Author's Response: Well- as of right now, this is as far as the story goes. I do however have a very sketchy inkling of a plot- but I don't know when or if I'll ever get struck with the inspiration to continue this. Sorry....^_^ But I'm glad you liked it! And thank you for reviewing!

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